How to Fix Heating Phone

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Like other gadgets, a phone can be warm, but usage becomes as frustrating as holding a hot substance when it overheats. The increase in Android phone temperature depends on many factors that cause the differences in the different methods to fix them. “When you think about how to fix a heating phone, think of the cause. Walking through the other grounds of phone heating, we recommend these methods to fix phone overheating and cool your devices.

How to Fix Heating Phone - Carlcare

Reasons Why Your Phone Is Getting Heat

Beyond the statement “my phone gets hot,” there are many things that we may underestimate. If your phone overheats, you might have done these:

  • Streaming and gaming for more extended period
  • Use the camera outdoors, in an environment with warm temperatures, or for a long time.
  • Use your screen for a more extended period
  • Press your phone while charging
  • Having many applications running in the background
  • Missing an update
  • Use the wrong charger, or your phone has had a charging issue.
  • Use your phone under the sun
  • Used the network for a long, more extended
  • Keeping different network and GPS services (WiFi, Bluetooth, hotspot, mobile network, and location) simultaneously.

Another thing is your Android device might have gotten malware.

How to Fix Heating Phone

Reduce screen brightness

In simple terms, your phone overheats because of the high operation that it is performing. Lowering your screen brightness reduces the phone's work, thus reducing heat. To reduce your screen brightness, do these:

  • Swipe down the top of your phone screen
  • Go to the settings shortcut page,
  • There, you will see the brightness level. Reduce to your desired level.

Update apps and systems.

Updating your applications can fix some bugs that make your phone overheat when you use them. App developers do not update apps because of the new interface alone, and they set some issues that drive the apps to lag and consume more power.

To update your apps,

  • Go to your app store (Google Play store)
  • Tap the image at the right corner, and go to “manage apps & devices.”
  • Tap updates available
  • Tap the update to update the app

To check for updates and update your system,

  • Open the settings app
  • Select “system” option
  • Click system update
  • Check for updates online and update your device if you still need updates.

Declutter your app list.

When your phone overheats sometimes, the app you are currently using is not responsible for it. Some apps run in the background and consume energy. Frequently, close every unused app and remove applications you do not need. By doing this, you reduce the power that a phone consumes per time. To do this,

  • Open the setting app
  • Go to app management
  • Select the one that you do not need and uninstall them.

Close the unused app

An easy way to stop your phone from overheating is to close unused apps frequently. By closing the number of unused apps on your phone, you reduce power and energy consumption, thus saving your battery and phone from overheating. To do this,

  • Open the recent tab,
  • Close all unused apps.

Restrict apps from running in the background.

Reducing the number of apps that work in the background or at startup helps prevent the phone from getting hot in the same way it reduces power consumption. To restrict apps from running in the background, do these:

Background apps as little as they consume energy and cause phones to overheat. To stop background apps, follow these steps:

  • Open settings
  • Tap battery
  • If there is any warning, tap the restrict option
  • If there is no warning, check apps individually
  • Tap on apps that use the most battery life
  • Tap battery
  • Tap background restriction, then restrict

You can also  use battery optimization

Charge your phone rightly

The phone getting heat while charging is regular, though it becomes abnormal when it becomes hot. To reduce heat while charging, do these:

  • Use a manufacturer-approved charger adaptor and charging cable.
  • Place your phone on cool surfaces while setting.
  • Turn off network usage like WiFi, Bluetooth, and mobile data while charging.

Avoid direct contact with sunlight.

Using your Android device when the sun is streaming in or outdoors when the sun shines scorchingly can make your device overheat. Remove your phone from the sun's rays and reduce outdoor usage. Reduce the way you use all camera functions as well.

Use antivirus and junk removal frequently.

With antivirus and junk removal apps, you can remove Android Spyware and malware that can make your phone overheat. By leaking sensitive information, stealing banking details, spying on locations, and working in the background, they drain the battery and make your phone hot. You can look out for antivirus on Google.

Closing network services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hotspots, and phone location when not in use can help avoid phone overheating. To shut unused networks, do this:

  • Swipe down your Android phone from the top
  • Go to the settings shortcut page and check if there's any network on without any use

Close them one after the other.

Phone overheating? How to cool down your phone.

When the mobile phone gets heated, looking for a way of cooling it down is the best option. With this, you will prevent every other damage from the heat accumulated on the device.

Take breaks

Streaming, gaming, and phone usage are excellent, but you can do that quickly. These actions affect the battery and power consumption and make your phone hot. Instead, have break sessions while you press your phone.

Use battery saver mode.

By limiting app and energy consumption on your device, battery saver mode helps you cool down your phone. To use battery saver mode,

  • Open the settings shortcut page and
  • Select battery saver mode and enable it.

Restart your phone

Beyond restarting your device, the ability to start over again, remove cache files, and close all apps reduces energy consumption. To restart your device,

  • Long press the power button
  • Click the Restart option and wait till your device restarts

On Airplane Mode

Putting your device in Airplane mode closes all the networks on your device, drastically cooling your device. By this, all wireless networks which consume energy close. To on the Airplane mode, do this:

  • Swipe down to open the settings shortcut page
  • Click airplane mode.

Note: this will close all network services

Remove your phone case

When your phone emits heat, removing the phone case or pouch cools the phone better. With natural air and other environments around, your phone temperature cools down.

Fan or put the phone on an excellent surface

Putting your phone on an excellent surface and close to a fan decreases temperature. We strongly advise not to put your phone in the refrigerator to cool the temperature.

Ease the pressure on the battery.

Reducing the number of tension on your battery, like high brightness, idle background apps, and pressing while charging, has a way of improving your battery health and fixing the phone's overheating. Doing this means that you:

  • Reduce the brightness level,
  • Avoid pressing and charging
  • Use only needed apps and
  • Close all unused network services.



Can overheating damage your phone?

Yes, overheating can damage phones. Frequent hotness in the phone reduces smooth usage and damages some of the mobile phone hardware components. Screen malfunction, battery damage, faulty charging ports, and damage to the phone motherboard can result from frequent overheating.

How do I know if my phone has been damaged by heat?

When heat damages a phone, it always leaves traces on the familiar affected places. You can know if heat is the cause of the fault that your home detected mainly by observing your phone usage. If you have any of the following after your phone has been overheating frequently, you are possibly experiencing damage caused by heat.

Some of the features of phones damaged by heat are:

  • Cracked screen,
  • Lines appearing on your device screen
  • White or green lines on the screen
  • Slow operating speed
  • Bloated or swollen batteries

Can I fix the heat damage?

Yes, you can.  You can fix all heat damages at professional repair services, usually founded by phone manufacturers. For TECNO, Infinix, and Itel phones, Carlcare offers close-to-factory service that will keep you coming for more. You can also visit mobile phone repair technicians near you.