Get Your Hands on Affordable and High-Quality itel Phones in Kenya

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itel phones are affordable and high-quality Android smartphones. With various smartphone series and straightforward designs, the itel S17 is one of the newest models featuring a quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM, and the ability to expand storage with a microSD card. With a starting price of KSh 2000, itel phones are well-regarded for providing good value for money and are readily available online. The latest models include the itel A16 Plus, A58, A58 Lite, and S18, all with varying specs and prices. Get your hands on the latest itel phones in Kenya.

itel S17 smartphone with quad-core processor and expandable storage

The Benefits of Owning an itel Phone

itel is a company that sells inexpensive, high-quality smartphones that provide one of the finest value for the money.

The itel S17, one of itel's newest products, features a 1.3 MHz quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. With the use of a microSD card, the phone's 32GB of internal storage may be increased to 128 GB.

The itel S17's Cameras consist of an 8-megapixel primary Camera on the back and a 5-megapixel front Camera for selfies.

Kenyans typically associate itel phones with affordability. These gadgets are reasonably priced and have good specs.

There are now a few itel tablets and cellphones in Kenya. They are relatively affordable in comparison to rivals like Infinix. So, you can find a list of itel phones' prices in Kenya here.

The good news is that you can quickly get itel phones online at fantastic prices without breaking the bank.

New itel Phones in Kenya: Experience Cutting-Edge Technology

Over the years since itel brands came on board, several models and versions have been created to meet the market demands.

The itel A58 Pro has a quad-core Unisoc SC7331e processor running at 1.4 MHz and 2GB of RAM.

This itel phone comes with 32GB of internal storage, which can be increased by another 32GB with a microSD card.

There's also the itel A58 Pro has a 5-megapixel front-facing Camera and a 5-megapixel primary Camera for taking pictures of yourself.

A 4000mAh battery powers the itel A58 Pro, which runs Android 11 (Go Edition). 

Do you have itel phone problem? You can book itel phone repair to get quality repair services. 

Affordable itel Phones in Kenya

For a starting price of KSh 2000, you can purchase a nice itel phone in Kenya. These discounts are available on Carlcare, allowing you to purchase an itel phone without breaking the bank.

The itel phone is generally regarded as one of the greatest smartphone producers, and they are renowned for creating high-end devices that are reasonably priced.

The following are possible prices you will get for an itel phone in Kenya:

itel S18, 6.6, 64 GB + 2 GB (up to 4 GB), Dual Sim, 5000MAH, 4G KSh 10,499.

itel A58, 6.6, 16 GB + 1 GB RAM (Dual SIM), 4000mAh KSh 8,499.

itel A16 Plus, 5.0", 1 GB + 8 GB, (Dual SIM), 2050 MAh KSh 4,930.

itel A37, 5.7, 16 GB + 1 (Dual SIM) (itel 1408 has 8GB of memory and 512MB of RAM. It has a 5MP Camera). It costs Ksh 7,250.

itel 6800 has 512MB of memory and 512MB of RAM. It costs Ksh 3,949.

itel A58 LITE has 6.3, 32GB + 2GB RAM (Dual SIM), and a 4000mAh battery: KSh 8,200.

itel 1408 costs KSh 3,949.

itel 1409: 8GB; 512MB RAM; 2MP Camera; dual SIM: KSh 4,999.

itel 1703 Prime III: 7"; 16GB; 1GB RAM; 3G itel It1508: KSh 11,999.

itel S11 8GB; 512 MB RAM; 5MP Camera; Dual SIM, Camera, and 3G technology: KSh 6,000.

itel P38, 6.6, 32GB + 2GB RAM (Dual SIM), 5000mAh: KSh 7,500.

itel 1505, 8GB, 1GB RAM, with an 8MP Camera: KSh 8,399.

New itel Phones: Kenya's Latest Deals

Are you looking to get an itel phone in Kenya this year, check out the latest models that will for sure suit your interest?

itel A16 Plus, 5.0" (1 GB + 8 GB), 4000mAh itel A58, 6.6, 16GB + 1GB RAM (Dual SIM) (Dual SIM), itel A37, 5.7, 16GB + 1GB RAM (Dual SIM), 2050 MAh, 3020mAh

32GB + 2GB RAM, itel A58 LITE, 6.3 (Dual SIM), 5.45", 2GB+32GB, 4000mAh itel P17 Pro (Dual SIM).

There is also the itel P38, 6.6, 32GB + 2GB RAM (Dual SIM), 5000mAh, and the itel S18, 6.6, 64GB + 2GB (up to 4GB), Dual Sim, 5000MAH, 4G.

8GB, 512MB RAM, 2MP Camera, dual SIM, itel A11D.

itel 1408, 512MB RAM, 8GB, with a 5MP Camera, 8GB 512MB RAM, 2MP Camera, DUAL SIM. itel 1409 8GB/1GB RAM, 5MP Camera, DUAL SIM itel 1513 8GB 1GB RAM, 5MP Camera, 3G DUAL SIM itel 1516 PLUS 8GB DUAL SIM.

itel 1550, 8MP Camera with 1GB RAM 3G.

itel 1703, PRIME III "3G 16GB 1GB RAM.

The following are the latest itel phone series:

itel 1702: 7 "8MP Camera 16GB RAM 1GB 3G

5.0 for itel IT1507 "512 MB RAM, 8 MP Camera, 3 G 8GB 512MB RAM and a 5MP Camera.

itel IT1508 512MB 512MB RAM 3MP Camera, DUAL SIM itel It6800 8GB 1GB RAM, 5MP Camera.

Dual Sim itel S11 5.5 3G, DUAL SIM itel S31 "5 MP CCD Dual SIM, 1GB RAM, 16GB.

itel Authorized Phone Repair: Carlcare Service

Carlcare Service is the Official After-Sales Repair Centre for itel, TECNO, and Infinix Smartphones.

We make use of original accessories only for repairs, and when you choose to repair at Carlcare you’re covered by warranty for a period (should the issue reoccur), unlike with other external repair options.


However, given that itel hasn't been around for very long in Kenya, some people might have worried.

But at Carlcare we affirm the reliability of itel phones and any itel phone model you get will allay any worries you may have in this regard.


With all the aforementioned. Without a doubt, if you are seeking a dependable and high-quality smartphone.

Considering itel as one of the many product brands available is a good choice for you.

More so, it is presently one of the most popular brands in Kenya, particularly for trustworthy and reasonably priced phones.

This piece for sure gets you familiar with the newest itel smartphones and their costs in Kenya.

Throughout the year, itel launches new phones. This means that no matter if you're seeking a low-cost phone or a high-end smartphone with loads of features, you'll surely find a model to make do with.