TECNO Phones with Fingerprint Sensors

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TECNO Phones with Fingerprint Sensors

The fingerprint sensor is one of those mobile phones features that came literally to make our lives better. Just come to think of the stress and time you save from typing long passwords and security codes to unlock your phone every time you need it. Unlocking your phone with a fingerprint makes it snappy and easier, and serves more functionality on many phones as well. Well, if you've yet to get your hands on a fingerprint phone, we’ll guide you through some TECNO phones with fingerprint sensors in this article.

TECNO Phones with Fingerprint Sensors

You don’t need to break the bank. Get a TECNO phone with a fingerprint sensor!

Gone are those days when you need to spend thousands of bucks on a flagship phone to get the fingerprint sensor. But now, even the most affordable TECNO phones (shoutout to the POP series here!) have fingerprint sensors. That’s a sign you don’t need to break the bank to get a smartphone you can unlock with your fingers!

Let’s look at TECNO phones with fingerprint sensors. The list below contains front fingerprint sensor mobile phones, side-mounted fingerprint phones, and the more popular rear-mounted fingerprint phones.

However, kindly note the phones below are nowhere the most recent or best phones from TECNO. Most TECNO Android phones feature fingerprint sensors these days.

The following TECNO phones have fingerprint sensors:


Launched in July 2021, the TECNO POP 5 is one of the most affordable, latest TECNO phones with fingerprint sensors. Initially, it has a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor that can unlock the phone, your apps, and perform other functions like turning off the alarm, accepting and ending calls, taking pictures, etc.

Not just that, the TECNO POP 5 is blessed with exciting entry-level features at its price range. You get a moderate 6.1” display for comfortability and immersive media playback, a large 5,000mAh battery, large inbuilt storage, and Android 10 (Go Edition) software.

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TECNO Spark 6 Go (32+2)

Next, we have the TECNO SPARK 6 Go, also with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. The device comes with a moderate, yet modern design that doesn’t speak of its affordable price too much.  It features a 13MP dual-rear camera with dual-LED flash. And for selfies, you get an 8MP camera, backed by TECNO’s AI algorithms to provide crisp shots that don’t scream its price point.

Under the hood, Spark 6 Go packs in a huge 5,000mAh battery, giving you up to 2-day battery life or more on a single charge. TECNO’s Battery Lab also provides many features and tricks to elongate the battery life at your wish.

The device runs Android 10 (Go Edition) powered by an Octa-core MediaTek chipset, 32GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM.

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TECNO POP 4 is a predecessor to the SPARK 5 mentioned earlier. It also sports a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone and perform other functions as said earlier.

TECNO launched the device in July 2020 with a moderate 6.0” display, Android 10 (Go Edition), up to 32GB of storage, a gigantic 5,000mAh battery to power your day, and many more.

The POP 4 doesn’t have a side fingerprint sensor, but it’s one of the most affordable TECNO phones with fingerprint sensors you can rely on.

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TECNO Spark 4

Launched in 2019, the TECNO Spark 4 is one of the TECNO phones that received the HiOS 6.2 based on the Android 10 upgrade, bringing more features, stability, security, and of course, more fingerprint gestures and functions to the device.

The TECNO SPARK 4 features a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back. It has other exciting features like its modest 32GB of storage, 2GB of RAM, a capable 13MP triple-rear camera with flashes, and others.

You also get a large 4,000mAh battery, coupled with an enhanced Battery Lab to provide elongated battery life.

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TECNO Spark 4 Air

As you guessed, the TECNO Spark 4 Air is a lower variant of the SPARK 4 mentioned above. It also has a phone fingerprint sensor placed at the rear.

Spark 4 Air is an entry-level smartphone, but one of the good ones. Its large 6.52” display with HD+ resolution allows you to maximize your viewing pleasure, and its large 4,000mAh battery ensures you can do that for a long time.

