Dealing with a Broken Phone Screen? The Repair Hacks to Fix the Cracks.

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From dents to cracks, having a broken phone screen can leave you heartbroken and make your device less attractive. Most times, the breaks could result from an accidental fall or maybe improper handling by a third party. But whether it occurs deliberately or not, it is never too bad to repair your damaged screen even when you have no clue or are incapable of fixing the damages.

Dealing with a Broken Phone Screen? The Repair Hacks to Fix the Cracks.

Can You Repair a Broken Phone Screen with DIY?

Fixing a broken phone screen with simple DIY techniques or tools is practical and doable. But the repair success rate is often relative to how badly the screen has shattered.

If you've left your phone in a hot environment, which resulted in minor cracks when pressed with heavy material, you can perform a quick DIY fix at home to restore the screen to normal like the damage never occurred. Similarly, you can apply simple hacks to fix a cracked phone screen protector caused by a slight fall. As long as you don't have a blue or completely shattered screen, you don't always have to leave the comfort of your home for repair.

But you might need additional hands-on tools if you have a broken screen that requires a basic fix rather than a complex repair procedure. Some of these tools and trials may include the steps below, which will not stress you back and forth.

Rub the Phone Screen with Toothpaste.

Toothpaste is within reach; easy to get and a familiar repair tool for slightly broken screens at home. With just a few rubs, you can erase cracked points on the screen glass that can slip into your nail crevices.

While the average volume of fluid required for rubs is somewhat unknown, applying toothpaste carefully on phone screens is handy for repairing damages. You can also make do with our additional tips for fixing cracked screens with toothpaste to lessen the cracks.

Use Packing Tape.

Packing tapes are typical repair tools for cracked or broken screens, just like you use them to bind damaged electric cables. The adhesive-filled material comes as easy-to-get equipment if you don't have the budget for screen replacement. Even so, you can easily apply it as a DIY through these simple hacks to keep your hands free on-screen and prevent further cracks.

  1. Get packing tape and scissors - for cutting and trimming.
  2. Clean the broken screen with alcohol to remove debris or dirt. And allow the screen crack to dry from moisture.
  3. Apply the tape to the phone screen in layers, covering every edge.
  4. Cut extra tape on the speaker port and camera cutout to avoid muffled sounds and blurry selfies.
  5. Keep the tape on the screen and use it carefully until you want to remove it.

Remove and Replace Screen Protector.

Screen glasses help to protect your phone from scratches or falls. And most times, the underlying part - LCDs/AMOLEDs/OLEDs - does not get damaged even when the screen glass shatters from a heavy fall.

If you are looking for ways to fix a cracked screen and are sure the underlying part is okay, replacing the protector is considerable. Although removing the glass may not work in some scenarios, you can get lucky and find out that it's just what your phone needs.


Repair Tips for Replacing Broken Phone Screens.

Cracking your phone screen may not be a big deal, but there are limits to the what-to-dos effects without exploring other options. If you have a broken screen, these lasting repair hacks will help you piece it back together and toss the cracks in the bin.

1. Assess the Level of Damage.

Broken screens can be minor and may or may not require excess cash for repairs. Assessing the level of damages incurred on your mobile phone helps you determine if it's a DIY and establish the need for replacement. Or even prepare you ahead of negotiations at a repair shop.

2. Use your Insurance.

Have an insurance service from your device's manufacturer that covers broken screens? It is one of the easiest and cost-free ways to repair your device.

With phone insurance, you can replace a new screen for free if your phone is still under warranty. Although not for all devices, Carlcare offers insurance services for eligible TECNO, Infinix, and itel users' screen repair. You can visit our store and leverage the service for your repair.

3. Trade-In Your Old Device.

Phone screens can be expensive and higher than what you can afford when they get broken. For instance, some kinds like AMOLED or OLEDs in recent smartphones are super durable and somewhat costly. So you might expect a possible budget rise when your phone screen gets broken.

However, knowing that a phone's screen is expensive doesn't necessitate tossing your device in the bin or searching for a new phone. You can trade your unused old phone with sellable features and use the returns to repair your broken screen.

The trade-in works as a means of exchange through phone4swap or phone4cash. One such one-stop shop is the Carlcare trade-in service which offers you cash or similar compensation for your device. As such, you can swiftly raise funds and repair your screen.

4. Shop for Quality Screen Replacement.

If you've had to deal with screen replacement at frequent intervals, one of the repair hacks to tick on your to-do list is shopping for a quality screen.

Buying screens to replace old ones can be easy, but finding durable types that will outlive the device is not always simple. Low-quality screens are often easy to get and can break off from a slight slip or fall, returning your phone to an awful state, but it is the opposite for high-quality screens.

When fixing your cell phone, ensure you patronize technicians or stores offering quality screens with similar item descriptions to the broken screen. You can also opt for your mobile device manufacturer outlets or after-sales services stores to make a purchase and get recommendations. This will help you do and save more for your screen repair.

5. Consult After-Sales Services Technician.

Phone technicians can help with faulty devices, but contacting your official service center for repairs is a plus. Aside from the professional repair services offered, engaging the services of an after-sales repairer is equivalent to getting lasting repairs. And, it is cheaper in terms of fees than random stores.

Carlcare is the official after-sales service center for TECNO, Infinix, and itel mobile brands. If you're a user - you can locate one of our phone repair shops nearby to fix a broken phone screen. Plus, if your device is under warranty, you can leverage the in-house repair perks, including discounts to repair your device.