How to Fix TECNO Speaker Not Working

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So, what happens when your TECNO Smartphone’s speaker no longer works? You’re on a call (or listening to a Song) and the speaker just goes silent. Causes of this error range from System glitches, to a phone feature being inactive or worse, a bad accessory.
The Speaker being the most exposed part of every phone is susceptible to dust (covered or not) and this can get pretty problematic.

tecno speaker not working

Learn how to troubleshoot and fix this problem with the steps below and get your TECNO phone’s Speaker working again! 

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Method 1. Activate the Speaker

If the sound goes off on a call and you are unable to hear the other person, the speaker may be off. Ensure that it is enabled on your call interface; the icon turns green when it’s activated.

Method 2. Check the Volume

Get this right. Once you’ve verified that the speaker is on, increasing the volume (so you hear your caller or music better) is your next move. Simply press the Volume Up button until the sound is clear.

Method 3. Turn Off Do Not Disturb

TECNO smartphones may not have Profiles (like with feature type) anymore, but DND works the same way and if your phone is scheduled to go silent at certain times using this setting, you are not going to hear anything. Disable Do not disturb from your phone’s notification panel and go on to have a jolly day.

Method 4. Check your App

Today, most social apps have their own in-built volume systems that you can turn on or off at will. Your phone may not even be the problem. If you use Facebook, YouTube, etc., make sure you have not muted video sound previously, tap on the speaker icon to check.

Method 5. External accessories

Are you listening via an Earphone or Bluetooth speaker? Check that they’re connected right. If the earphone is not plugged in entirely, your TECNO phone’s speaker may not work. Same goes for the Bluetooth device, make sure it’s connected for both calls and media (and also increase the volume).

Method 6. Restart Your Smartphone

Restart your phone to remove any software glitch that may have interrupted the sound temporarily. Your phone will run more smoothly following this action. And if nothing changes, turn the phone off (wait for some minutes) and then, switch on again.

Method 7. Run a “Factory Reset”

If none of the steps above work, what you want to do next is remove (or save) all your information from the phone and Reset it immediately. If this problem occurs just after you downloaded & run a System Update on your device, a Reset is the solution.

Note: The Reset will eliminate any beneath surface app/software setting that may have caused the phone’s speaker to go mute.

Method 8. Update Your Phone

Check if there’s a new update on your phone & run it. Updates enhance the performance of devices and are sent to fix errors.

Method 9. Visit Carlcare Service Centre

If all else fails, book an online Carlcare reservation service and get professional help fast!

Do not blow air from your mouth into your device. Curiosity may have you poking around your TECNO smartphone will objects & trying other stuff, but, it’s not beneficial for the health of your device and may render the warranty void.

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