6 Quick Ways To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

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Fixing the FireStick remote not working can be easy as replacing the batteries! Here’s all you need to know about resolving FireStick TV remote problem at home.

 Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

Has your Amazon FireStick remote stopped working while trying to catch up with a movie? Maybe you decided to do something else during the playback, but pulling out your remote to pause the movie triggers nothing to happen? Did you even try pressing the buttons repeatedly with no positive feedback, just for the movie to keep playing? Here's your quick guide on how to fix the FireStick remote not working at home.

Honestly, the FireStick TV remote, and other remotes with Bluetooth technology, have elevated entertainment to a whole new level. You do not need a logical line of sight between the remote and your TV, and other features like Alexa Voice control make accessing your TV more enjoyable, compared to the traditional TV remotes with IR blaster.

However, since the technology used on the FireStick remote differs from the regular infrared remote, it's difficult to fathom why your Fire TV remote won't work sometimes. But yes, FireStick remote not working doesn't exist without remedies. Follow the solutions below to get your remote working again!

Quick Fix: Check out the Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Just in case your FireStick remote stopped working in the middle of the night, a quick way to get back to your TV from your bed is using the Amazon Fire TV remote app. The app is available for Android users on the Google Play Store and iPhone users on the App Store. While the FireStick remote is an essential accessory, it is quite beneficial to control the Fire TV with your mobile phone, all of which you get on the Fire TV Remote app.

On the positive side, you get all the essential functions on the app, such as the touch navigation, Alexa Voice control, virtual keyboard, and quick access to the games and apps you installed on the device. But the downside of using the remote app all the time is that It can drain your battery really quickly. Either way, it does its job well. So that's not a big deal.

To get started, install the Amazon Fire TV Remote app on your device from the Play Store or App Store, and follow the on-screen guides to make it work.

Check/Replace the FireStick Remote Batteries

The batteries are usually the reason why the FireStick remote is not working, as reported by many users. And unlike remotes with Infrared technology, the Amazon FireStick remote relies on a Bluetooth connection, which depletes the battery more quickly.

Although you get the extra features on the FireStick remove, such as not needing to point the remote straight to your TV before it works, Bluetooth technology can be power-hungry. So, you need to check the battery once again, even if you replaced it recently.

  • Turn to the back of the remote and gently remove the battery cover.
  • Take out the batteries and inspect inside the cover, especially the battery connector, to check for any foreign particles or deposits. If any, try cleaning it.
  • Re-insert the batteries in the appropriate order.
  • If you've been using them for a while, consider getting a fresh pair. We recommend getting an extra pair of Alkaline batteries (1.5v) from a reputable store for better performance and longevity.

Meanwhile, inspect the battery container for any foreign particles. And if you find out that the battery connectors are getting rust, get a metallic object to scratch it gently. This ensures the remote get better connectivity with the battery.

Try Pairing the FireStick Remote

Normally, the Amazon FireStick remote should pair with the TV right out of the box. Remember that, unlike TV remotes with Infrared technology, FireStick works only after establishing a successful Bluetooth connection. So, you need to make sure it's up and running by pairing the FireStick remote with these steps.

1. First unpair FireStick remote.

  • As usual, set up your Fire TV Stick and power it on.
  • Move closer to the TV, then long-press the Back + Home buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds before releasing it. This should unpair the FireStick remote.

2. Pair up the FireStick remote again

  • After unpairing, now long press the Home button on the remote for about 10 seconds to pair it again.
  • You should have a successful connection between the FireStick remote and your TV by now. If not, keep trying the pairing process over and over. It takes several attempts before the pairing process work sometimes.

Move closer to the TV.

Being a device powered by Bluetooth, your FireStick remote can get out of range quickly when you move too far away from the Fire TV. Users who usually experience this are the ones with large living rooms. So, if you’re trying to control your TV with the remote right from the kitchen door, for instance, you might get a negative result most of the time.

That's an advantage you get from a remote with an IR blaster. But the fact that you don't need a direct line of sight to make the remote control your Fire TV Stick, and other features like Alexa Voice Assistance, makes the Bluetooth technology on the FireStick remote a lot better and easier option.

So, to confirm the connection is not affected by the range, try moving behind your TV - where you plugged the Fire TV stick - to check if the remote works. If it works, you can attach the extension cable provided inside the retail box to the Fire TV Stick to bring it out a bit. Doing that strengthens the remote connectivity.

Reduce Interference from other gadgets

Do you have a microwave oven, Bluetooth speakers, unshielded coaxial cables, or any other wireless device near the Fire TV Stick? If yes, you might not be able to use the FireStick remote effectively. Asides from being restricted to a certain connection range, Bluetooth remotes are affected by interference from other wireless devices.

So, if you have any of those wireless devices near your TV, consider moving them to another place. You can also try to shut down and unplug them from the power source for a while to see if the FireStick remote work afterward.

Try another FireStick remote

Reaching up to this stage means none of the solutions above could make your remote work again. But that's not all you can do. And at this time, we recommend you get a replacement for your Fire TV remote. Perhaps it got damaged along the line, or if you got a new one recently, it might not be compatible with your Fire TV. In that case, your last resort may get a replacement for your remote. You can visit Amazon to get a compatible remote for your TV. And since a replacement FireStick remote won't pair up with your TV automatically, follow the steps below to do it manually.

Pairing a FireStick remote

  • Pairing up your new remote with Amazon Fire TV is quite simple. First, set up the Fire TV Stick with your TV and power them on.
  • Move close with the new FireStick remote to the Fire TV, then press and keep holding the Home button for like 10 seconds before releasing it. You should be able to use your new remote by now.