7 Quick Fix To Infinix keypad Not Working

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Jide Mbaka

Were you about to send an important text, perhaps you're in for a group chat, and you clicked on the text box just to see your keyboard not showing up? You tried clicking it several times and tried all your efforts but the keypad on your phone still won't show up or work.

There are various issues such as software glitches, bugs in the keyboard app, hardware problem, etc., that could trigger your Infinix keyboard not to work. Hopefully, we've prepared a list of possible fixes to get you out of this irritable predicament. Read on to find ways to fix Infinix keypad not working.  

 infinix keypad not working

Step 1. Check if any hardware key is pressed by mistake

Dealing with the hardware issues first, your Infinix keypad may not work if any key is pressed unknowingly. To ensure the problem doesn't lie there, kindly cross-check the functionality of every hardware keys by pressing them. Also, you may need to remove your phone pouch/cover if it's too hard on the screen. Now try using the keyboard again to see if it works or move to other solutions below.

Step 2. Water inside the phone can cause it

As your Infinix phone keyboard relies on the screen to work well, some part of the screen may not work if there's water inside the phone. In this case, you need to take it to a repair shop to get it fixed. Since you use an Infinix phone, we recommend you take it to Carlcare, the official service centre, for the best water damage fix.

Step 3. Phone circuit has an issue

Also, the keyboard may not work if there's an error on the phone circuit interfering with the keyboard. To solve this, you'll also need to visit the official service centre. Do not try to disassemble your phone at home as it may lead to further problems. Kindly take it to the nearest Carlcare service centre. We're always at your service.

Step 4. Restart the keyboard app

Apart from the hardware issues discussed above, your keyboard is mostly prone to malfunction due to software issues, perhaps, your phone or the keyboard is hanging.  Kindly follow the steps below to restart your keyboard app (if you're able to).

  • Open the Settingsapp
  • Tap Apps & Notifications
  • Tap to view all apps
  • Scroll down to find the keyboard you're using. (You may need to tap the 3-dot menu icon and tap Show systemif you can't find your keyboard.)
  • Now tap on your keyboard app and tap Force Stop to close it.

Just skip this step if you're not able to force stop the keyboard app. But before nailing the problem on your keyboard app, try to type using the keyboard in other apps like WhatsApp or Google. If it works fine, try to force stop the affected app following the above steps.

Step 5. Restart your Infinix phone

If you can't force stop your keypad app, or it still won't work after forcing it to stop, you should consider restarting your phone itself. Normally, this could help if the keyboard isn't working as a result of a hanging phone, too many running processes, or software glitches. Kindly hold down the power button and tap restart, or just hold down the power button for about 10 seconds to restart your phone. Now try to use the keyboard app again.

Step 6. Clear cache & app data for the keyboard app

Just like force stopping the keyboard app, you could as well clear the cached and app data of the keyboard app to restart it. Just follow the steps for force stopping the keyboard app above, but click on Storage & Cache, then clear both. But beware that this will restore the keyboard app to default settings and you may lose your stored personal words and themes. You may just restart your phone alone to check if it works.

Step 7. Update the keyboard app

You can as well fix the keyboard problem by updating the keyboard app from Play Store. Just open Play Store and search for the keyboard name, then install any available update. Also, you can try other keyboard apps like Gboard, Swift key, Chroma, Kika Keyboard, and others if your keyboard apps failed to work.

You could as well perform a factory reset on your device, but issues like this are sometimes not up to that. But if you have any pending system update, kindly install it as it may help fix this issue.

By this time, your keyboard should be working perfectly. Otherwise, kindly visit the nearest Carlcare service centre for further assistance. Our technicians are always at your service.

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