How to Fix Black Screen on Android phones

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Is your android phone having black screen problem and you're wondering how to go about it? Fear not because Carlcare got you covered. You may have encountered the following situations as an Android user:

  • Your Android device's notification light continues to blink, but the device is not responding.
  • The phone screen frequently freezes.
  • The Android smartphone frequently reboots or crashes.
  • The battery on an Android phone is rapidly depleting.
  • Your phone restarts on its own and enters a boot loop.

If you are experiencing one of the scenarios listed above, your Android is most likely experiencing an Android black screen issue. Some users even claim that the phone works but the screen is black. This appears to be a serious issue, but relax because it is solvable. You can use the methods in this article to easily fix the Android phone screen is black problem.

Part 1. Causes of the "Black Screen of Death" on Android

Why does my phone's screen suddenly go black? Android problems that result in a black screen are typically brought on by:

  • Applications improperly installed: Users may download applications that are incompatible or contain viruses or bugs.
  • Unnecessary charging:If you continue to charge your phone after it has reached its full capacity, the device will also be harmed.
  • Unusable battery or charger: If the charger or battery you used is too old or incompatible, your device won't be able to be charged.
  • App caches: The applications you used may have left the device with an excessive number of caches, which would cause the Android phone to lag.

You're likely to experience an Android black screen of death issue if your Android phone is going through one of the aforementioned issues. You shouldn't worry too much, though. You can use some of the solutions listed below to fix your Android phone's black screen issue.

Part 2. Simple Solutions for Android's Black Screen

Rebooting your Android device is the simplest way to solve the black screen issue. Here are three different techniques for restarting an Android device that has reached the "black screen of death."

Method 1: To perform a hard reset on an Android device, press and hold the "Home" and "Power" buttons at the same time for 10 seconds, release both, and then press and hold the "Power" button until the screen comes on.

Method 2: You can also wait for the Android phone to turn off by itself when the battery runs out. After charging the phone, turn it on by pressing the "Power" button.

Method 3: If your phone's battery is removable and the hard reboot doesn't work, or if you lack the patience to wait until the battery is completely depleted, you can simply remove the battery, reinstall it, and then turn the phone on.

Part 3. How to Use Android Repair to Fix a Black Screen on an Android Phone

Using a specialised Android system repair tool, such as Android Repair, is one of the best ways to resolve the black phone screen issue and resume normal use of your Android device. It is simple to use and intuitive. Connect to the programme and observe how easily it will handle your work for you.

The display on my phone is going black. My phone's screen went black, but it's still functional. Don't worry; simply follow the detailed instructions below to use Android Repair to resolve the black screen of death issue on Android devices.

Step 1:  Open the "Repair" tab from the main interface of the installed Android Repair programme on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable and select the "Android Repair" tab from the menu on the left side of the screen. You will be shown the issues with Android that the programme can resolve. You can look through it and select "Start."

Step 3:  Enter your phone's information in the box provided. Alternatively, you can select the detailed information by clicking the drop-down menu. Using information from your Android phone, the programme will offer a fix package that is specifically tailored to fixing your phone. Accept the warning and click "Next" to advance to the following screen.

Step 4: Manually type in the number "000000" to the blank area and click "Confirm" button to continue. Please confirm that the system repair may erase all data on the device.

Step 5: Use the steps listed below to start your Android device in download mode:

Situation 1:

  • The Home button on your Android phone.
  • Turn off your Android tablet or phone.
  • Hold down the Home, Power, and Volume Down keys for five to ten seconds.

To enter the download mode, release all the buttons and press and hold the Volume Up button.

Situation 2:

  • There is no Home button on your device.
  • Turn off your Android tablet or phone.
  • Press and hold the Volume Down, Power, and Bixby keys for five to ten seconds.

To enter the download mode, release all the buttons and press and hold the Volume Up button.

Step 6:  Click "Next" once your Android phone has entered download mode and the programme has begun downloading the repairing firmware for your phone. Your Android device will start to be fixed by the programme once the downloading is complete.

Step 7: Simply wait for the repair process to be completed before rebooting your Android device to its default settings. That's all there is to using Android Repair to resolve the black screen issue on Android.

Part 4. Getting Rid of the Black Screen of Death Android through Partition

  • Cache Wipe

A common but efficient solution to the problem of a blank phone screen is to clear the cache partition. This is due to the fact that your phone's caches would interfere with system operation as well as slow down the device. You could therefore attempt to boot your phone into recovery mode and wipe the Android cache partition.

  • First, turn off your Android device by holding down the "Power" button for a long time.
  • To access Recovery Mode, press "Power" and "Volume Down" simultaneously.
  • Select "wipe cache partition" from the list on the screen after that, and then press "Power" to confirm your selection.
  • When the Android phone turns black, uninstall any incompatible apps.

Many Android problems could be caused by malware, incompatible apps, or improper installation. Therefore, you must uninstall an application from Safe Mode if you recently installed it but it is not functioning properly.

Step 1: First, turn off your device. After that, turn it back on. Press and hold the "Volume Down" button here after you see the boot logo until the lock screen appears. After that, you should see "Safe mode" written at the bottom of the screen, indicating that you successfully entered Safe mode;

Step 2: Select the most recent application you installed by going to "Settings" > "Application Manager." The "App Info" page will then appear after clicking the App. Simply choose "Uninstall" to get rid of it from your device.

Step 3: Finally, switch your phone back to regular mode by pressing the "Power" button.

Still Experiencing Difficulties? Try this

Have you tried all of the aforementioned procedures and other available choices for fixing a black screen on Android? Then please book a reservation with us and our qualified echnicians will get them fixed for you without delay. You can also visit any of our service centers that is most convenient for you. Carlcare offers dependable phone repair services right away.

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