Why Tecno spark 7p is a great gaming phone

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Why Tecno spark 7p is a great gaming phone

Why tecno spark 7p is a great gaming phone

The Tecno Spark 7 was officially announced in April and it is quickly gaining popularity as a great phone, no doubt, especially for people who carry out intense gaming on their phones. But what makes it such a great choice for gaming? What are those features it possesses that gives users a great gaming experience?

After reading through these features, you can go ahead to check the price and decide if you are ready to bring this baby home. Here are some exceptional features of the Tecno Spark 7p.

Tecno Spark 7P is powered by an octa-core MediaTek Helio G70 processor

As against the Helio A25 CPU seen in the standard Spark 7 models, the Tecno Spark 7P comes with MediaTek Helio G70 CPU. This feature brings powerful processing and Intelligent Speed Uplift for Rapid Gameplay bringing about a faster response than most other smartphones. It also keeps the game connection going, even if a call comes in so that you can defer the call without having to pause the game.

This makes the Tecno Spark 7p worthwhile for performing all gaming operations. You also get to enjoy a Smoother performance in heavy-loading game engines, demanding scenes and intense gameplay with intelligent management of your phone memory and processor.

The powerful Mediatek Helio G70 processor is a gaming enhancer in smartphones

The MediaTek Helio G70 is ideal because it incorporates a pair of powerful Arm Cortex-A75 CPUs operating up to 2GHz, plus six Cortex-A55 CPUs in a single, octa-core cluster. This means that your gaming experience remains constant no matter how long you have been gaming.

For online games, it has the ability to intelligently predict Wi-Fi and LTE concurrency and this is a major plus.

Blazing-fast 90Hz refresh rate

The refresh rate refers to the speed at which the image redraws on the screen. The higher the refresh rate, the better image quality you get and the lesser the motion blurs.

At an amazingly fast 90Hz refresh rate, the Tecno Spark 7p will render images 90 times per second allowing for a fluid animation through your images and even while playing games. This makes for an amazing user experience and a smooth, almost seamless gaming experience.

Tecno Spark 7P never goes off easily, with a 5000mAh battery

The Tecno Spark 7p has a great battery life of 5000mAh capacity which gives you sufficient battery power to play games for a long period of time. In fact, reviews show that a 30 minutes intense game on the phone only reduces your battery power by 5 – 7%.

This means that you do not have to worry about battery life when playing your games. Once you have fully charged up the battery, you can play your games as you like. However, long hours of gaming on your mobile phone may not be good for your eyes.

It has a Widescreen for great game views

The Tecno Spark 7p has a 6.8” Dot Notch screen which means that the screen is big enough, not just to give you a good media-viewing experience, but also for games.

When playing a game, you can be able to have your fingers on the phone, and still have a good view of the game. The screen also works fairly well in the sunlight too although it is not a good idea to use your phone in high temperatures like Sunlight. It could affect your battery lifespan.

No lag because there is a 64+4GB version is available

The Tecno Spark 7p comes with 4 GB RAM, and a 64GB ROM. This places its storage capacity and processing speed at the same pace as some laptops. This phone can work smoothly with several Android games.

A lot of smartphone reviewers will tell you that 16GB and 32GB options are better for casual smartphone users, and this means that a 64GB ROM allows you to store your media files, but still leaves enough memory free to allow your phone and games to run smoothly without lagging, or freezing.

RAM gives you the ability to run more apps simultaneously, so a 4 GB RAM is definitely way better than 2GB and even if you don’t use it to the full extent, it allows you to play games better on your phone.

Tecno Spark 7P's optimum display graphics settings

The Tecno Spark 7p can conveniently play most of the popular android games at the normal graphics settings without reducing the quality of the display. These games play at good speed with very minimal frame drops.

This exciting new Android phone from Tecno also has colours that are almost true tone. And what could be more beautiful than a very colourful game?


Now you have seen the amazing features that allow you to play your games as if you were on a desktop, you can proceed to check out the price. The Tecno Spark 7p is the higher variant of the Spark 7 phone, and so its cost price is higher than Tecno Spark 7 air price as well as Tecno Spark 7 Pro price. But then, it also has added features that make it more advanced than the other two. It comes with the Android 11 – HiOS v7.5 as well.

For a warranty covered the phone, you can check the Carlcare service centre closest to you. Check the website to see the list of centres closest to you.