Join Our #LifeWithPhone Event On Instagram To Win Giveaway Gifts

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Guess what? It’s another time of the year to win cool gifts for yourself from Carlcare! All you’ve got to do is participate in a short, simple task and stand a chance to win high-quality accessories, discount coupons for phone repair services, airtime, and many more.

With Carlcare’s #LifeWithPhone event, we’ve finally opened the door for you to win amazing gift prices by sharing the story of your smartphone with everyone on Instagram.

Your #LifeWithPhone experience could be what inspired you to buy the phone and how far you’ve gone with it – how pleased you are with the phone so far.

What’s the easiest way to win amazing gifts for yourself than sharing your experience with what you use every day?

Get on board and take part now: this could be your chance!

 lifewithphone event

How to participate?

You use Instagram, right? #LifeWithPhone is going to be an effortless task for you.

All you need to join this monumental event/contest is to take an Instagram-ready picture of a desk containing your phone with Carlcare Logo, then caption and share it with your #LifeWithPhone experience on your Instagram page.

One more thing, you need to showcase the designated Carlcare logo picture on your phone while taking the picture. And also, tag us (@Carlcare_Service) on Instagram to make your entry count.

Here are the proper steps to participate in the ongoing Carlcare #LifeWithPhone event on Instagram:

  • Save the following picture on your phone.

 carlcare logo

  • Place your phone on a desk and ensure the picture with Carlcare’s logo is visible, then take an Instagram-ready picture.


  • Share the picture on your Instagram page and tag @carlcare_service, captioning the post with your #LifeWithPhone experience as shown in the picture above.

What are the giveaway gifts, and how do you win?

As said earlier, the range of engagement on your Instagram post would determine what reward you'll win in this event. Having more likes and comments on your #LifeWithPhone post increases your chance of being the grand winner. Nonetheless, there are three prizes for the top fifteen participants.

Note: The event will run between 5 August and 23 August 2021. 

Would you be among those who take the 3rd Prize, 2nd Prize, or the 1st Prize? Here’s what you’ll win:


Engagement on Post

No of winners


First Prize

Top 5 Likes & Comments on Post


Speaker, Earphone & Warranty Card

Second Prize

Top 6-10 Likes & Comments on Post


Carlcare Phone Repair Discount Coupon

Third Price

Top 11-15 Likes & Comments on Post




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