How to Remove Safe Mode on TECNO

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Jide Mbaka

Smartphone issues can be a hard nut to crack, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy user. Common problems phone owners grapple with include apps crashing or freezing, the handset overheating or running slow.

Many smartphone issues are mostly software related, and they can be fixed by booting your smartphone to Safe Mode. This guide explains how to remove Safe Mode on TECNO phone.

 remove safe mode on tecno

Just like entering Safe Mode, there are two ways to remove safe mode in TECNO phone. Let’s give you further details below:

Restarting the phone

As you may be aware, restarting can solve many issues with a phone, so it’s quite reasonable that restarting can also remove Safe Mode on TECNO. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Press & hold the Power/Lock key for a couple of seconds until two options pop up
  • Swipe Up to Restart

Note: If a restart option doesn’t show up, continue to hold down the Power key for around 30 seconds. Then, the device will restart.

Using key combination (hardware buttons)

You can also remove Safe Mode in TECNO by using hardware buttons. We walk you through how to carry out the procedure below:

  • Switch the phone off
  • When it’s off, press & hold the Power or Lock button
  • Once the TECNO logo appears on your screen, release the Power or Lock button
  • Immediately you released the Power or Lock button, press & hold the Volume Down key

After completing these steps, a Safe Mode: OFF message will show up on the screen. But note that this method only works on some mobile devices.

Another reason why it may not work on your phone is that it has damaged volume buttons. With a broken volume button, you might think you’re pressing and holding the button whereas you’re not.

This sort of problem may even force your smartphone to enter Safe Mode now and then. If your phone has such issues, the best thing is to check the nearest Carlcare service center to you for quality repair service.

How to turn on Safe Mode in TECNO

With any of the two methods outlined below, you can enter Safe Mode on your Infinix, TECNO or itel phone.

Using the Power or Lock button

  • Switch the phone off
  • Press & hold the Lock or Power key
  • Wait for some time (about five seconds) for the device to boot and display its logo
  • When it does so, press the Volume Down key
  • When the Safe Mode watermark appears on the screen, let go of the button

Using the Home button

  • Switch the phone off
  • Turn it on again
  • As it’s starting up, press and hold the home button
  • Find the Safe Mode option in the key at the left-hand section of the screen
  • Safe Mode is now enabled on the smartphone

What’s Safe Mode all about?     

Safe Mode is an option on Android smartphones for troubleshooting them when enabled. By booting your phone in Safe Mode, you can determine whether a third-party app is the one causing the issues you’re experiencing with your mobile phone or not.

When an Infinix, TECNO, or itel phone is booting in Safe Mode, all third-party apps or non-essential pieces of software are disabled. Only the pre-installed ones — such as Gmail, YouTube, and the likes — will still work.

Things you can do in Safe Mode

When TECNO phone boots in Safe Mode, all its third-party apps or non-essential pieces of software won’t load, as said earlier. Only the pre-installed ones will still work.

With the third-party apps disabled, you can uninstall the rogue app giving you a tough time. When Safe Mode is activated, you can also backup your data or reset the mobile phone, depending on the severity level of the issue you’re facing.

Booting your Android to Safe Mode will help you find the problematic app installed before the issue began. Once you detect it, you can then get rid of it from the phone, and that should fix the problem.

Booting into Safe Mode is recommended when you encounter any of problems below:

  • Phone restarting itself
  • Device running slow
  • Freezing
  • Some apps not opening
  • Crashing

Activating Safe Mode on your TECNO phone is a simple task to carry out and will only last about a minute. After fixing the issue with the handset, you can easily turn off Safe Mode on TECNO by restarting the device.