How to screenshot on Infinix Phone

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Jide Mbaka

Do you know that taking a screenshot on Infinix could be much easier than hitting those two buttons you're used to? Find out as we guide you through how to screenshot on infinix. There are numerous reasons why you would want to take a screenshot on your Android phone. Whether you want to save some tweets for later usage, keep a receipt of your electronic transactions, or you want to share your screen with a friend. Screenshots do it all by saving what's on your screen as an image file. Read on to find 6 different ways about how to take a screenshot in Infinix.

 how to screenshot on infinix

Screenshot on Infinix with Smart Panel

To be honest, nothing compares to the joy of being able to take screenshots faster without the need for pressing a combination of some buttons, which you might actually not get right. With Smart Panel on Infinix (XOS), you could take a screenshot on Infinix effortlessly by swiping out a side panel and hit the screenshot button. Here's how to achieve that.

 screenshot on infinix with 3 fingers

  • Launch your Settings
  • Scroll down and select Smart Panel.
  • Toggle on the switch in the top-right corner to enable the feature.
  • In the same screen, you would see a video describing how to open the Smart Panel interface, study it.
  • Now go to the screen you want to capture, then swipe out the Smart Panel
  • Click on Screenshot to save the page as a picture.

Take screenshots with 3 fingers.

In addition to taking a screenshot with Smart Panel on Infinix, here's yet another quick and easy way to do it. Micro Intelligence is a feature on Infinix devices that lets you perform some functions by drawing simple gestures on the screen. In the same way, here's how to enable and take screenshots with 3 fingers on Infinix.

 take a screenshot in infinix with 3 fingers

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and open Micro Intelligence.
  • Select Take screenshot with 3 fingers from the list.
  • You would equally see an illustration on how to do it, study it as well.
  • Now toggle on the feature from the interface.
  • To take a screenshot implementing the technique, go to the screen you want to capture, then swipe down on the screen with 3 fingers.

Quick settings panel.

Another way to take a screenshot in Infinix without using the hardware keys is by using the quick-settings panel. Based on your XOS version, you might need to add the functions manually. Here's how to do so.

  • Open the quick settings panel (by swiping down the notification panel twice)
  • Look for the Screenshot option, then tap it.

In case you can't find the Screenshot option in the quick settings panel, here's how to add it.

  • Open the quick settings panel.
  • Tap on the edit
  • Find the Screenshotshortcut, then drag it to the main panel where you can easily reach it.

Key combinations.

In whichever Android phone you use, there's always an option to take a screenshot using hardware buttons. Though it's not as straightforward as the ones mentioned above, it does its job perfectly if you hit the keys right.

To take a screenshot in Infinix phone with key combinations, you need the power button and volume down button.

  • Press and hold the Power and Volume down button at the same time to take a screenshot, and then save it.

With Google home app.

Google Assistant does its work decently by helping you do some task with the aid of your voice. With this, you could take a screenshot, send a WhatsApp message, make a call, search the web, etc. Here's how to take a screenshot using the Google app.

  • Open the Google Assistant by long-pressing the home button, or by swiping from the bottom corner if you use the navigation gestures on Android 10.
  • When your Assistant shows up, tell her the command to Take a screenshot. You're good to go now.

How to take a scrolling screenshot on Infinix mobile

Scrolling Screenshots is the next level of taking screenshots on Android. This feature helps you take screenshots of a scrollable page, then stitch them together to form one picture. By this, you could easily take a screenshot of a long webpage, chats, and many more without filling up your gallery with many pictures. Here's how to try the Scroll shots feature on your Infinix phone.

  • At the outset, you need to take a screenshot with any method you find comfortable for you.
  • You would see a toolbar below the screenshot preview. Tap on Scroll shot.
  • Now scroll up on the page to take scroll shots, then tap on Save when you're done.

How to find screenshot images on Infinix phone.

Finding a screenshot image is pretty the same as finding other images on your phone. Your gallery app is where you can view, edit, or share a screenshot image - both new and old.

  • Open the Gallery app on your Infinix phone.
  • Tap on Albumsbelow the screen.
  • Locate and open the Screenshots You would find all the screenshots you've ever taken there.