How To Waterproof Your Android Phone

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Jide Mbaka

 How To Waterproof Your Android Phone

Having to fix your mobile phone each time water accidentally gets into it is a daunting task. With minor accidents occurring almost on a daily basis, it is important for you to know how to waterproof a phone to avoid unnecessary damages. Also, knowing how to waterproof a phone could take away the burden of having to keep your phone away simply because you want to swim with your friends.

Imagine all the adventures you could have with your friends if you knew how to waterproof a phone. From taking cute selfies underwater to keeping the memories of the moment with videos. Even though a completely waterproof phone is not widely available, it’s necessary for us to know how to waterproof a phone so that we can continue enjoying the benefits a smartphone brings without damaging it. So here is how you can waterproof your mobile phone.

Use a Waterproof Phone Case

One of the easiest ways to waterproof a phone is to use a waterproof case. This is an important protective water-resistant container for your mobile phone. It comes in both hard and soft cases which are also commonly called drybags or waterproof pouches. Over time, they have proven to be great protective assets.

The hard case which comes in various sizes is like the normal phone case but this one has a transparent protective cover on the screen area and it comes with a shock absorber. If you are getting a hard waterproof phone case, look out for the specifications about waterproof depth, waterproof time, and waterproof guarantee before making a choice. Fixing it on your phone is as simple as putting a phone casing around your phone.

 Use a Waterproof Pouch or Dry Bag

A waterproof pouch or dry bag provides the same level of water resistance as a waterproof hard case but at a more affordable cost. Though waterproof pouches or dry bags are not as long-lasting as hard waterproof cases they still come in handy as they can protect your phone from rain, water, snow, etc. However, it doesn’t come with shock absorbers like the hard waterproof case that absorbs shock if your mobile phone falls.

A waterproof pouch or dry bag guarantees water resistance in water at least one meter or three feet deep. They are best used for casual activities like fishing, boating, or swimming. 

Use DIY Nano Coating

Nanocoating is a microscopic hydrophobic liquid that makes mobile devices water-resistant.  When applied to a mobile phone, it creates a thin film that waterproofs the phone and makes it water-resistant. With nano-coating, you don’t have to worry about having extra weight or additional inconveniences. Think of it as your device’s second skin. The beautiful part of it is that you don’t need to be a phone technician to apply on your phone, all you need is to follow these easy steps;

  • Purchase the hydrophobic liquid
  • Clean the surface of your phone with a dry cloth
  • Apply the hydrophobic liquid in droplets
  • Rub it on all the parts of your phone
  • Ensure it touches all sides/parts of your device
  • Allow it to dry for a minimum of one hour.
  • And that’s it!

With this, you have successfully used nano-coating to waterproof your android phone by yourself. This coating is only best for daily protection from rain or any form of a liquid splash. It is not recommended for submersion as they are not designed to protect against submersion in water for extended periods

Use A Waterproof Phone Skin

Waterproof phone skin is a thin film adhesive that you can attach to your mobile phone by wrapping it around. Once wrapped around a phone, it makes the phone water-resistant. It provides temporary waterproof protection for your phone. However, before using a waterproof phone skin, ensure you charge your phone as it covers every port when wrapped around a phone. It is best used for protection against rains, liquid damage, or splashes and it can also be used during outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, etc.

Other Ways You Can Waterproof Your Mobile Phone

If you own a mobile phone that comes with the tag water-resistant, it’s necessary to test its validity. You do this not by dipping your mobile phone in water but by visiting waterproofing service providers. The waterproofing service providers will use professional equipment to test your mobile phone and depending on what you want, they can even go further to add more forms of protection.

Apart from companies that offer waterproofing services, you can also make your phone water-resistant by purchasing waterproofing agents from various shopping sites. After purchasing it, apply these water-proofing agents to your phone to make it water-resistant.

If the nature of your activities will demand that you take your mobile phone alongside with you to a great depth of water. It’s also safe to get a waterproofing service done on your mobile phone to be certain that damages won’t occur. Some of these waterproofing services offer permanent waterproofing solutions too.

Use Ziploc Bag to Waterproof a Phone

In cases where you have neither a waterproof phone case nor a waterproof pouch, you can simply create one for yourself. All you need is a Ziploc-type bag. Here is how you can waterproof your phone using DIY;

  • Get a transparent Ziploc bag
  • Put your phone inside
  • Fold the edges of the bag behind your phone
  • Ensure you can still access your phone screen
  • Placed the wrapped phone in another Ziploc bag (just an extra layer of protection)
  • Test it in a sink or bowl of water.
  • And that’s it!

Once you’ve tested it and it works, you can rest assured that water won’t penetrate into your phone even if you go swimming with it all day. With this, you can make your mobile phone water-resistant temporarily.

If you have been wondering how to make your mobile water-resistant, these solutions offered here will help you protect your phone and make them water-resistant. We hope this is helpful