How Syinix TV Can Transform Your Viewing Experience with Android TV and 4K HD Quality

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Syinix, a global smart home appliance brand and the No 1 Smart TV brand in Kenya, launched its first Smart Android TV on September 15, 2020. Shaped by the brand’s ideology of "Starting Smart Life," Syinix's first Smart Android TV features a frameless display with stunning 4K resolution, Bluetooth 5.0, Dolby 5.1 Perfect Surround Sound, built-in Chromecast support, and seamless Android TV integration.

The brand has since then expanded its horizons in the Smart TV world, bringing on the latest technologies and innovations to its TVs—all at prices that won't break the bank. If you're still confused about if Syinix makes Smart TVs or not, get in touch with us.

How Syinix TV Can Transform Your Viewing Experience with Android TV and 4K HD Quality

Are There Syinix Smart Android TVs?

To get it straight, Syinix makes a lot of smart home appliances, with their televisions being just one of them. And while the brand is prominent for making excellent Smart TVs in Kenya, they have digital TVs as well. So, not all Syinix TVs are “Smart.”

But for the smart ones, here are a few potential reasons that justify Syinix TVs as Smart TVs.

Seamless Android TV integration

Syinix Smart TVs are Android-certified and come with the latest version of Android TV at their time of release. This allows you to enjoy all the features built into Android TVs, including a wide range of streaming services, like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others, without needing to attach any external device or ‘box.’

Meanwhile, you also enjoy the 5000+ popular TV apps on the Google Play Store and over 700,000+ movies and shows on these streaming platforms.

Besides that, smart TVs made by Syinix come with a wide range of features, making it super easy to customize and control your user experience. Such features include the ability to bring on wireless devices, play content with your voice, control other connected smart home devices, and even set alerts and reminders. We'll get to that soon.

Wide range of connectivity options

As part of being ‘smart,’ Syinix Android TVs come with Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and more, making it easy to bring on other devices and get the TV connected to the internet.

With the integrated Bluetooth chip, you can connect your smart TV to a range of external devices like Bluetooth headphones and speakers, keyboard and mouse, game controller, and more for a seamless user experience. Connecting your TV to a Bluetooth Soundbar means you don't have to worry about wires. Isn't it? Now see how cool that is.

Built-in Chromecast and AirPlay

The built-in Chromecast and AirPlay features on Syinix TVs make it easy to stream content from your phone, tablet, or laptop directly to your TV. Whether you're watching a movie on Netflix, a video on YouTube, or listening to music on Spotify, you can use the Chromecast or Airplay feature to send the audio and video to your TV with just a few taps.

One of the great things about the Chromecast and Airplay feature on Syinix TVs is that it allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control. You can pause, play, and skip through content from your device, as well as adjust the volume and switch between apps. And with the ability to stream content from a variety of sources, you'll never run out of things to watch or listen to. Whether you're looking to catch up on the latest TV shows, listen to music, or watch a movie, the Chromecast and Airplay feature on Syinix TVs has you covered.

Advanced processors and graphic chips

Syinix Android TVs are equipped with advanced processors and graphic chips that ensure smooth and seamless performance, even when streaming high-quality video. With advanced network and performance chips, you can stream your favorite movies in 4K Ultra HD quality without glitches or frame drops.

Meanwhile, some of these TVs also come with Personal Video Recorder (PVR)—a TV recording device that stores digital video content into a large internal hard disk drive or USB memory so you can watch them later. PVR on Syinix Smart TVs perfectly blends HDD into the TV, providing easy access to all your saved shows and movies. With it, you can schedule recordings in advance, so you miss no episode of your favorite show.

Life is made easy with Google Assistant and Voice Control

Smart TVs have revolutionized the way we watch television, and with the integration of Google Assistant and voice control, the experience has become even more convenient. No more sifting through menus or trying to remember which button does what on the remote. Simply click the Google Assistant button on your Syinix TV remote, followed by your request, and let the technology do the work for you.

Want to watch your favorite movie or TV show? Just say the name and it will start playing instantly. And if you're not sure what you want to watch, you can ask Google Assistant for recommendations based on your interests and past viewing history. It's like having your TV guide at your fingertips.

But the convenience of Google Assistant and voice control on Smart TVs doesn't stop there. You can also use it to control other smart devices in your home, such as lights and thermostats. And with the ability to connect to your phone, you can even make and receive calls right through your TV. Overall, Google Assistant and voice control on Smart TVs make the viewing experience more seamless and enjoyable.

Latest display technology for a cinematic viewing experience

The latest display technology on Syinix smart TVs provides an unparalleled cinematic viewing experience. With features like 4K resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), and wide color gamut, you'll feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

4K resolution offers four times the resolution of Full HD, resulting in picture-perfect images displayed in detail and high clarity. The extra pixels provide greater image depth and texture, making it perfect for watching movies and TV shows. HDR technology enhances the contrast and color accuracy of the picture, making it more lifelike and vibrant. And the wide color gamut ensures that you see every shade and hue in the spectrum, making for an even more immersive viewing experience.

Overall, the latest display technology on Syinix smart TVs is perfect for movie lovers who want to experience their favorite films in the highest quality possible. Whether you're watching an action-packed blockbuster or a beautiful nature documentary, the combination of 4K resolution, HDR, and a wide color gamut will transport you into the world of the film. So, the Syinix smart TVs are the best choice for the cinematic viewing experience.

Final Thoughts - Is Syinix TV a Smart TV?

Syinix TV is a top choice for those looking for a smart TV that delivers the ultimate viewing experience. With features such as the built-in Chromecast and Airplay, the latest display technology, a wide range of streaming apps, and a frameless stylish design, Syinix TVs have everything you need for an enjoyable and convenient TV experience. Whether you're watching your favorite shows and movies, streaming music, or using your TV as a hub for all of your smart home devices, Syinix has you covered. So, if you want a smart TV that delivers on all fronts, Syinix TV is a great choice.