How do I fix the proximity sensor on my Android phone?

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A key feature on every phone is the proximity sensor and though visibly invisible – considering device colors – sometimes, the role it plays in our devices cannot be understated. The Proximity sensor primarily aids gestures and detects our facial features on mobile. In this article, We'll discuss how to fix the proximity sensor on your phone.

Part 1. How do I Fix the Proximity Sensor on my Android Phone?

These proximity sensor may occur due to Software or Hardware problems. Here are some solutions to fix sensor not working on your android phone.

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STEP 1. Check for Dust or A Crack on the Screen Sensor

Some of the things we consider as irrelevant, can cause great harm to our mobile phones. Take a long look at your phone’s screen, check to see if there’s dust on it and wipe it down with a clean cloth. Test to see if it works now.

A crack on your phone’s touchpad or scratches could also affect this function. If either of these is present, you may have to visit a repair centre immediately.

STEP 2. Remove Screen Guard and Check

Solutions to phone screen related issues usually involve this step. If you use a screen guard for your device, carefully separate this material from your it’s touchpad first (as some protective covers are made of glass and can deface the screen). Once it’s removed, clean your smartphone’s screen with a microfiber material or clean cloth and you’re good to go.

Be sure to purchase a screen accessory that fits and work wells with your phone next time.

STEP 3. Restart Your Phone

How often do you reboot your device? A restart works magic for an overworked device. Do this at least once every week to give your phone a fresh start. And when a system feature like the proximity sensor does not work as it does normally, it may just mean that you need to give your phone a break. A restart will restore all failing features back to life.

STEP 4. Update Your Phone

Check your smartphone for a new software update. Updates are made and sent out based on feedback gotten from users to fix bugs and glitches on mobile devices, thereby enhancing their functionality and performance. If you check (go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > SYSTEM UPDATE > ONLINE UPDATE) and find one, please Run it and get the proximity sensor issue fixed fast!

STEP 5. Reset Device

Another solution to fix proximity sensor not working during call is a Factory Data Reset. Although the Reset wipes out all information saved on your device, it also cleans out software errors that may cause the Proximity sensor to fail.

Note: Please, remember to save all vital information from your device to an external storage for safe keeping. After the reset is done, verify that the function works normally; otherwise, follow the next step below.

STEP 6. Visit a Repair Service Center

If your reading this, you will have to visit a mobile repair store to solve this proximity sensor issue. As appealing as it may seem to fix the phone by yourself (considering the number of DIY videos online), we strongly advise that you make your way to see a phone repair expert as soon as is possible. Smartphones are delicate as they are durable and a wrong touch or misplaced part may render it damaged permanently.

Look for the official repair centre for your device or ask around for a professional phone engineer and get your device’s proximity sensor working again.

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Part 2. What is Proximity Sensor in Mobile Phone?

Most smartphones are built with a proximity sensor that, when placed near the user's ear while on a call, disables the touchscreen. The latest smartphones with OLED displays could have the sensor situated underneath the display. optical proximity sensor for smartphones without a case.

Part 3. Common Proximity Sensor Problems

Some of the most commonly reported sensor issues include –

  1. Android screen goes dark on calls before I place my phone close to my ear.
  2. My phone screen remains dark after calls end.
  3. The face unlock on my smartphone hardly works.
  4. My phone’s screen can’t go dark on calls.

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