Top 5 ways on How to Turn off Roaming on Android

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Top 5 ways on How to Turn off Roaming on Android-Carlcare

You need to keep in touch with your coworkers or family even if you're out of town. What do you do if you don't even have a mobile plan for that other location? Obviously, turn on roaming facilities on your phone if your phone service provider offers them. But, when you get back and you still can’t figure out how to turn off roaming on Android or turn off roaming on iPhone.  Then there’s an issue that needs to be troubleshot and fixed. Roaming can be really expensive and using it when it's not required will 100% burn a hole in your pocket.

To tackle the issue of “why is my phone still stuck on roaming”, we have some quick solutions that’s hardly going to take a few minutes to activate.

Sync Mobile Data and Data Roaming

Before we dive into how to turn off roaming on Android. We need to address how data functions on roaming and what is data roaming Android? When you use data internationally, you’re under a roaming service for data. To use that facility, you need to make sure that your mobile data settings are in line with the roaming setting. Even if one of them is turned off, you may not be able to use data.

How to turn on roaming?

  • Settings
  • Connections
  • Mobile networks
  • Switch on the toggle for roaming

How to turn on mobile data? (Through settings)

  • Settings
  • Wireless & Networks option
  • Cellular data- switch it on.

If both are on, you can continue to use data on roaming freely.

Turn on and off.

Turning on and off data roaming to determine if there was only a tiny glitch with the settings is one of the simplest fixes we can provide for this problem. You're good to go if it's fixed. To do so, simply follow the instructions above, to work with roaming, then switch the toggle on and off.


Another classic yet crucial step if you can’t figure how to turn off roaming on Android is restarting or rebooting your device. Here’s how you can restart it:

  • Press and hold the power button and click on the restart button if it flashes on the screen to directly restart.
  • Press and hold the power button until your phone completely turns off and repeat the same process to turn on. That would be a manual restart.
  • Then comes, press and hold the power button along with the volume/home buttons, simultaneously to force restart.

This should most probably fix the issue, if not, check out the next step.

Software update

But why is my phone roaming all of a sudden? Even after you’ve turned it off and you haven’t activated the roaming service in a really long time, how does it still get activated? When our phones are not up to date, they start acting up in ways we won't even realize. This is why data roaming randomly turning on and off is an indication that your software needs a little nudge.

How to update your software?

  • Make sure your phone is charged or is connected to a power source
  • Tap on settings
  • About phone
  • Click on “Check for an update”
  • If there’s one, then update it.

It will reboot and install it automatically and your issue should be resolved in no time.

Factory Reset

In a lender of last resort circumstance, a factory reset is used. Always save this option for last, when you've exhausted all other possibilities. We have a strong backup in place because our phones automatically sync with Google. If you don't want to use auto-sync, you may always use manual synchronizing. As a result, a factory reset isn't necessarily a bad idea.

After you’ve taken up the right call, the following steps will enable you to factory reset your phone:

  • Pop open settings
  • Scroll down to system preferences
  • Click on advanced
  • Find the reset options
  • Hit “Reset all settings and Data”
  • Enter your phone passcode
  • And

You can then restore all your data through the backup you’ve taken while still having a clean new device internally.

Data Roaming Options for iOS

Now that we’ve covered everything that there was for Android, let's shed some light on iPhones as well. Like, Android iPhone users also ponder about “Why is my phone roaming at home?”. You can replicate the same exact steps that have been mentioned above, to fix the issue on iPhones. Make sure you’re keeping the factory reset option as the last one, in this case too.

Hopefully, by the end of this, you all have been able to follow all the steps and have finally learned how to turn off roaming on Android and iOS.