How to Open Bin File on Android

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One of the file formats that may be difficult to open on your smartphone is the Bin file format. Most times, people face these challenges because of little or no knowledge about the definition of bin files, how they work, how to open them, and how to use them.

It's thus discouraging to be unable to open a file despite the resources (material and immaterial) used in downloading it. But, don’t worry; sticking to this article will help you know what a bin file means, how it works, and how to open bin files on Android devices.

How to Open Bin File on Android

What Is a .Bin File?

The key distinguishing feature in knowing a bin file format is the .bin suffix that comes at the end of the filename, which shows the kind of file extensions it is. Bin files are used to encode text in numeric formats, and it deals with binaries—numbers below 2, which are 0 and 1. In the real sense, a bin file is the shorter version of writing binary file formats.

Initially, viewing binary formats is not supported by Android devices, so far they’re not part of Android executable commands. They’re set executable commands for the computer. The obsolete use of bin files these days hasn’t been a reason for it to go into extinction, and yes, they’re still useful when you need to access files on your computer system. Given that, bin files have certain ways they can be safely opened, even on Android, despite the low usage of the file format.

While planning to run files downloaded online on your devices, especially computers, knowing the danger of running them is necessary. Some of the executable commands may contain threats and viruses, and one needs to understand the kind of file formats they are before trying to open them.

How to Open Bin File on Android

Like every other person, anyone can download any file format of his/her choice on the internet to serve a need or purpose, as the file is just a general name. However, that's never the ultimate guarantee that they'll be able to open the file format conveniently.

There are two ways how to open bin files on Android devices. The first is opening it as text via your File Manager app, while the other is to open it with apps that can view and edit text files, such as HTML Viewer, Bin Editor, ISO Converter and Extractor, etc.

Opening bin file in the Android File Manager

To open it as a text, you need to follow the following steps:

Double click the Android phone screen or tap the power button to unlock it

  • From your home screen, tap the app drawer or start button to view your apps.
  • Scroll to the File Manager icon, and click it to access all storage folders.
  • Locate the .bin file you want to open out of the file extensions you have.
  • Click on the file to see if it opens.
  • If not, long-press the file, then click the three dots usually at the right corner.
  • From the options there, select open as text.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully opened the bin file on your Android device. However, if your File Manager app doesn't support opening bin files natively, you can install a third-party file browser app like MiXplorer, or a text viewer app like Note Editor from the Google Play Store to open the bin file.

Opening bin file from Settings

Another option is to open it in settings. You can do that by following the following steps:

  • Open your phone
  • Click the App drawer as the case may be.
  • Scroll to you see the Settings app icon and click it.
  • Scroll down till you get to Storage,
  • Click the storage label and locate the file either on phone storage or the removable storage device icon to view its contents.
  • Long press the file and click the three dots - usually at the right corner which signifies options and select open as text.

Kudos to you as you've successfully opened your bin file format

Programs for Viewing and Editing Bin Files

In case there are reasons to open it to edit the bin file on your android devices when there’s an urgent need to do that, you can open the bin file with some programs, which is a means of boycotting the lengthy process.

You can use the following applications:

  • Bin Editor
  • ISO Converter and Extractor
  • Bin Opener/Viewers/Readers


Procedures for Downloading Programs for Viewing Bin Files

You can download the programs by following the procedures below.

1.   Bin Editor

Bin Editors don’t come as a system application. You have to download them on your device. To do this,

  • Open Google Play Store app on your device.
  • Click the search button and search for Bin Editors,
  • Click the download button to download the Bin Editor of your choice.
2.   ISO Converters and Extractors

To download ISO Converters or File Extractors, follow the following procedures:

  • Open Google Play Store app on your device
  • Click the search button and search for ISO Converters or search for File Extractors,
  • Click the download button to download the ISO Converter or File Extractor of your choice.
3.   Bin Opener/Viewers/Readers

Some of these Bin Openers, Viewers, or Readers, as the developers may call them, are based on preference, but it’s usually the same thing serving the same functions. You can follow these procedures to download any of them.

  • Open Google Play Store app on your device
  • Click the search button and search for Bin Opener, Bin Viewer, or Bin Reader to find suggestions.
  • Click the download button to download the Bin Opener of your choice.
Final Thoughts

You can open and access all files on your phone – including bin files – by following an explanatory article that addresses opening bin files in a few minutes without waiting for any other person. You should never struggle opening bin files again, as this article shows straightforward procedures to open bin file formats on your phone.

Note that while downloading online or copying a file, treat them with caution because they may contain viruses that are dangerous to your devices. Also, if the file seems not to be opening, it might have been corrupted. Try to download the file again.