How to Check CRB Status on Phone in Kenya

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It's never anyone's desire to be a debtor, but it's never a crime if it's the only way left to be progressive in life. But do you know how to secure a high chance of getting 'effective' loans in Kenya? Do you seek to identify why they declined your last loan? Do you care about how to get a loan successfully after several failed attempts? It's no other way than to have a good credit score, and you can do that by learning how to check CRB status on your phone in Kenya.

How to Check CRB Status on Phone in Kenya

How to Check CRB Status on Phone in Kenya

Checking your credit information on your phone in Kenya is made easy, as you can either check it via your web browser, the respective mobile app of the CRB company, or by dialing USSD codes. Also, retrieving your credit score is somewhat free at the primary level, but you may have to pay a fee to access the core information and clearance.

Before checking your CRB status in Kenya, you need to register on at least one of the CRB bodies licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya. As there are several creditors, employers, and money lending institutions across the country, it's, however, advisable and required that you register on all the three CRB companies because you never know which of the companies your creditor will send your credit information.


Also, if requested by your creditor, you may have to present your CRB Clearance Certificate, which you can get only after clearing yourself from all three companies. That said, here’s how to check CRB status on phone in Kenya.

1.  Check your CRB status with Metropol CRB.

Metropol is one of the popular ways of checking their CRB status on phone, as it makes the process a lot easier. With it, you can access your credit data via the Metropol website, by downloading the Metropol Crystobol app, or just by dialing 433 (*433#)

The process is straightforward if you're using the Metropol Crystobel app. Just follow the on-screen guides to get your CRB status.

Meanwhile, if you don’t want to install their app on your phone, you can use their web app instead of visiting the Metropol website - This also doesn’t need any technical know-how, as you only need to enter your details on the registration page and follow the preceding guides to get what you want.

Lastly, Metropol CRB provides a simplified option to check your credit score offline through a USSD code on your phone. Here's how it works:

  • First, you’ve got to pay KSh. 50 to their Paybill Number 220388, using your National ID number in place of 'Account Number'.
  • After that, you’ll receive an SMS message containing your unique PIN details, a reference number, and a unique link
  • Follow the link to receive your CRB status.
2.  Check your credit status with TransUnion.

TransUnion Nipashe also makes it easy to get your accurate, updated credit information in real-time by going through just four steps. Here's how:

  • Open the Messaging app on your phone and text your full name to 21272
  • Continue your registration by paying a one-off payment of KSh 50 to their paybill number: 212121
  • Use your National ID number as the account number
  • On confirming the transactions, you can then request your credit status and get the required information in seconds.

It’s as simple as that. Meanwhile, you can also get your CRB status online by using the TransUnion Nipashe app ( It’s more fluid, interactive, and faster if you don't want to go through the stress of sending texts and others. Simply install the app on your phone from the Play Store (Android users only) to get what you want.

And besides getting your TransUnion credit score, you may also request a clearance certificate or credit report if your employer or creditor requires it. You’ll need to pay a KSh 2200 fee in the process.

3.  Get your CRB status with CreditInfo CRB

Checking your credit status with CreditInfo is pretty straightforward. All you need is to visit their website online and fill out the Credit Report Application form.

Here’s how:

  • Visit the CreditInfo official website (
  • Choose between personal or company credit report application
  • Fill out and submit the report to receive your CRB status.

If you need a clearance certificate, as requested by a financial institution, job application, or tender process, you can get it on the same website. CreditInfo will issue you a Clearance Certificate if your credit report is positive, or a Credit Status Certificate if your credit report is negative.

How to clear your CRB status in Kenya

Clearing your status with a credit reference bureau in Kenya is kinda easy after you’ve checked your credit status. If not, ensure you do that first by using the means mentioned earlier.

If you have a negative report and need clearance to achieve your aim, seek the creditor or financial institution that reported you to CRB by paying KSh 50.  After that, you can now contact the creditor to clear the issue by paying back your defaulted loan or making them realize they've blacklisted you wrongfully if you're sure you don't owe them any penny.

Once the creditor has cleared you, they will process your clearance certificate. Send the certificate to a CRB credited company via email for the final clearance.

Need further inquiries? Contact the three CRB credited companies!

Conclusively, it's worth mentioning that your name may show up on a CRB even if you've never defaulted on any creditor. Sometimes, it may result from tax evasion, late loan payment, or other mistakes. Whatever the case, chances are you'll get cleared faster if you get in touch with the CRB Company that listed your name.

In the light of this, you can contact the three Credit Reference Bureaus accredited by the Central Bank of Kenya in the following means.

Contact TransUnion CRB
  • Phone Numbers: +254 768262495, +254 768617074, +254 768253748, +254 706565285
  • Email:
  • Website:
Contact Metropol CRB
  • Phone Numbers: +254709 834 000 / +254730884000
  • Email:
  • Website:
Contact CreditInfo Kenya
  • Phone Number: +254709593000
  • Email:
  • Website: www.

That’s how to check CRB status on phone in Kenya. We hope you’re able to get your clearance certificate without going through unneeded stress.