What to Consider When Replacing a Cracked Phone Screen

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Virtually everyone has encountered unfortunate situations where their smartphones get damaged out of the blue. Even with the advancement in screen protection technology, stats show that cracked screens account for the most in the history of smartphone damages. Though it's unexpected and inevitable, breaking your phone screen is never a splendid situation, but there’s probably nothing you could have done to save it. So what’s next? You're probably preparing to visit the phone repair service centre, right? But before that, here’s what to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen.

 what to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen

You probably have some questions like "How much does it cost to fix a cracked phone screen? Where do I get the best screen replacement? How long does it take to fix broken phone screen?" If that's what you're looking for, you don't need to panic.

Here are the things you need to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen from any technician:

  1. Expertise and repair experience
  2. Quality of replacement parts
  3. Cost of replacement
  4. Delivery time
  5. Warranty
  6. Reputation
  7. Other value-added offers/services

1. Expertise and repair experience

The first and most important thing to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen is the technician's expertise. There are many smartphones out there, and the way of repairing them varies. Before agreeing to fix a cracked phone screen from a repair shop, enquire if the technician is familiar with your phone model. If not, they may end up causing more harm than good.

Usually, you won’t experience such a problem at an official service centre since they’re well-trained and have a lot of experience in repairing smartphones from your brand.

2. Quality of replacement parts

Equally important, ensure the technician uses only genuine spare parts before you agree on replacing a cracked phone screen at any service centre. You’ll be using the screen 90% of the time, and a poor quality screen replacement part may deteriorate your experience or get damage afterward.

If you've ever made a screen replacement and it flickers, gets hot, or doesn't feel smooth as usual, chances are the technician used a counterfeit replacement part.

To avoid that and retain the factory experience when replacing a cracked phone screen, always go for the best quality available.

3. Cost of replacement

You also need to get the replacement price out of the way when looking forward to replacing a cracked phone screen. You don't want to spend your last penny on a screen replacement. Do you?

Hitting the nail on the head, the cost of screen replacement from most experienced repair companies, including official service providers, might be a bit expensive. However, given their quality of service, guarantee, and genuineness of spare parts, there's no way they could've done better.

If the cracked screen repair cost for your phone is "too cheap,” the technician is probably not going to use a genuine spare part. However, the replacement cost shouldn't be too expensive as well. In that case, we recommend you compare the cost of replacement to that of a new phone. If it's not worth it, you're better off getting a new smartphone, at least if you still have access to your data.

On the other hand, some service providers, like us, offer trade-in services, allowing you to swap your broken device for a new one. You may go for that if it's more profitable.

4. Delivery time

Yeah, "Time is money" and "Time waits for no one." And that brings us to the fourth factor to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen. Before you agree with any technician, ask how long it will take him to finish replacing your phone's screen.

You probably use your phone for a lot of things daily. And besides that, you don't want to sit at the repair centre for the entire day to fix a broken phone screen. At most, an experienced technician should fix your broken screen in under two hours.

In other cases, depending on your locality, the technician may need to order new spare parts to replace your phone screen. With that, he/she should give you an estimated time of arrival and when your device can be ready for pickup.

5. Warranty

Above all, try to choose a repair centre that offers reliable warranty service for your screen replacement. With that, you can rest assured of the genuineness of their services. And most importantly, the warranty will allow you to enjoy free repair service if you experience unusual issues after the screen replacement.

Some local shops don’t offer a screen replacement warranty in most cases. So, you might need to visit the official centre for that.

6. Reputation

We've discussed various factors to consider when replacing a cracked phone screen. How about the technician's reputation?

Choosing where to replace your broken phone screen might not be easy. But with customer reviews and years of experience, you may be able to choose the right one. As expected, repair centres or technicians with many years of experience have more reputations and reliability than the newer ones.

However, before jumping to replace your broken screen at any repair centre, enquire from people who have been there. If you receive excellent reviews, then you're good to go.

7. Other value-added offers/services

Lastly, value-added services and offers can often improve your screen replacement experience or reduce the cost of replacement sometimes. If you find a reliable technician or service provider who offers one or more value-added services for screen replacement, you better grab it!

Such offers may include online repair reservation service, free delivery service, limited-time discounts, screen protection plans, phone warranty extension services,  device-based screen repair offers, and many more.  

To be candid, you may not get such offers in local shops as they probably don't have the funds to run it. However, they're not new in mainstream and official service providers like Carlcare.

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