How Many Hours does it Take to Charge a New TECNO Phone

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How Many Hours does it Take to Charge a New TECNO Phone

The technology used currently in smartphone batteries is way different than in the old days. Smartphones are now equipped with Li-Ion batteries, which contain lithium-ion, and they have different properties than nickel batteries. The charging of nickel batteries required different levels of charging time ranging from 4 to 8 and even 12 hours. People used to drain the battery totally and then charge it for the next 8 hours. This was effective to some extent, but only for nickel batteries. Now that we are using lithium-ion batteries, you must be wondering how many hours to charge a new phone after getting your hands on it.

Nickel batteries are now not used in smartphones anymore. So, let’s talk about how to charge your new phone with a lithium-ion battery. There are no such rules with Li-ion batteries and you can charge it from any percentage and it won’t make any difference. Manufacturers typically ship new phones with a 60% battery, allowing you to use the device for an extended period before needing to charge it for the first time.

How many hours should you charge a new phone before the first use?

Getting your hands on a new smartphone is one of the best feelings in the world. We know you want to know how many hours charge a new phone to keep it in the best condition. Let us tell you something about the new batteries that are in the TECNO smartphones these days. The new batteries are lithium-ion and the previously used batteries were nickel batteries. Both of these batteries provide sufficient power to charge the device, but nickel doesn’t have the same technological advancements as lithium-ion batteries.

So, now that we have li-ion batteries, you must be wondering how many hours a new phone should be charged with these batteries. As per the battery university, they say that the li-ion batteries last longer when you keep your battery percentage ranging from 50% to 75%. If you keep draining your battery till your phone is dead, this thing will harm the li-ion battery. However, doing the same with nickel batteries helped increase the effectiveness of nickel batteries and, hence, increased the standby time. But, it’s not good for your new smartphone. So, you can charge it to 100% and unplug it as it reaches the full battery.

How many hours need to charge the new phone battery of a Tecno Mobile Phone?

TECNO is known for providing the best quality batteries to users. Not just the batteries, you get so many features even from a budgeted smartphone by TECNO. Let’s say you get a TECNO phone shipped to you and you want to know how many hours to charge a new phone before first use.

You don’t have to worry much about charging it for a long time. Manufacturers usually keep the battery level at 60% when they ship a new phone. You can charge it up to 100% and try not to keep it charged after that. This won’t have any effect, and it is best if you unplug it right after reaching the maximum battery percentage.

How many hours should I charge my new phone by Infinix?

Be it an Infinix or a Tecno smartphone, we all want to know how many hours should we charge a new phone battery on first use. Infinix is one of the best battery providers for its low-cost smartphones. You get a minimum of a 5000mAH battery with the Infinix phone. And with the right instructions on how many hours to charge a new phone battery can make it last longer. Having a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 5000mAh can last you more than a day, even if you keep using it all day.

However, here are a few tips on how many hours charging a new phone can help your device last longer:

  • Use low brightness whenever you’re indoors as this will help save you a lot of power and battery.
  • If any of your apps are using sync and they’re not important, turning off the sync feature can take a lot of load off your phone’s memory and hence, consume less power.
  • Identify the apps that stay in the background and uninstall them if they are not much of a use to you.
  • Turn off your GPS whenever you don’t require navigation and turn it on the back whenever you are on the road.
  • When your Infinix device's battery falls below 50%, use the battery-saving mode. This will increase the standby time by 2 times.

If you keep using these tips on how many hours should I charge my new TECNO phone battery and charge your phone fewer times a day, you will surely get a good standby time.

Do I need to charge my new phone for 24 hours?

No, this can only worsen the condition of your brand new phone. The batteries that we get today are lithium-ion, which don’t require 24 hours of charging time. This can damage the battery and hence reduce the battery life of your new smartphone.

Lithium-ion batteries are surrounded by this myth that they can burst if you keep them charging overnight. However, it’s not true at all, but there’s a possibility that charging for such a long time can harm the battery’s health.

Should I let my phone battery die before charging the first time?

Do you want to know how many hours to charge a new phone? Well, the answer is pretty simple and you can charge it whenever and however you want to. Unlike nickel batteries in the old times that used to work efficiently if charged after draining them, Lithium-ion batteries are just the opposite. They require the user to keep the battery around 65% to get the most out of the battery power.

Concluding how many hours to charge a new phone battery

Technological advancements in the smartphone market have changed the ways of new users now. You get all the features at ease and that’s why nickel batteries were replaced with lithium batteries to add ease for the users. This will help you to increase the durability of the battery. We hope these hints and information cleared up any confusion about how long to charge a new phone after opening it.

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