How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Devices

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Simple Tips On How To Find Hidden Apps On Android Devices-Carlcare

We all know many Android users want a clean app list on their device apps drawer and homepages. You might also hope the apps you frequently use can be well sorted out first on your homepages and app drawer list. This is possibly done by hiding these few unused apps either when using your Android launcher. Let us guide you through how to find hidden apps on Android.


You may find it hard, or have no clue on how to find hidden apps on your Android device even as an existing user. Fortunately, we can guide you through where and how to find these apps with these simple steps.

Apps Drawer

As stated earlier, your app drawer houses the various apps downloaded and installed on your Android devices with the system apps designed to perform specific actions on the device. Most Android devices' hidden apps can be searched and found on the App drawer page. However, the app drawer page varies on different Android launchers.

Though various launchers have customized app pages with different icons and steps for hidden apps searches, the steps below will be centered for Android launchers such as Smart Launcher, and Nova Launcher.

Nova Launcher

This launcher is a third-party developed app that lets you customize and overhaul your home screen with amazing features and themes. As a user, you can locate your apps hidden from your home screen on Nova Launcher with these few steps:

  • Long press your screen on the Homepage
  • Click on Settings
  • Locate and tap on the App Drawer
  • Select Hide Apps
  • Remove Hidden Apps

Smart Launcher

Smart Launcher is another efficient third-party-developed launcher that provides Android users with a customized experience different from your default launcher. Your hidden apps can be located easily on the launcher by:

  • Swipe and Open the Smart Launcher app drawer page
  • Click on the three dots located at the top corner of the page
  • Select Show Hidden apps

For most Android devices, your hidden apps cannot be found on your App Drawer. The other ways to find them are explained further in this thread

General Settings

The general settings of your device are where you can check and alter your overall device settings. Your full app list downloaded and installed alongside your system apps can be found here in the Settings app. You can easily access your enabled and disabled apps with the few steps below

  • Open your App Drawer
  • Click on Settings
  • Locate and Tap on Apps & notifications.
  • Tap See all apps.
  • From there, you'll find all the apps installed on your phone.


Your homepage can have other pages aside from the main page where your app drawer is located when you have a full homepage with various apps. The other page is created and hides other apps from your glance. Newly installed and received apps are mostly situated on the other page and remain unseen unless the page is revised. These hidden apps can simply be found by swiping left or right on your homepage.


Another way on how to find hidden apps on Android is to unbox your folders. Google developed apps like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Google Mails are hidden in folders created automatically for Google apps, although these apps might be noticeably present on the App Drawer page. But, you may not easily find them alphabetically arranged on the App Drawer page.

These apps can be found handily in the folder.

Third-Party common hidden Apps

Third-party apps are developed by independent developers for Android devices to perform specific functions. An intruder can install a third-party app on your device and hide your apps to hinder you from using them. Sadly, you may find it hard to find them because most of these apps covers are mostly different from their features.

Below is a list of common hidden apps that are perhaps used to hide apps on  Android phones. You might find them useful as well.

  • Calculator Vault: This app is designed as a calculator but helps to hide apps with a password.
  • App Hider: App Hider is another common app that hides apps by importing the app to its app.
  • Hide App: Hide App is a third party application that hides apps from a user with a secured pin lock
  • Phone Master: Phone Master is quite different from other apps as it is a system app designed to monitor data usage, file transfer, smart charge, and freezing unused apps. You can also check the freezer to check if you have no hidden app there.


To enable a lasting solution after finding your apps on your Android, you can apply these methods to avert a reoccurrence.

  1. Uninstall Third-Party Apps
  2. Always Enable Disabled Apps
  3. Unfreeze Apps

This article should ultimately guide you on how to find your hidden apps and how to get rid of spy apps on your device. It's assured to work at an optimum rate.