Carlcare Extends Infinix Note 8 Warranty by 13 Months

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Carl Paige

We have exciting news for users of Infinix Note 8 in Kenya; there will be an extension of Infinix Note 8 warranty by 13months .This new service policy means the total number of months that the warranty covers for a new Infinix Note 8 is 25 months (initial 12 months plus the 13 month extension)

 warranty extension of infinix note 8

What Country does the Warranty Extension Apply To?

This new service policy is only available to users in Kenya presently. Please note that outside Kenya, the standard warranty duration applies.

Infinix Note 8 warranty extension description

This new service policy starts from the first date you purchase the phone. This means you can enjoy free maintenance and repair from your very first day of using the phone, for a period of 760 days as long as the phone damage is non-artificial.

Note: The free repair and maintenance is conditional upon the type of repair needed. For instance, if it's a broken screen, you would still have to pay for the repairs.

Also note that the warranty only covers damage that happens to the phone organically; in the course of the day to day usage of the phone. If you intentionally damage the phone, the warranty doesn't cover this.

About the Carlcare Service

Carlcare service is the best after sales option for users of Infinix, Itel and TECNO. This is because we are the official after sales service recognised by these brands. We are able to offer you innovative and customer-centric solutions to problems that arise with your smartphones.

Also, the Carlcare service has an extensive reach, with over 2,000 service points in around 50 countries. This enables us to be able to serve the whole diversity of our global customer base, especially those from emerging markets.

You can personalise your interactions with Carlcare by downloading the Carlcare app. This gives you access to warranty check service cards, broken screen service cards, amongst other exciting features.

You can also download free software for your Infinix Note 8 from the Carlcare service. Use the following steps to achieve this;

1)   Make an online reservation, also making sure to locate a Carlcare center close to you.

2)   Explain in detail what you'd like to do in the reservation form.

3)   State the type and model of your phone.

4)   State the time and center of your visit, and try to keep to the time.

5)   Submit the form.

Doing this will give you access to downloading apps like Opera Mini, Audio Mack, etc, on your Infinix Note 8, for free.