Phone Battery Doubling Techniques

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Phone battery doubling techniques are one of many tech proofs helpful in recent times. If you are a new Smartphone user, battery doubling enables a consistent experience. And if you work on the phone all day, it increases your productivity.

While a doubled battery is considered timely, the process may be hard to figure out. But as long as you are on this page, you will learn the basics.

Phone Battery Doubling Techniques

Can I Double My Phone Battery?

This is an important question for most Smartphone users, and the answer is yes, you can double your phone battery.

Occasionally, battery replacement becomes essential for phones that do not function efficiently, mainly when used over time. Using phone battery doubling techniques also goes a long way in helping frequent gamers and those who run business services on phones.

Phone batteries, however, have specific energy capacities and may be needless to apply doubling techniques. The constant rate helps safeguard against potential hardware damage or malfunctions in software operations. But as your phone ages, you may be left with little or no choice than doubling the battery to improve its lifespan.

While some third-parties software apps extend battery lifetime, they may not be completely reliable unless tested over time. Instead, you can try other techniques different from using apps to limit running software services. These may be temporary but can as well be effective.

However, here are a few techniques that stand the test of time in doubling phone batteries.

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Techniques to Double Phone Batteries

If you have taken the time to read this article far, you will learn nothing less than complete phone battery-doubling techniques. The listed procedures will technically assist you in extending the battery's operations beyond the default.

Method 1: Replace battery mAh.

Do you know what a milliampere-hour (mAh) is? If you do, it is the first phone battery-doubling technique you can try. Milliampere-hour describes the energy charge present in batteries. And it determines how long your battery lasts after charging. 

When batteries are used over time and subjected to long charging cycles, they weaken and become incapable of multi-software tasks. As such, the question of 'can I put a higher mAh battery in my phone?' will arise.

However, as simple as changing a phone's battery may appear, replacing them with a higher mAh may be more difficult than expected. For safety, it is improper to remove a phone battery if you do not understand how it works. Some mobile battery terminal specifications support replacing phones with higher mAh, and some do not. Also, higher mAh in unsupported devices can cause internal damage.

Always consult an experienced phone technician before fixing a higher mAh battery in your device.

Method 2: Use portable chargers/power banks.

Portable chargers, also known as power banks, are reusable battery chargers that do not require cable plugs into wall sockets. These battery banks can charge your mobile device while on the go and are typical for phone battery-doubling techniques.

Power banks are helpful for how to charge non-removable battery externally; it helps in doubling and upward charge of batteries. The device functions similarly to USB cables and comes in various types and capacities for different phone batteries.

You can select wired or wireless power banks to extend your battery lifespan. The options of portable power banks having sizable battery capacities, such as 10,000 mAh, and those higher are also handy for batteries.

Method 3: Use fast chargers with high watts

Fast chargers are chargers with increased watts, often different from the default cables found in electronic stores. They are modern technology tools involving USB cable accessories to improve the battery rate. The fast-charging items work mostly well for dual-battery phones and double the battery rate when charged.

However, these chargers do not support all batteries, particularly those in older phones. Its compatibility frequently depends on phone manufacturers' standards. But at any rate, as long as your phone supports fast charging, it is a safe gadget for doubling battery life. 

Method 4: Read battery review and phone specifications

The two common types of batteries found in Smartphones are lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Lithium Polymer (Li-po). These batteries have different specifications and modifications to prevent damage or electric shocks.

Lithium batteries can be harmful when mishandled, and they require extra caution. At times, you can also find their safety instructions clearly stated to explain the method of use.

Besides battery types, phone battery doubling techniques may also depend on built-in chipsets. Some phone chipsets may overheat through altered batteries and result in internal damage. Hence, read battery reviews and specifications for every technique before proceeding.

Can I Run My Phone Without Batteries?

One of the questions people often tend to ask aside from doubling batteries is whether phones can function without batteries. Yes, it is possible for various phones, just like PCs. It is another way of doubling phone batteries through battery bypass circuits. But it does not work for every phone.

Today's Smartphones include built-in batteries, making it unnecessary for most manufacturers to design a process for running them without batteries. Some of these methods involve how to trick a phone into thinking it has a battery. That is, you can use the phone without batteries when plugged in. Or continue to use power directly from sockets without removing your battery.

However, running a phone without a battery depends on the phone type. You can look for updates or guides from your phone manufacturer to verify if such a process is available.


The techniques listed above explain how to double a phone's battery status. These, however, do not rule out other methods of preserving battery while using phones. You can lower your screen light or hibernate unused apps. It works and will also go a long way in doubling your phone battery.

In addition, every phone battery has specifications that guide its operation and usage. The phone battery doubling techniques highlighted require both hardware and software support. However, it is not entirely far from achievable. Doubling phone batteries is often dependent on how well you manage the process.