How to Access Phone with Broken Screen

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Knowing how to access a phone with a broken screen can be a quick solution, especially when you need to do something quickly. Having a broken screen is something that cannot be avoided, especially if you get engaged every day. If you know how to access a phone with a broken screen, it could be a quick solution pending when you visit a reliable phone repair shop

How to Access Phone with Broken Screen

Access Your Phone with Broken Screen

It is important to know how to access a phone with a broken screen because being broken does not mean it can no longer be accessed. If you need to do something urgently or do not have funds to repair the screen at the moment, here are tips for accessing the phone:

1. Use a PC connection

If you have been accessing your phone with a PC, this step will be much easier because it will automatically open your phone. However, if the cracked screen can still be operated on, you should enable file transfer which will enable your phone to open on the PC. Once this is enabled, you will be able to access your phone and extract whatever you need.

2. OTG access

OTG means On-The-Go. It is an adapter with ends, one for USB ports, and the other is a standard USB-A adapter meant for a mouse. Immediately you connect the OTG to your phone through a USB cable, you will be able to operate your phone without using the screen touch. However, not all android is programmed to work with an OTG which means you have to confirm if your phone version can work with it.

Also, note that some OTG also functions with a keyboard if you need to access your broken screen without much delay. If your phone can still not access an OTG, we strongly advise you to visit a cell phone repair close to you.

3. Screen mirror your phone

Screen mirroring your phone has to do with connecting your phone to a television screen. It is the easiest among the methods because it opens your phone on a TV screen. Follow the steps explained to do these properly:

  • Plug a USB hub that can connect your device and HDMI cable to your TV screen
  • After then, connect a mouse to your USB hub. However, a Bluetooth mouse can connect your phone and TV directly.
  • Once your TV is on and the connection is established, select the right HDMI input.

Your phone will open on your TV screen, and you can back up the important files. You can also back up apps to keep your app intact.

Check If Your Device Has a Warranty

The latest android devices come with a warranty. If the warranty has not expired and your phone suddenly needs screen repair services, you can do a warranty check. If you are using TECNO, you can do a TECNO warranty check to see if you can ask for a new screen without making a payment. 

You can also do Infinix warranty check and itel warranty check, respectively, for whichever device you are using to check the longevity on your screen. For more clarification, you can visit the closest Infinix service center, TECNO service center, or itel service center.


Issues with Broken Screen

When your phone suffers from a broken screen, it becomes difficult to operate and sometimes may perform a function you may not like. If you have a broken phone screen, below are the malfunction your phone would exhibit:

  • Ink surface on the screen
  • Touchpad malfunctioning
  • Blank screen
  • Cracked surface

Once you notice any of these effects on your screen, you should walk up to a phone repair shop for immediate repair.

Recovering Data on Broke Screen Phone

Whenever you have a broken and it is no longer functioning properly, you need to access files on your phone. Do any of the following methods:

1. Use your Google account

Every Android phone has a Google account logged on it, and the purpose for having a Gmail account is numerous. Among the function is using it to access your cracked screen. The moment your phone is no longer responding to touch, do the following:

  • Open a browser and type in com.
  • Once the internet connection load, log in to your device's primary Google account.
  • Open Google Drive and click on Storage under the bottom left to see all the saved files.
  • Click on the file you wish to recover and finish up the process.

2. Use the recovery data app

Using a recovery data app means you must have installed it on your phone before the broken screen issue. Using the recovery data app is straightforward on how to access a phone with a broken screen method. Here are some assured data recovery apps: 

  • Tenorshare UltData for Android
  • MiniTool Mobile Data Recovery for Android
  • EaseUS MobiSaver
  • Disk Drill Android Data Recovery
  • Recuva
  • MyJad Android Data Recovery
  • Aiseesoft Free Android Data Recovery

These apps can do a great job before you look for any phone repair shop to fix your device. However, for a phone screen repair, it is advisable to visit a registered phone repair center which is no other than Carlcare. 

Repair Your Broken Screen at Carlcare

If you are looking for the ideal android phone repair services, Carlcare is the place to be. At Carlcare, we fix different types of phone issues without delay. If you have searched online for “repair shops near me” or “cell phone repair near me,” and you are not getting the best, book your phone repair here.

Type of device we fix at Carlcare

We fix android devices such as TECNO, Infinix, and itel. Whether Infinix or TECNO or itel broken screen replacement, our professionals are up to the task, and there are replacement parts available at a reasonable price. So if you are looking for an assured “phone screen repair near me” or “phone repair stores near me,” enter any Carlcare office. 

It is also advisable to reach out to your phone brand to confirm the warranty. Kindly look out for Infinix customer care, TECNO customer care, or itel customer care for more inquiries. For Infinix customer care number and TECNO mobile customer care, you can check it on their official website.


Knowing how to access a phone with a broken screen can actually save the day. However, if any of these methods is not yielding results, ensure to visit our nearest office. For easier reach, you can type on your browser Carlcare phone repair near me, and you will get various options.