How to Update Android Smartphone Auto to the Latest Version

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Smartphones have effortlessly become one of the outstanding technological innovations of this century. From studying online to shopping within the comforts of your home, the possible uses of an Android phone are seemingly limitless. And developers are not even done yet.

If you have a car, chances are you’re not new to one recent yet standout feature of your smartphone "Android Auto".

This application allows you to do more by seamlessly connecting your device and an automobile. Yet, you may not enjoy the Android Smartphone Auto feature if it's not up-to-date. This article discusses easy steps to take your Android connectivity to the next level.

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is an innovative feature on smartphone devices, particularly the ones running on the Android mobile operating system.

In January 2023, Google rolled out a significant upgrade (Coolwalk) with improved design and user interface tweaks.

By connecting your Android phone to your car, you can:

  1. Receive turn-by-turn directions while navigating with Google Maps
  2. Pick up calls or reply to SMS messages in hands-free mode
  • Stream your favorite music via an audio player

There's much more that smartphone-automobile connectivity makes possible. However, like other Android apps, improved features usually come in the most recent app upgrades. To update Android Auto on your smartphone, use these three simple steps.

3 Ways to Keep Android Smartphone Auto Up-to-Date

There’s a lot you can do with your smartphone. You can call your friends and loved ones, listen to music and podcasts, and navigate a mobile map with a handheld device. But that's not all. Android Auto enables automobile integrations to elevate your driving experience.

But it’s not always seamless. Sometimes the app stops working or refuses to connect while you're in the car. On the other hand, there are continuous app improvements and added features for Android Smartphone Auto, just like for other apps.

A smple fix is getting the most recent app upgrades. So, how do you update Android Smartphone Auto to the latest version?

1. Update on the Google Play Store

Play Store is the leading online app platform for Android users. You can search for and download your target apps, or update any existing app on your device.

Presently, you can view and update Android Auto on Google Play Store. To update the app;

  1. On the Settings app on your Android smartphone, navigate to Apps and click on it.
  2. The next page displays all the apps already on your device. Scroll down and select the Android Auto app with the corresponding icon.
  3. Click on App details under the Store Some other devices may display this option as ‘App details in store’. This step will redirect you to the Android Auto app page on Play Store.
  4. If there’s a newer version available to download, click on the green button indicating the Update

Following the above steps upgrade Android Smartphone Auto on your mobile device to the latest version.

2. Force the Android Auto App Upgrade 

It's typically easy to update any app directly from Play Store. But you may view the Android Auto app page, and there's no Update option available. Other times, you may not see recent updates on time. There’s usually a gradual rollout of app updates across different regions.

Either way, you can force an app upgrade. This action restores the app to its version for your device and lets it search for and notify you about the latest software update.

Firstly, you'll need to refresh the app's memory. All it requires is clearing the app cache. Locate the Storage section in the Android Auto settings on your phone. Choose the Clear Cache only to reset the app. As a result, the Update button should be available on the Play Store app page.

  1. Search Online for the Newest APK File

Sometimes, updating Android may not be possible through the Google Play Store. Yet another option is to search online via a browser and download the latest APK file version.

Open your preferred web browser and search for the Android Auto application package. It's crucial to download from only trusted third-party websites. Else, you may risk of downloading malware and losing confidential information.

You can also check to make sure that;

  • Your phone's Android OS is the most recent version, and
  • Google Play Services is up to date.

Using Android Auto on Your Smartphone

It’s important to know that pressing your phone while driving can be disastrous. So, how do you keep track of calls and messages on the road? Or maybe listening to a podcast while driving relaxes you. At this point, Android Auto is the right tool.

The Android Auto app is customized to give you a smartphone experience in a car setting. Asides from handling calls and messages or plugging into audio streams, you can also get help from Google Assistant to unlock more features.

There are two ways to use Android Auto on your mobile device:

  1. Connect your smartphone to the car with a USB cable, or
  2. Use a wireless connection via Bluetooth, Wifi, and Location services.

Note that your phone must be Android 6.0 or upwards, and your car's dashboard display system must support Android Auto integration.

What to Do When Android Auto is Not Working

One possible limitation may be the phone’s OS version. For instance, if you’re using Android 12, you’ll use the Google Assistant driving mode. Still, you may not access it in your preferred language. It’s also not available in every country and for all Android devices.

Alternatively, confirm that the vehicle or its infotainment system is compatible with Android Auto.


One popular attraction to using an Android smartphone is that you can access various apps to perform different functions. So yes, it's fair to see why you'll be glued to your phone all day. But, while driving, the safe choice is staying hands-free.

For your convenience, Android Auto helps you complete various actions while you drive. You can keep track of your favorite podcasts or reply to messages on the go.

You now know how to update Android Smartphone Auto to the latest version. So, get your app up-to-date. Now, you can stay connected while driving safely.

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