Why Does Phone Reject Charger & How To Fix It

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Abraham Miller

One of the popular and irritating phOne defects is when your phone rejects the charger, or in other words: "select specific chargers." We've seen more people complained that their phone rejects chargers. Many other say their phones are selecting chargers, which is a unique phrase for saying: "my phone works with a specific charger but not anyone".  Do you experience this as well? We best you're frustrated already, but you don't have to. Over here, we'll cover why phones reject chargers and reliable ways to fix them.

 why does phone reject charger and how to fix

Why does a phone reject chargers? How do you fix it?

There are many reasons your phone may reject a charger. And get this right out of the way: it's not software but a hardware issue.

Most times, using "any charger you see" causes your phone to reject a charger. And occasionally too, it could result from dust/particles inside the charging port or the USB cable.

Here are some reasons your phone reject chargers.

1. Not using the charger/cable recommended for your phone

As you presumable know, every new smartphone – until 2021 – comes with a recommended charger in their boxes. They customize these chargers to work perfectly with the phone model.

Although many phone chargers look identical to some extent, they differ in their quality, speed, and compatibility. If you plug in an unsupported charger to your phone, it likely would reject it.

To avoid getting error notifications when you charge your phone, we recommend using the original charger boxed with your phone. If peradventure it's not working anymore, we recommend you visit the official retail store to purchase the recommended one.

Most times, the power ratings of a charger might hinder it from charging your phone perfectly.

2. Dust particle or tiny metal intrusion  

On the other hand, dust particles or tiny metal intrusion inside the charging port may cause your phone to reject the charger. In that case, you need to inspect the charging port and clean all the junk inside it. We'll talk about that in a bit.

3. Physical damages from customer or factory fault

Another reason a phone may reject or "select" to work with a specific charger is the presence of physical damages from the consumer or the factory.

If your phone started rejecting chargers only after a few months/or years of using it, it could result from the user's mishandling. Here, we'd like your to take a quick recap of how you usually plug and unplug your phone from the USB cable.

  • Do you usually plug and unplug the charger with care or force?
  • Do you charge your phone after spilling water on its charging port?
  • Have you ever inserted a metallic object into the phone’s charging/USB port?

The list keeps going on and on…

So, if you've damaged your phone physically (especially the charging port), chances are it rejects your charger. And it's not all about damaging the charging port physically. If you've ever used an overrated (usually unofficial) charger with your phone, it might not charge as usual anymore until a technician corrects it.

Meanwhile, if your phone rejects the charger straight out of the box, that's probably a factory fault. Take it to the official service centre to fix it for free. After all, you've got to enjoy your warranty rights.

Nonetheless, cleaning the charging port and using the recommended charger may correct your phone’s charging anomalies in most cases. To fix the issue, make sure there are no particles within the charging port area and use only the recommended charger for your phone.

Learn how to clean your phone’s charging port!

Meanwhile, if your phone’s original charger is not working again, we recommend you visit the authorized retail store for your phone brand to purchase a new one. For instance, Carlcare sells all original accessories for TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices.

How to fix a phone that rejects chargers?

As earlier said; using the original/factory charger, keeping the USB port clean, not using an overrated charger is the simplest way to fix a phone that keeps rejecting a charger.

However, depending on what caused the issue and what you've done afterward, the tips above might not work until a technician fixes the issue.

If your phone is still rejecting or "selecting" chargers after following the recommended tips, that's when you need to visit the repairman. Find the official after-sales service provider for your brand and get the issue fixed.

Even for fixing simple issues like your phone not charging or rejecting chargers, we recommend you visit only the authorized service provider for your brand. That’s where you can rest assured that your phone won’t damage further after fixing its charging problem.

Do you use a TECNO, Infinix, or itel phone and it is rejecting every charger or complying with only one charger? Carlcare is where to fix the issue. We’re the official customer service provider for these brands and we’re always ready to fix your issues.

When you visit any Carlcare service centre, our accredited technician would examine your phone and make the necessary repairs in two ticks. They use TECNO, Infinix, and itel precision tools that won't harm your phone any further. And if it requires replacing a part, we only use the original one.

Meanwhile, if your phone is rejecting the charger because of a factory fault or you have an existing "free repair service" with us, visit any Carlcare service centre near you to fix your phone's charging problem for free!

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