How to Sell Your Android Phone Safely

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How to Sell Your Android Phone Safely

We’re only a few moments to the outpouring release of new Android devices in 2022, and if you’re like us, who like using new gadgets as they come, or you’ve been waiting to upgrade your phone, chances are you want to sell off the old one. But before that, do you know how to sell your Android phone safely?

You need to do several things to ensure you don’t get into trouble after selling your old phone. And if you’re not pretty aware of them, we’re here to help you out in the next couple of minutes.

How to sell your Android phone safely

1.  Backup your data

Just before anything, it’s a good idea, and we recommend you safely back up your Android phone, so you don’t regret missing a file when the phone is gone. Not just that, it’ll also make setting up your new phone faster since you’re not starting from scratch. All you’ll need is to restore your apps and their data, contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, and other stuff from the backup.

However, it might not be that easy; some services are backed up automatically, but you’ll need to do some manually. We’ve already talked about everything you might need in our guide on How to backup Android Phone devices. Nonetheless, here are some of them if you need to do it quickly.

Backup your Android data safely:

  • Head to Settings on your phone.
  • Tap
  • Select
  • Make sure “Backup by Google One” is turned on or turn it on now.

Doing that will securely back up your apps, photos & videos, SMS messages, device settings, contacts, call history, and others and help you restore it quickly when you sign in to your new phone. Meanwhile, if you’re backing up your photos and videos with Google Photos, it’s an excellent idea to double-check if every vital piece of media is backed-up.

Backup data from other apps manually

If you use apps with cloud accounts, chances are they’re syncing your data to the cloud, but not every app does that. And if you use an app like WhatsApp, you’ll need to backup your data manually. The best thing is to go to the app’s settings and look for the available backup option.

Backup other files to your computer

If you have other files you’ve not saved to the cloud and that you might need on your new phone, we recommend you transfer them to your computer. Here’s how:

  • Plug your phone into your computer.
  • Select File Transfer or MTP mode for USB on your phone.
  • Access your phone storage from your computer’s file explorer and transfer all the necessary files.

That’s it, and here’s more on how to backup your Android phone safely before selling it. 

2.  Logout of your accounts

To ensure you don’t risk someone getting access to your accounts and information, it’s essential to sign out of your accounts before selling off your phone. And that will also save the buyer from running into Google account authentication issues after wiping the phone.

Here’s how to sell your Android phone safely by removing your accounts:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Click on Accounts
  • Tap an account you want to remove
  • Select “REMOVE ACCOUNT” and confirm your action.
  • We recommend you remove your primary Google account only after you’ve finished backing up your data to the cloud. So, you may need to wait for a little.

3.  Remove your SIM cards and other peripherals

Though it seems fundamental, never forget to eject your SIM cards and micro SD card before handing over your phone to the buyer. Besides, you’ll need the SIM card on your new phone, and it may hold primary data like contacts, SMS messages, etc. And if you have a memory card, don’t hesitate to remove it as well.

Locate the SIM slot on your phone, and use the recommended tool to pull it out to eject your SIM cards and memory card.

4.  Unpair your Bluetooth devices

As well as ejecting your SIM and SD cards, it’s a nice move to unpair your Bluetooth devices before selling the phone. Doing that ensures you don’t run into pairing problems when you get your new phone. While some Bluetooth device does that automatically once it’s out of range, it’s not the same story for others.

  • Launch the Setting
  • Tap Connected Devices.
  • Select
  • Under Paired devices, you’ll see a list of devices you’ve paired.
  • Tap the Cog icon next to them and select Forget to unpair them.

5.  Factory Reset

Once you’ve done everything mentioned above, the next step to get it ready for sale is to wipe it off. Performing a factory reset on an Android phone will permanently erase your data, return its software to look like a new phone, and kickstart it for a new beginning.

Here’s to  sell your Android phone safely by wiping it:

  • Ensure you’ve backed up all your data.
  • Now, head to
  • Scroll to the bottom and select
  • Tap Reset options
  • Click on Erase all data (factory reset)
  • Follow the on-screen guide to complete the wiping process.

How do I permanently wipe my Android phone before selling it?

Deleting your files and signing out of your accounts might not be enough. And because deleting a file on your phone doesn’t mean it’s gone forever, it might only take a hacker or anyone with recovery software a few clicks to obtain the data you think you’ve deleted.

So, how do you sell your Android phone safely then? It’s simple: by wiping it the right way.

First, you’ll want to make sure your mobile device is encrypted before wiping it, making your data unusable for anyone if they try digging in. Most manufacturers encrypt their Android devices by default; nonetheless, you should double-check if it’s the same story as yours.

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap
  • Select Encryption & Credentials.
  • From there, you’ll know if your phone is encrypted or not. If not, tap Encrypt phone to do so.

After that, you can then wipe your phone safely from Settings > System > Reset Options > Factory reset (erase all data).

Is it safe to sell an Android phone?

Yes! Our smartphones are more brilliant and secure than they used to be. And after you’ve safely erased your phone, as explained earlier, you can sell it off without worrying about anything.

What should I do before I sell my Android phone?

Learning how to sell your Android phone safely is simple, as you only need to do a few things. And as a recap of what we’ve said earlier, here’s what you should do before selling your Android phones, tablet, and other devices:

  1. Backup your data
  2. Sign out of your accounts (especially all your Google accounts) from the settings accounts page.
  3. Unpair your Bluetooth devices
  4. Encrypt, and Factory reset your phone.
  5. Remove your SIM card and microSD card.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to clean up the phone so it looks shiny and presentable to the buyer. That can also increase your selling price, especially if you protect the phone with a case and screen protector.  

Can I sell the phone after a factory reset?

Sure, your phone is ready for sale after you’ve successfully erased your data from it. Selling your old phone without wiping off your data from it is risky, and you shouldn’t try it.

Once you’ve encrypted and erased your phone, you can sell it without worrying.

How do I make sure my phone is safe to sell?

To make sure your phone is safe to sell, you need to do five major things:

  1. Back up all your data securely.
  2. Remove your Google account.
  3. Encrypt your data.
  4. Eject your SIM cards and SD cards.
  5. Perform a factory reset.

Once you’ve done these five things, you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Final thoughts

Buying and selling an old Android phone can bring problems to both the buyer and seller if the simple things mentioned in this article are not exercised. Before you hand out your phone to the buyer, ensure you’ve backed up everything you need, then wipe off the phone to stay secure.