Take Carlcare survey To get a chance for winning 500MB of mobile data

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How much do you know about Carlcare? Do you wish our repair services were more affordable? Are there ways we can serve you better? Answer these questions and more to stand a chance of winning 500MB of mobile data for yourself! Following the last contest on our various platforms, we’re also opening a new window to let you win a cool gift for participating in a simple task!

The survey contains a series of nine (9) simple questions to know how familiar you are with our services and how we can improve them for you. During this course, we’ll select 100 people randomly to get 500MB of cellular data for taking the survey.  

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 carlcare survey

Why we take this survey?

To strengthen the points said above, we're putting out this survey to help us serve your better. We hope to have a better understanding of our customers' needs to improve our customer services.

Moreover, hearing your demands will help us enforce more strength on bettering and improving our services towards your needs rather than creating systems that don't work for you.

Over the past years, we’ve introduced several features and services such as the Online Repair Reservation, Mobile Recharge, Price Checker, Repair Status Checker, Service Centres Location Finder, Extended Warranty Service, Free Screen Replacement, Screen Protection Service, and more.

In the same way, taking this survey will help us know which of these services works for you and how we can improve and add to them based on your demands.

Note: Though the survey contains some personal information like your country, phone number, and age, please keep in mind that the data we're collecting from you is to improve our services and make it less stressful for you. We care so much about your privacy and the security of your personal information.

Do you know about Carlcare? This is who we are:

We started Carlcare in 2013, aiming to provide repair services that can help people enjoy their devices after damaging them.

It frustrates you to get your phone screen cracked or notice some functions malfunctioning on it. But it's more infuriating to get it tinkered by an unskilled technician, who would end up rendering your phone useless for life.

How about getting your devices repaired by a skilled technician who has fierce experience with the particular gadget, uses original spare parts and modern repair equipment? Someone who does the job flawlessly within an optimal amount of time and charges at a pocket-friendly rate? These, and other features, are what explains what we're all about.

Officially, we provide after-sales and customer services for TECNO, Infinix, itel, Syinix, and Oraimo brands at the global level.

With our services and centres chain expanding beyond 50+ nations round the clock, we have 7+ repair factories and more than 2300 active service centres tailored to provide professional, secured, reliable, and pocket-friendly repair services for you.

Though we're popularly known as the official service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel mobile phone users, our services didn't stop there. We're also experts in Home Appliances Repair, AC Installation, Cleaning and Repair, and many more.

If you’ve got any problem with your device/gadgets or need customer support, all you need is to book a reservation service with us. You can also reach us through our free customer support line or Live Chat.

Have you taken the survey yet? Kindly do so now to be among the 100 lucky people to get a 500MB worth of mobile data. You can also share this survey with your friends who know or doesn’t know about Carlcare.

We hope to continue making our service more robust, fast, affordable, reliable, and well-tailored for you. Thanks for always being there for us.