How to repair TECNO, Infinix and itel phone for free

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Do you know you can repair your Infinix, TECNO or itel phone for free if the smartphone is within warranty for non-artificial damages? If you never hear about this, then we hope this post will do you favor about how to repair your Infinix, TECNO or itel for free.

Please note the following criteria must be met to repair your Infinix, TECNO or itel for free from Carlcare service center.

  • Your phone is still within warranty 
  • The phone damage is non-artificial. For example, if your phone screen is cracked, this will not be covered under warranty. 

 free in-warranty repair for infinix, tecno and itel

Where To Repair Your Infinix, TECNO, and itel for free.

Carlcare service is the official after-sales service center for TECNO, infnix, and itel devices, and offers a wide range of mouthwatering services. These range from diagnostic phone services, to actual phone repairs. We also have well-trained technicians that have the foolproof expertise, and what it takes to give professional phone repair services. You can make an online reservation through our website or app. Online reservations can be accessed in a few countries for parts of Carlcare service centers. You can find out if these reservations are available around your area from our website.  

How To Locate A Carlcare Service Center.

Carlcare makes it our key objective to have our services brought closer to the people. To locate a Carlcare service center near you,  all you need to do is to go through any of the following mediums:

  • The Carlcare Website:  

Visit our website. Scroll down the page displayed. You will get to the 'Service Center’ option. Click on it, and you will be taken to a page. On the page you will see provisions made for you to select your country, and the town or city you wish to obtain information on. A list of available centers will be displayed when you have typed in the requested information. Click on the nearest service center, and the full address, as well as the official contact for the center will be displayed.

  • The Carlcare app:

The app can be downloaded from your Google or Android play store. Some smartphone brands have the Carlcare app already installed on them. Either way, once you have the app on your phone, open the app by clicking on its icon on your phone screen, and after the various popup messages, switch on your data before you click on the ‘location’ button at the bottom of the screen. This is to enable the app to detect the country you are in. The app will also request that it be granted permission to further trace the specific geographical location of your device. If granted, it will display the service centers around you. If not, it will display all existing service centers located within the country where you are resided. Browse through the list, and click on your preference. The address and contact of the selected service center will be displayed.

How To Check The Warranty For Infinix, TECNO, and Itel.

You can do this on the Carlcare Website using the following steps:

  • Visit Carlcare website
  • Click on the 'check' option.
  • Select the 'warranty check' option.

Please note that the IMEI number for your phone, which isrequested for when checking for warranty can be obtained by dialing *#06#.

Carlcare Online Customer Care Support Channels for Infinix, TECNO, and Itel.

 Carlcare service centers, does not only provide guaranteed phone repair services, but also offer an array of online customer care support Channels for your TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices. These support channels include:

  • Live chats from the website, where user-friendly agents are always available to answer your questions. The live chat offers quick responses, as well as professional solutions.
  • WhatsApp consultation: With +6531292241, quick responses via WhatsApp are available.
  • Social media:  
  • Facebook - Carlcare service.
  • Instagram - Carlcare_services
  • Twitter-  @Carlcare Global
  • Calling services:

These are peculiar to the respective call centers and can be found on the 'location' option on the website or app. This feature gives the customer access to the available list of Carlcare service centers, addresses, and contacts in the individual’s country of residence.

The Carlcare app can also be downloaded to find customer care support.