How to Access Phone with Broken Screen

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If you're reading this article hoping to learn how to access phone with broken screen, then you're on the right page. The accidental chattering of the screen isn't unpopular among smartphone users, and it's what you can fix easily with the help of a technician. However, if you don’t want to replace your broken phone screen right away due to some reasons, we'll show you how to access a phone with a broken screen, and you'll be able to copy your files and sustain yourself in the meantime.

Let’s get started with some possible scenarios of broken screens and how you can access your files from them.

 how to access phone with broken screen

When the broken screen responds to touches and the display is somewhat visible

  • Access your files from a PC
  • Cast your screen to a PC

Now that both the touch panel and display are baked together, chances are they'd still work fine after smashing your phone. So, if the screen is still visible (to some extent) and you can control it with the touchscreen, the best you can do is to copy your files to your computer. You may then decide on what to do with the broken screen later.

If you’re to copy/transfer the files to your computer, all you’d need is your USB cable and nothing else. Here’s how.

  1. Unlock your phone and get your PC ready.
  2. Now, use the USB cable to connect your phone with the computer as usual.
  3. Open the new USB connection notification on your phone.
  4. Tap “File Transfer” or “MTP” from the options to allow your PC access to your storage.
  5. Finally, you can access and copy all your files to the PC using File Explorer or any other program of your choice.

Besides that, you can cast your Android phone screen to a Windows 10 computer. Doing so allows you to view your phone screen from the PC.

  1. Turn on WiFi on your Windows 10 PC, then launch the Connect Make sure it says “Your device is ready to connect”
  2. Turn on WiFi on your Android phone, then go to
  3. Tap Connected devices, then select
  4. Click the 3-dot menu in the top-right, then select “Enable wireless display”
  5. Wait for a few seconds to search for your PC.
  6. Once found, tap the available device to cast your phone screen to the PC.

That's how to access phone with broken screen if the contents are showing on the display and still responding to touches. Meanwhile, you may want to connect your device to a wired mouse for smoother control. You'll find that in the section below.

When the screen is visible but not responding to touches

  • Use a wired mouse over USB OTG
  • Copy your files to the PC

Perhaps the worst scenario of smashing a phone screen is when you can see everything on the display, but the touchscreen is not functioning. It gets frustrating to the extent that you may be able to see incoming calls, but you cannot answer them. You will see new text messages, but you won't have the opportunity to reply to them since your touchscreen is not working.

If you're in such a situation, accessing your phone should be a bit easier since you can see your phone's screen. All you'll need is a wired mouse and a USB OTG to connect it with your phone.

In case you're not familiar with what an OTG does, it's an extra accessory that helps connect your phone with wired external devices, such as a wired printer, keyboard, mouse, storage drive and more. However, not every smartphone supports it. So, you may need to check your phone specs first to see if you're good to go.

Ready? Here’s how to access phone with broken screen using a wired mouse over USB OTG:

  1. Get a good wired mouse and a USB OTG, then attach them.
  2. Turn on your phone screen with the power button, then connect the end of the OTG to the USB port on your phone.
  3. If it’s working, you should see a track pad on your phone.
  4. Unlock your phone with the fingerprint or face lock, if available. If not, use the mouse to enter your password/pin/pattern.  
  5. After unlocking your phone, you can do whatever you want to do using the mouse.

Now that your touchscreen is working (at least with a mouse), you can transfer your files to a PC, a microSD card, or another Android phone using these best file sharing apps.

Meanwhile, if what you're looking for is how to access internal storage on a broken phone from a PC, then you'll need a USB Hub instead of a single USB OTG.

With a USB Hub, you can connect two or more external devices to your phone simultaneously. And here, you can attach the wired mouse and another USB to your computer. Here's how to access your broken phone from PC:

  1. Get a USB Hub
  2. Unlock your phone using any working method.
  3. Connect the Hub to your phone, the wired mouse, and then your computer.
  4. Once connected, you should see a new notification on your phone, telling you what the USB is doing with your phone.
  5. Click on the notification using the mouse, then select “File Transfer” from the options.
  6. If things work out well, your phone storage will show on the computer. And from there, you can copy all the essential ones.

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What if your phone is broken with a completely black screen, and it's not responding to touch? Well, you can refer to that as the worst-case scenario of a broken phone screen. Here's where it becomes complicated to access the phone or even copy your files.

However, some things you can try include getting a USB Hub with HDMI and other USB support, then use it to connect your phone to a TV, a mouse, and your computer or external drive. While that works sometimes, the main issue here is it doesn't work with most phones. Many people reported that some devices (TV, mouse, and computer) fail to detect the phone afterward, resulting in a waste of money for purchasing the add-ons.  

After all, none of these solutions on how to access phone with broken screen would make your phone usable like a typical smartphone, or more appropriately: a handset. You obviously don't want to carry around a wired mouse to make calls, send texts, or even use social media.

So, what should you do when nothing else works? That's when you should think of repairing your broken phone screen instead of passing through such stress. In most cases, replacing your phone screen is more reasonable and affordable than buying a new phone. More so, fixing your broken screen help you regain access to your files and the entire device with no stress.

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