How to Turn Off VoLTE on TECNO Phones

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Using a small smartphone screen to monitor active app activities can prompt you to remove strange icons. One such instance is disabling the VoLTE when it's new to you. You can also turn off VoLTE if your frequent contacts use 3G networks or 2G-enabled devices. Hence, needless. But how does this work in the first place? 

How to Turn Off VoLTE on TECNO Phones

Why is VoLTE Showing?

The VoLTE icon showing next to the network signal indicates the compatibility of the feature with your smartphone. Most modern smartphones, including TECNO, support VoLTE and can pop up the display when you make calls.

You can also find the feature on your screen when turned on and connected to an LTE network. However, the display does not suggest or resonate that there's a problem with your device.

The VoLTE showing indicates its activity on your SIM and the area you are in. VoLTE enables high-definition calls that reduce the rate of background noise and improve the speed of connection time between the two calling devices. While you're making video calls or voice calls, the VoLTE also enhances the call quality when it is in operation.

However, you can learn how to turn off VoLTE on TECNO phones if you feel uncomfortable with its display on your device.

How do I Open VoLTE on TECNO?

You can open VoLTE on your TECNO phone to turn it on/off through simple steps. However, the factors below determine the steps and how-tos before you can open the feature.

Phone Model

If you use the early models of TECNO mobile phones, opening VoLTE may not be straightforward. And you may have to look up extra manuals for the model besides the guides we've outlined below. The VoLTE setup can also vary depending on your device series, such as the TECNO SPARK and CAMON. But as long as the device supports VoLTE, you can access it from the Settings app.


Software varies on TECNO phones, and their functionality revolves around the updates you've done. Even so, you can only open Voice over LTE if your developer has included the feature on the device.

4G Calling or HD Calls

Some phones can tag the VoLTE feature as "4G calling or HD calls," which are the same as the VoLTE feature. However, the general technique to open VoLTE involves these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click on SIM and Mobile Networks.
  3. Open the primary sim you want to check for the VoLTE.
  4. Scroll down the page and search for "4G calling or HD calls."

How do I Turn Off VoLTE on TECNO Spark 7?

Disable VoLTE

VoLTE has its perks, but you can put it off when needless. On your Spark 7, you can turn off VoLTE by:

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on SIM and Mobile Networks.
  • Select your preferred SIM if it is dual.
  • Scroll down and tap "4G calling" or "HD calling" to turn off and remove.
  • Restart your device to complete the process.

You can also turn VoLTE off via the messaging app on TECNO Spark 7 by sending "NOVOLTE" to 312 if your SIM Is MTN. Or use a similar command on another SIM if you're new to how to turn off VoLTE on TECNO phones. However, the receiver's address (312) may differ depending on your country location or the network provider's service code.

Switch to 3G or 2G Network

One of the tricks for how to turn off VoLTE on TECNO phones is switching your network to 2g or 3g. VoLTE calls work only on the 4G network while also allowing you to make a switch to lower connections/mobile networks when not in use. As such, you can disable VoLTE with these few changes to your device.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Go to SIM and Mobile Networks.
  3. Select the icon representing the SIM you want to disable the VoLTE.
  4. Click on Preferred Network Type.
  5. Choose 2G/3G auto.

You can also take a similar approach to enable VoLTE if you reconsider using the feature.

How do I Remove VoLTE from TECNO?

You cannot remove VoLTE from your TECNO device if the OS is compatible with the feature by default. However, you can disable and turn off the VoLTE icon next to the network signal indicator with these steps.

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on SIM card and Mobile Networks.
  • Choose the SIM you want to remove VoLTE if you have a dual SIM.
  • Toggle off the "4G calling" or "HD call" feature.
  • Restart your device to complete the process.

You can also follow the similar command above of sending "NOVOLTE" to your customer service line to remove the feature. And if you can't seem to implement the solutions - how to turn off VoLTE on TECNO phones - you can consult your SIM carrier or your phone's after-sales service center for further recommendations.

For other models of good brand smartphones, if you want to remove VoLTE from your phone, please refer to this article on how to Remove VoLTE from your phones.

If you have more questions, please free free to reach us!