The Spark 4 Air runs TECNO’s HiOS 5.5 skin based on Android 9 Pie. It is blessed with an Octa-core CPU, with up to 32GB of storage and 2GB RAM for performing basic functions. 

TECNO Pouvoir 3 Air

Naturally, phones in the TECNO Pouvoir series are always there to flaunt their incredible battery life. And for a phone launched in 2019, packing a 5000mAh battery is a beast!

The Pouvoir 3 Air is another entry-level smartphone with a rear-mounted fingerprint. Its flat design with a vertically aligned camera module looks gorgeous. Its storage option and performance are capable too, not screaming its weakness for being an entry-level device.  

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The TECNO POP 3 is a sign you don’t need to break the bank to get a phone with a fingerprint sensor. With its modest features at a more affordable price, the TECNO POP 3 is a good smartphone.

Perhaps the most admiring feature of the device is its camera, flaunting 7 levels of beauty mode to beautify your face and help you capture amazing photos.

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TECNO Pop 3 Plus

Coming with a large 6.5” HD+ display, a 4000mAh battery, and 16GB of storage, the TECNO Pop 3 Plus is a nice device for those who want a good multimedia device for fewer bucks.

It also has a rear fingerprint sensor with additional features to lock your apps, screen, respond to calls, stop alarms, and many more.


The TECNO CAMON 12 Pro is one of the front fingerprint sensor mobile phones, allowing you to secure your phone by placing your thumbs on the screen. That’s made possible by the 6.35” AMOLED display on the device. Naturally, it has some advantages over its IPS LCD counterparts, giving you rich blacks, better viewing angles, brightness, and more.

Being a camera-focused phone, CAMON 12 Pro has some amazing camera features to help you take nice shots without stress. You also get a large 64GB of storage to store those photos and videos.


Launched way back in May 2019, POP 2F has a rear-mounted fingerprint that doesn’t only unlock your phone but performs other functions as revealed earlier. The device packs a large 16GB of storage to store your files, cameras to keep your amazing moments, and a streamlined software experience to improve your user experience.  


The TECNO POP 2 Power is a bumped-up POP 2 F with a bigger battery, slightly increased screen and resolution, and more. Its fingerprint sensor remains on the back as well, allowing you to unlock your phone just by touching the sensor.

Like other TECNO devices with large battery capacities, the 4000mAh on the TECNO POP 2 Power performs well. With its improved power management and Battery Saving tech, it could last up to 2 days or more on a single charge, depending on your usage.  

TECNO Pouvoir 3

Like the Pouvoir 3 Plus mentioned above, the regular TECNO Pouvoir 3 has a capacitive fingerprint sensor for securing the device on the rear. The device also sports some amazing features like a 6.2” HD+ display with a smaller notch, up to 32GB of ROM, 2 GB of RAM, and many more.

The selling point of the device is its large 5,000mAh battery, offering you robust battery life without bumping up its price unnecessarily.

The Pouvoir 3 doesn’t have a side fingerprint sensor, but its rear-mounted fingerprint works just as advertised.

TECNO Spark 3

The TECNO Spark 3 came around when notches were a thing on Android phones. And yes, it features a 6.2” HD+ display with a large notch that houses the selfie camera, ear speaker, proximity sensor, and light sensor.

The device is not one of the side fingerprint sensor mobile phones. In fact, side-m0unted fingerprints weren’t anywhere popular at that time. However, its rear-mounted fingerprint, coupled with tons of HiOS 5.0 features, makes it one of the good ones.


As said earlier, the devices mentioned in this article are not the latest or greatest TECNO phones with fingerprint sensors. However, they offer reliable fingerprint sensors to unlock your phone faster and easily without breaking the bank. Also, none of them have their fingerprint side-mounted, but most TECNO phones you’ll see in the market today have side-mounted fingerprints.

More so, if it happens that your TECNO phone’s fingerprint is malfunctioning, you can bring your phone to Carlcare to have it fixed. You can book a reservation with us now, or check our fingerprint mobile price list first.