Where Can I Fix My TECNO Phone

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TECNO is one of the fastest-growing Transsion Holdings mobile phone brands in Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. TECNO mobile phones are high-performance devices that run on Android OS. They have powerful processors and high-quality cameras. Some of the latest TECNO phones include Camon 19 and POVA 5G Plus phones.

Worse, these amateur technicians can replace a part of your original TECNO phone with a fake one. This means you'll have to spend more time and money repairing your TECNO phone. If you don't want to go through this unpleasant experience, keep reading.

Where Can I Fix My Tecno Phone

Where Can I Fix My TECNO Phone? Solution

If you are looking for a place to repair your TECNO phone in Nairobi, Kenya, look no further than Carlcare. We are the most reliable place to get all your TECNO phone repairs and services done. We deal with three phone brands: TECNO, itel, and Infinix.  Our expert technicians can handle any kind of problem that you might be facing with your device. All you need to do is book phone repair service with Carlcare service centers in Kenya or you can visit us in person.

At Carlcare, we have a team of experts working at our repair center who are highly skilled in handling different kinds of problems that can occur with TECNO smartphones like yours. They will analyze your device carefully before starting with the repairs so that they can provide you with the best possible solution according to your needs and budget constraints.

Our service centers are located across major cities in Kenya where we offer reliable services at affordable prices. You are sure to get value for money every time you visit us for any kind of service or repair work on your itel, Infinix, and TECNO smartphones.

We know that your TECNO phone is precious to you. It's not just a means of communication. It's an extension of your personality and your style. We believe that there is no substitute for quality workmanship when it comes to keeping your phone running smoothly and looking good. That's why we only use original parts on all our repairs. Whether it's a simple screen repair, a faulty sim tray, or a complex motherboard replacement, we'll get it done right away at a fair price.

Common TECNO Phones Problems Carlcare Can Fix

  • Damaged charging port

This is one of the most common issues with TECNO phones. It occurs when a charging cable is damaged or broken so that it cannot be used to charge your phone.

  • Loudspeaker not working 

The loudspeaker may be damaged or broken and will need replacing if it doesn’t work anymore after being dropped or getting wet.

  • Broken display glass (LCD)

The display glass (LCD) is what allows us to see what’s happening on our phones and interact with them. The LCD can break due to physical damage caused by dropping your phone or from impact with another object.

A broken display glass will make it difficult to use your phone because you won’t be able to see anything on the screen. It will also affect how well the touchscreen responds to your touch commands.

  • Broken charging port

Another common problem with TECNO phones is when the charging port becomes damaged. This makes it difficult to charge your phone.

  • No sound from the earpiece

If your TECNO phone’s earpiece does not produce sound when using the phone, then there is a problem with its speaker.

  • Overheating issues

Overheating can be caused by many factors such as high temperature or humidity in your environment, too much heat inside your phone’s case, or other reasons like using apps that require a lot of resources from your phone’s processor or graphics card.

  • Water damage

Water damage is a common cause of phone failure. If your phone has been dropped in the toilet, sink, or bathtub, do not turn it on. The right thing to do is remove your sim cards and book a phone repair with Carlcare.

How Do You Book a Phone Repair With Carlcare?

If you have a problem with your TECNO phone, do not take it to any ordinary repair services because they may not have the necessary experience or tools. You may want a screen replacement, but after these inexperienced technicians handle your phone, your speakers may begin to malfunction.


It is easy to schedule a phone repair with Carlcare. Simply follow the steps below:

Method 1

  • Download and install the Carlcare app from the Google Play store.
  • Choose "Enjoy Priority Service" from the homepage.
  • Select "Make a Reservation."
  • Complete and submit the repair reservation form correctly.
  • Select "My Order" and take a screenshot of the next page. You will need the screenshot to confirm your appointment.

Method 2

  • Visit our repair reservation page.
  • Fill out and submit the form
  • Take a screenshot of the reservation ticket or write it on a piece of paper and keep it safe; bring it with you to the repair center.


The future of TECNO phones in Kenya is bright, given the company's commitment to making affordable smartphones affordable for as many people as possible  At Carlcare we provide repair services for these TECNO phones, especially for faulty display screens, touch screen replacement charging ports, dual sim slots, battery replacement, and general hardware repairs. Our staff is highly professional and we guarantee quality workmanship at an affordable price in Kenya.