Here Are The Best Magsafe To USB C Adapter

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Here Are The Best Magsafe To USB C Adapter

MagSafe has been on the mobile market stocks, dated back for a while now, practically for smartphones and other devices. Yet, you may just get to know how it works, or probably unfamiliar with it while using your previous iOS devices. But, trust me, MagSafe has been used on MacBooks before Apple Inc. reintroduced it recently when they launched the iPhone 12 series.

The newly unveiled MagSafe to USB C adapter attached to your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max is legally patented by the United States patent. This wireless MagSafe to USB C Adapter designed and introduced by Apple Inc was launched on 13th Oct 2020 with a simple design to benefit users with an easier connection, faster wireless charging, and reduce tangling with cables while playing games.

A primary advantage for your iPhone device is that the USB C Adapter can make use of other MagSafe magnetic cables invented by third parties. Moreover, the MagSafe cords do not come with a charger. Yet, there are other specifications you need to know about your desired magnetic cables, how it works and how best to use a MagSafe to USB C Adapter.

I bet you wouldn't want to skip the detailed text on the two best MagSafe to USB C adapters for your iOS device below.

1. 360 Rotating Magnetic Cable

This is quite not far-fetched from an outstanding magnetic cable for your iOS device. Its simple design, texture, static magnet, and ability to spin around make it a major alternate to your iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max default charger.

The 360 Magnetic Phone Charger is a USB C connector workable with the USB C Adapter. It's a fast charger that alternatively also supports your data transfer between your iPhone and the receiver. Yet, it has other features that can save you from stress while using your Apple iPhone series. Here's the description below:

Features of the 360 Rotating Magnetic Cable and how it works

Aside from the various advantages, you might have experienced, you know it is easier to use a magnetic USB cable for your iOS device than to link your card to the device's USB port. The 360 MagSafe cable is one of the best magnetic phone chargers initiated by a third-party manufacturer.

Unlike the connected Apple iPhone MagSafe to USB C Adapter, which has a circular form of magnet that pairs with the magnet at the back of the phone. The 360 magnetic phone charger is connected to the port via the magnetic ball and can spin, enabling it to face any direction without becoming disconnected. 

Here are the features below:

  • 3 In 1 Magnetic Cable: The 360-degree rotating cable adapter is designed in varieties. Pleasing enough, you don't necessarily need to be attached to a spot with the magnetic cable whenever you want to share data with your friends, get hit sounds from your Apple Car Play, and while you're charging your iOS device with a USB C Adapter. The cable is created with a universal 3-in-1 design, enabling you to switch the magnetic Type C connector to charge your iOS device and transfer data.
  • Widely Compatible Pinpoints: Apple encourages its iPhone 12 series users to pick a new fast-charging power breaks which is a separate purchase from the MagSafe charger. However, the 360 magnetic phone charger USB C supports fast charging through its upgraded 5 pin-points for any USB C Adapter.
  • 360° Rotation and Design: The magnetic cable designed as a 360° MagSafe to USB c Adapter is capable of rotating to any angle or direction tossed to without becoming disconnected from the port. You do not require a static position with your device port after it is fixed with a strong magnetic cable.

The factory design eases your stress of charging at a specific location while chatting, playing video games, resting on a couch, relaxing in your bedroom, and attending to a client at your office desk. It aids your convenience in rotating the device to your desired angle.

You can purchase the 360° magnetic cable at a low-cost price at various online stores.

2. Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger

Anker is also a manufacturer of wireless MagSafe cables. Anker is known for producing reliable mobile peripherals. They have various products like the Anker Magnetic cable, Anker magnetic cable holder, Anker power banks, and others.

The Anker Magnetic Cable is specifically meant for the iPhone 12/ iPhone 12Pro/ iPhone 12max users. It is a circular magnet that pairs with the charging coils of your iPhone located in the magnet at the back.

Although, its charging rate might be less compared with Apple's. Yet, it can serve as an alternative for your Apple iPhone charger.

Perhaps, you have a little money to spend on a new charger for your iPhone 12 series device. Below is a review of the features of the Anker Wireless charger.

Features of the Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger

  • Portability: The Anker Magnetic Cable is always travel-ready. It's a lightweight cable that can fit easily into your pockets and your backpack. However, the Anker Magnetic Cable Holder is also designed to suit your cable when in use.
  • Perfect Design and Alignment: Aside from its portability, it has a stronghold for charging coils and can charge through cases with the aid of its excellent design. It's only 0.3 inches thick, which makes it unobstructed and highly magnetic.

The Anker Magnetic wireless cable is available for purchase in various Online Stores.

Conclusively, these are not only the MagSafe to USB C connectors available, but these two MagSafe chargers will safeguard you through the hurdles of searching for an authentic magnetic cable for your iPhone 12 series.