How to move files from internal storage to SD card on infinix

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Abraham Miller

Moving files from internal storage to SD card is one of the simplest ways to free up storage space and get rid of that stupid "Storage space is running out" Android notification that just won't let you do anything on your phone. While it looks like you've got a vast amount of storage when you just bought your Infinix phone, you can run out of storage space after accumulating some video, pictures, audio, apps, and documents. We'll be guiding you on how to move files from internal storage to an SD card on Infinix phone successfully.

Whether you want to release your internal storage space, transfer the files to other devices, or maybe you want to back up the files for long-term usage, this article will help you do so. Before you start, we guess you've inserted a high-quality SD card into your phone already. If not, do so now. More so, do ensure to check the maximum volume of SD card supported by your phone before buying/inserting it. Now follow the guides below to move files to your SD card.

Using the inbuilt File Manager

Every Infinix phone running on XOS has an inbuilt File Manager app where you can access the contents on your storage. You can also move files from internal storage to SD card on Infinix easily using the File Manager app. Here's how to do that.

  1. Open the File Manager app on your phone.
  2. You'll see some file categories like Audio, Videos, Images, etc., on the home page. Just below the categories, click on All Files.

 file manager

  1. Now click on Internal Storage and locate the folders/files you want to move to the micro SD card.

 internal storage

  1. Long press a folder or file to select it. Now click on other folders/files to select them.
  2. After selecting all, tap Move in the bottom toolbar. Do not hit the back button or you'll have to select the files again.

 move files using file manager

  1. Now look straight to the top-left corner of the screen, then tap All files as shown in the screenshot below.

 paste the files in file manager

  1. Click on your SD card, then find the destination folder. Tap Paste in the bottom toolbar to move the files to the selected folder.

Note: You may need to allow SD card access first. If required, you'll be redirected to where to give permission. Tap USE THIS FOLDER to do so.

On the same note, if you want to move the whole videos, audio, documents, images, etc. on your phone to the SD card, it is easier to do with the categorized section in the File Manager app. Here's how to do that.

  1. Open the File Manager app on your phone.
  2. You'll see some file categories like Audio, Videos, Images, etc. Click any of the categories (eg. Videos). Select all the files you want to move, or tap the topmost checkbox to select all the files.
  3. After that, tap Move below the screen and move it to your preferred destination/folder on the SD card.

Using Phone Master

Phone Master is a pre-installed all-in-one toolbox on your Infinix phone. It features some tools like Junk Files cleaner, Phone cooler, Data manager, App lock, etc. You can move all your videos, audio, images, installation packages, and large file to the SD card at once. It's an easy way to backup those files mentioned at once. Phone Master comes pre-installed on your Infinix phone. You can also get it from the Google Play Store if you don't have it. Follow the steps below to move files to your SD card.

  1. Open Phone Master on your phone
  2. Click Toolbox below the screen, then open File Mover. Now, wait for a few seconds for Phone Master to scan your files.

 move files using phone master

  1. After scanning, tap on the checkbox in front of the categories to select the ones you want to move. If you don't want to move all the files in a section, click on a section and select the files you want to move. You can also preview the files by tapping on them.
  2. After selecting the files, tap MOVE TO SD CARD below the screen. Authorise Phone Master to access your SD card as usual. The transfer process will start after that.

 phone master transfer files

  1. To access the files moved to your SD card, open your File Manager and to All files  > SD card > Phone Master

Moving files from the internal storage to an SD card is the surest way to free up your storage and make your phone feel snappy again. If you're running out of storage space on your Infinix phone, you might not be able to open any app, not even the Phone or Messages app. And you might also miss capturing your exciting moments if you run out of storage space suddenly.

Before you buy an SD card, do ensure to confirm the maximum capacity your phone can take. Buying an incompatible SD card may turn out badly. To get all sorts of high-quality SD cards and other accessories, visit the nearest Carlcare centre to you. We can also guide you on the best SD card choice for your phone.