How to Clean Your Phone Screen

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Every smartphone user takes their phone along with them wherever they go. Dirt is not far-fetched from your phone screen, even when it is left at home all day. There are safe ways on how to clean your phone screen if you have got an unwanted stain on it.

You touch your phone screen more than any other part of your phone. During this process, oils and stains from your hand get the phone screen dirty. Besides, there are several ways dust and dirt can find their way to your phone screen.

It’s essential to keep phone screen clean if you’ve got dirt on it. Here, I will share the guides on how to clean phone screen without damaging it.

 how to clean phone screen

How to Clean Mobile Phone touch screen

You might have been doing a quick clean to your phone screen with a trouser or any other towel. But, there are effective techniques you can adopt to avoid getting the screen damaged. Read the guides below to know how to clean your phone screen.

Use a soft fabric.

Get a soft clean fabric, preferably a handkerchief or tissue. Add a little quantity of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to the soft cloth and wipe the face of the screen. Rub the phone screen gently with the soft fabric to get your phone screen cleaned.

The easiest and quickest way to remove dust from screen protector is to use a soft fabric. While you’ve got a dirty phone screen, don’t use a thick cloth to clean the screen. The sanitizer combined with a soft fabric helps to disinfect phone screen.

It’s essential to be careful while cleaning your phone. Follow these tips on how to clean phone screen with hand sanitizer if you’re using a soft fabric.

  1. Switch off your phone to see dirty parts on the screen before cleaning it
  2. Gently apply the soft fabric in circles on the phone screen.
  3. Avoid excess sanitizer on the fabric.
  4. Do not put too much pressure while cleaning the screen.

Remove the screen protector.

If your screen still looks dirty, then there’s dirt hidden under the screen protector. How do you clean the stain beneath the screen protector? Remove the phone screen and wipe it.

A screen protector is used to cover the phone screen. The screen protector shields the phone screen from dirt and scratches. Yet, an unwanted stain can get through your phone screen even if you’re using a screen protector.

How easy can you remove and clean a phone screen guided by a screen protector? These steps highlight how to remove dust from screen protector.

  1. Insert a flat card into the gap at the edge of the screen
  2. Gently pull up the screen protector to remove it.
  3. Use small duct tape if the card isn’t working.
  4. Place the screen protector on a clean table.
  5. Clean the phone screen with a soft fabric

Visit the service center for phone cleaning service.

Besides the simple DIY steps to clean phone screen at home listed above, you can get your phone screen cleaned by phone repair services. If the dirt lingers on your phone screen after using the steps above, consult a phone service. Phone services offer reliable cleaning for the dirty parts on your phone screen.

Carlcare is a reliable after-sales service that offers high-quality mobile repair services. If you’ve got an Infinix, TECNO, are itel phone, visit Carlcare to clean your dirty phone screen. We can help you clean your phone screen the right way, and we offer phone screen cleaning service during our Service Day for TECNO, Infinix, and itel phones.

You can locate a Carlcare center on their official app. The app is available for download on the Google Play store.

Can I use toothpaste to clean my Phone Screen?

You can use toothpaste to clean stained spots and mild cracks on your phone screen. However, most toothpaste is not effective in cleaning phone screens. There are specific toothpaste that gets rid of dirt on a phone screen.

Gently apply the toothpaste to the dirty spot of your phone screen. Rub the toothpaste with a soft fabric and clean it off afterward.

However, do not apply toothpaste on your phone if the screen is cracked. It could cause more harm than good.

After all, keeping your phone from dirty areas and stains best answers your question of “How do I keep my phone screen clean?” Besides, using a phone cover and a screen guard protects your phone screen from unwanted dirt. You must also apply extra caution while cleaning your phone screen to avoid cracks.


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