How To Save Mobile Data When Using Your Android and iPhone as Hotspots

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Jide Mbaka

How to save mobile data when using a hotspot

In the current spate of the world economy, managing on the little resources is our last resort to living well. The Mobile Hotspot is an avenue through which you can connect other devices to the internet through your phone. It's used by connecting your device Wi-Fi through a Wireless Local Area Network to the Hotspot provider.

You may be ruffled about how to limit Hotspot data usage while sharing with a friend, family, or associates. Don't panic.

It is not ideal to have all the data drained off your MTN, GLO, 9Mobile, or Airtel Simcard just because you are using a mobile hotspot. If you are tired of exhausting your data quickly due to hotspot drains, then the steps below are suitable for you.

1. Save Hotspot Data By Disallowing Auto Updates Over Wi-Fi

Auto-updates over Wi-Fi are apparently an operation performed on TECNO and Infinix devices. Occasionally, it is a default operation set to updates new and existing apps on the Google Play Store. These default auto-updates can cause your data to be rapidly drained over a hotspot connection. 

Many Android users are unaware of such. Well, it's normal for those who have no idea to avert the updates, but this may cost you a lot of data, especially with the rising costs of mobile internet. 

The good news is that you can disable the auto-updates and perform them manually later at your convenience. You can also choose not to if you don't want to be left out on regular updates. The ball is in your court.

You can save mobile data on Hotspot by adopting these measures:

  • Go to the "Play Store"
  • Click on your profile and tap "Settings"
  • Under the “General” tab, select "Auto-Update Apps"
  • Choose "Don't Auto-Update Apps"

2. Set Data Limits On TECNO and Infinix Devices

While managing the little data on your mobile device, you can as well set limits and track your data usage with the built-in feature on TECNO and Infinix smartphones.

If you have any TECNO or Infinix device running on HiOS 7.0, XOS 7.0, or later, you can take advantage of the One-time data limit feature, which allows you to set a data limit every time you share a hotspot on your device. The hotspot will be switched off automatically when data exceeds the limit, thus saving your mobile data especially when you are using a hotspot

Here’s how to set Hotspot data limit on TECNO and Infinix devices:

  • Open the Quick settings panel on your device (swipe down from the top of the screen twice
  • Find the Hotspot tile and long-press it.
  • Tap One-time data limit and toggle it on
  • Set your preferred Data limit
  • Tap ‘When exceeded’ to choose what happens when the limit is reached.

By setting data limits, you can save data over a hotspot connection in a controllable way. This is a great option to try

3. Restrict Background Data Usage For Apps

Another vital means of saving data when your Hotspot is turned on is by restricting background apps that gulp lots of data.

Social Media Apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others may be opportune to run when your mobile data is on while using your Hotspot. This can consume a huge amount of data unknowingly. You may have been contemplating how to save data while sharing your hotspot with your Laptop. You can conserve the data usage on your laptop by setting your Wi-Fi as a ‘Metered network’.

  • On your Windows PC, go to the notification area and tap the “Wi-Fi” icon.
  • On the network you’re connected to (your hotspot), tap “Properties”
  • Scroll down a bit until you reach the “Metered connection” section, then enable “Set as metered connection”.

On Android Devices you share hotspot to;

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Tap “Mobile Networks”
  • Select “ Wi-Fi Data Usage
  • You'll see several apps consuming your data. Tap an app you want to restrict background data usage for and disable “Background data usage”

4. Make Use of Apps With Data Limits

Sometimes, we yield to thoughts of a preference for a particular SIM Card as having a low rate of data consumption. Although various Network service providers like MTN, Glo, Airtel offer a range of data values.

Guess you might have wondered or contemplated that "Does hotspot use data than a phone". Arguably, it can. It can provide mobile data to a range of devices, unlike when your phone is dependent on cellular data.

However, you can check this out through Hotspot Data Limit Apps. Glasswire is preferably an app usable on TECNO and Infinix devices. It helps to regulate the usage of data on your mobile device. Limits for data usage can be set with the app.

5. Be Specific on your Media Preference

When you begin to open multiple apps and files on your device,  you're prone to use more than what you intend to consume. Apps like YouTube and other video channels sometimes absorb a lot of data. Unknowingly, your mobile data begins to slow down when these video apps are opened currently. This will be invariably shared by the device with the Wi-Fi.

Multi-tasking while sharing hotspots on mobile devices consumes battery and Data. You can opt to be specific on your media content or reduces its quantity to save up your mobile data

Assuringly, you can now save your mobile data while using your TECNO and Infinix devices by applying the above methods.