How to Update TECNO System Software

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You have probably experienced little pop-ups on your phone reminding you to update your software. When you see such pop-ups, update your software as soon as possible. Tecno phones have software update pop-ups whenever the company updates software.

How to Update TECNO System Software

Software updates are important because they give new improvements and fixes bugs on your phone.

Some of the signs that your phone needs software update are;

  1. The application takes a long time to open.
  2. When your battery drains charge fast.
  3. If the phone is overheating.
  4. When some applications can’t open at all.

How to Update TECNO System Software

With Tecno phones, you can easily update your phone software in the comfort of your home.

Smartphones come equipped with cellular data and WiFi options making it possible for you to update your TECNO phone’s software whenever you want. While it is advisable to carry out your TECNO software update using WiFi, you can still do it using cellular data. In order for a software update to be successful, a lot of data is used. On estimate, you will need about 3GB worth of internet data.     

Below are steps to follow when updating software;

  1. Back up your phone: Software updates erase all the data on your phone.
  2. Select Apps: This varies with the phone. If you don't have the app go to the settingsHow to Update TECNO System Software 3. Then select a systemHow to Update TECNO System Software4. Select system update.

How to Update TECNO System Software

        5. Select an online update.


How to Update TECNO System Software

If your system is up to date, then you will not have the option of update software.

If your system requires an update, you will click on install.

How to update TECNO system or software at Carlcare service center

TECNO software updates ensure that TECNO customers do not miss out on security updates thus protecting your phone from bugs and viruses. That is why all TECNO phone users need to frequently update their software. Carlcare service centers also help to update TECNO systems and fix update problems. We currently only charge software updating under two circumstances: When the phone is out of warranty and when the customer has forgotten his/her phone’s password (even if the phone is under warranty). In both circumstances, the software repair charge is about Ksh. 300.

Importance of software updates.

  • It introduces new features and improvements of an existing one with fixed bugs or
  • Protect your data-Updating software and the operating system helps keep hackers out.
  • Improve battery depletion- better handling of rogue apps and improving WIFI management.
  • It fixes bugs in software and improves functionality- when new features and functionality are created, new bugs arise. Updating software helps fix the bugs.

Software updates are used to optimize the performance, security, and stability of any application running on your device. These updates add new features and remove outdated ones.

A notification to upgrade your phone software usually pops up on your screen; do not force upgrading your software as this may interfere with the functions. Instead, back up your phone then visit a local Carlcare service center near you.

Carlcare service center, the sole aftersales service provider, for Tecno phones not only deals with technical repair of Tecno phones but also provides software updates to our clients.

Frequently asked questions

Q.Why do updates take so long to come?

The company has to take time to adapt to the new update so that it works for the device.

Q.Why does it take long to update the software on my device?

Your internet connection should be excellent when updating software.

Q.Why can’t I update software using mobile data?

Software updates require a strong internet connection which most of the time is not guaranteed by the mobile network.

Q.Why won’t my phone complete the software update?

Check if your phone has enough space, enough battery charge, and has a strong WIFI connection.

Customers may also be required to leave their phone at the service center when taking it for software updating. The process usually takes not more than a few hours and customers are contacted once their devices are ready for collection.

Hint: Check your phone warranty status or Check your phone repair status