What Problems Can a Cracked Phone Show

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Abraham Miller

It can be tempting, most times, to keep using your phone when its screen is cracked. You want to complete that battlefield on PUBG, reply to those emails and do other stuff you do with your little pocket machine daily. However, most of these things are riddled with crack screen problems. Meanwhile, have you ever thought you could tackle the popular problems of a cracked phone show and find some remedy to them, pending the time you replace the screen?

Perhaps, you wish you could use the cracked screen for a couple more weeks, but the ugly broken lines just won’t let your eye rest. Right here, we’ll run through the problems a cracked phone screen can show and provide you some reliable tips and tricks to sustain you for the time being.

What problems can a cracked phone show? Are there solutions? Here we go!

The cracks get wider and wider

Having a slight crack on the corner of your screen may look simple at first. But here’s the thing: the cracked area gets wider and wider. Just the stress you put the phone through—pressure from your fingers, pocket, and bags—makes the crack spread all over the screen. Hence, it leads to other problems we’ll mention later in this article, if not taken care of at the right time.

However, can you stop the small crack on your screen from spreading all over? If you don’t want to replace the broken screen right away, all you can do is apply a screen protector to guard the screen.

Though it won’t look perfect (like nothing happened to the screen), but the tempered glass protector would keep the crack at bay.

The cracked screen might just be the easiest way to cut your skin

Like myself, you probably touch your phone screen over two thousand times daily. Isn’t it? Now, another problem a cracked phone can show is that you risk cutting your fingers easily.

When your phone screen gets cracked, its face looks coarse, and in most cases, with sharp glasses. So, if you used to touch your broken phone screen daily like an average user would do, then there’s no way you won’t cause your fingers.

However, there’s a remedy you can try in the meantime as well. To avoid getting injuries from your cracked screen, we also recommend you use a screen protector to keep the surface smooth. Otherwise, you can paste a wide transparent tape on the screen to minimize the sharp broken glass.

The screen malfunctions

The cracks getting wider and the sharp glass cutting your fingers could be a simple problem (at least if you applied a screen protector). However, the biggest and most frustrating problem is when the touchscreen malfunctions. That’s when you start having unnecessary headaches, silly mistakes, and a host of others.

Imagine you were supposed to click the “Accept” button but you end up clicking the “Reject” button on an irreversible offer… that could be the most frustrating mistake of all time for you.

And that’s if it’s a touchscreen problem. What if the screen pixels got worse or some of the display is not showing anything again?

Normally, your screen may work for a few days, weeks, or even months without malfunctioning. But once the cracks get enlarged by pressure, or when elements like moisture, dust, or liquid contact the broken screen, it cannot help but malfunction.

Is there a remedy for that? Well, the best you can do is to get the screen replaced. Once the screen starts malfunctioning, there is no remedy for it at home. However, if the problems are manageable, you may continue using your phone for a while.

Loss of protection

Asides from displaying contents and controlling the device, the screen acts as a shield to protect the internal parts of your phone from elements that could damage it. And once the screen is cracked, it creates holes for destructive elements like water, dust, moisture, and others to damage the internal hardware.

More so, that little or extensive cracks on your phone screen fortifies its IP ratings. When your screen is cracked, it cannot be water or dust-resistant until you replace the screen.

However, as said a couple of times in this article, applying a tempered glass protector or any other thing to cover the screen could protect your phone from damaging.

Eye strain is a disaster

Amidst all, eye strain seems to be that crack phone screen problem you cannot maintain, until you replace the screen. Just like when the screen malfunctions, having the ugly cracked lines on your screen affects your visual experience, as well as causing eye strain, and eventually, eye problems.

The cracked lines make it difficult to read texts on the screen. It can also disrupt your navigation – of course, if the cracks look like a roadmap before, it can be hard to translate directions while navigating.

Any remedy for that? Well, if you can’t read texts under the lines easily, I’d recommend you increase your font size or display size altogether. That would make the fonts look bigger and the texts readable a bit. However, if you’re into navigation and you use the Maps a lot, the only option left is to replace the screen.

What to do when your phone is cracked – just fix it.

While sustaining most of the cracked screen problems requires you to apply a tempered glass screen protector, it’s not always the best idea. In fact, I once did the same. But trust me, it was a horrible experience. So, why delay if your phone screen is cracked? Just visit the official repair center and get it fixed!

From cracked phone screens to broken charging ports, damaged batteries, faulty motherboards, blurry cameras, and others, we can fix them all at Carlcare.

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So, what’s your excuse to keep using a cracked phone screen? Reserve a repair appointment with us today to have back your shining, pleasurable phone screen