How to Fix A Phone That is Not Turning On

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There are various repair processes to perform for how to fix a phone that is not turning on. While a blank screen response on your phone can appear strange to you, it could result from minor glitches or severe damage. In the meantime, the step-by-step guides outlined below provide the needed information and what to do.

How to Fix A Phone That is Not Turning On - Carlcare

What Do You Do if Your Phone Won’t Turn On at All?

A long press and hold on the power button without a response on your first attempt can make you want to try harder. However, repeated trials without yielding the desired outcome can lessen your hopes and cause several thoughts to run through your mind.

When this occurs, you can carefully review the last activities on your device and ascertain the cause of the blank screen if the phone won't turn on. You can also check the power button to know if it isn't soft or has malfunctioned or try the steps below;

Plug in Your Device.

One of the quick things to do if your phone won't turn on is to plug it into a charger. The black screen response could have resulted from a weak battery that went off. The situation can even be more prevalent if you have signals of a weak battery or maybe drop your phone for months before charging. However, if you plug in your charger for 30 minutes and the phone does not turn on, use a different charger.

Clean the Phone's Charging Port.

Checking your phone's charging port is a follow-up to step one. Sometimes, your phone that has not turned on may be due to battery issues or a faulty charging port. While the port may not be the absolute remedy for a black screen, it gives you a clue on what to do. You can easily blow air into the phone's port to clean dirt or dust and replug the device. If it doesn't come up, try ejecting the removable battery and retry the process.

Listen for Sounds.

Most times, a phone can be on, but the screen is not visible due to its low dimmed light. One of the ways to confirm your phone's status is by calling the device to listen to sounds when it rings. There could have been a third-party app or software that froze the phone's operation. Incoming calls can break such lags and allow the screen to come up.

Check the LED indicator.

While you have done the above checks, one of the further steps you can take is to assess the LED indicator often around the phone's screen. If you have repeatedly checked and the colored indicator is inactive, you may already have a black screen that will not turn on, no matter how hard you try.

How Do You Fix a Phone That is Black and Won't Turn On?

When your phone goes black and won't turn on, your only choice is to find an external way to fix it while it's turned off. Although this could be stressful and require extra effort, you can take these easy steps for the repair process.

Boot the Phone Into Recovery Mode

Booting your phone to recovery mode can help you start a phone with a black screen and access similar factory settings features. If the screen response is due to a software problem, the recovery mode can allow you to perform a factory reset. Although the methods vary on phones, here is a general technique to get it done.

  1. Press the volume up button and hold the power button at once.
  2. Use the volume button to select the phone recovery mode.
  3. Confirm the prompt on the screen.

Check the Device with a Personal Computer Using a USB Cable.

As long as your phone's software is functional, there are ways you can maneuver your screen to come on with another device. One such is connecting the device to a PC through a USB cable to fix what could have caused the screen blackout.

Some PC software allows you to repair your phone by flashing it before the device can work. These include software like Reinboot for Android, which offers repair checks and means to fix black screens. You can download the exe. or a similar one on your PC to fix your phone with a black screen that won't turn on.

However, you should seek extra hands if you are not a techie or unfamiliar with phones repaired through this process. Doing this will protect your device from repair errors, which could result in permanent damage.

Visit a Repair Shop.

Repair shops are a reliable resort to verify and fix whatever might have caused your device not to turn on. Phone technicians can help you diagnose the problem and offer repair solutions, including battery or screen replacement.

Ordinarily, you may want to fix your phone's faulty screen through learned DIY, but black screen repair could require expert technician hands-on to avoid severe damage. Even so, employing the service of your phone's official service center offers perks you can leverage and adopt for repair.

If your device is a TECNO, Infinix, or itel brand, Carlcare is the official after-sales service center. We provide professional repairs at our service stores if you are looking for how to fix a phone that is not turning on. And you can leverage your device's warranty for other repairs, including a broken screen.


Why Is My Phone Completely Dead and Won't Turn On?

Your phone can be completely dead and won't turn on for different reasons. If you have damaged hardware, including the motherboard or battery, there is no way you will be able to turn the device on. In cases of a software problem, such as corrupted software or malware hijacks, you may have difficulty turning on the device. As such, professional phone technicians can be your next repair point to resolve your quest for how to fix a phone that is not turning on.

How Do You Force Start A Phone?

Force starting your phone is another technique to try before visiting repair shops if you are looking for how to fix a phone that is not turning on. While performing a force restart is not as simple as pressing the restart button, the steps vary for Android devices. And it can also be inadequate as a repair if the phone's screen is due for a replacement.

You can, however, force start your phone by;

  1. Place your finger to press the power button with the volume down button for a few seconds.
  2. Wait until your device logo appears on the screen to release the hold on the buttons.

If you try the method twice and it does not work, it is time to consult your phone technician.