How to Back up Your Android Phone

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If you know how to back up your android phone, you might never need to worry about file loss or when your phone is formatted. This is because you can always get your file back whenever something happens. Knowing how to back up your android phone will help you restore data using a simple process to reclaim everything. Below are methods you can use to back up your phone.

How to Back up Your Android Phone

Well Know Ways to Back up Your Android Phone

Back up your phone using Google backup

One of the reliable steps for backing up your android phone is using Google Backup because it automatically stores your file in Google Drive. Below are the breakdown steps:

  • Go to Settings on your phone menu
  • Scroll down to tap on Google
  • Click on Backup My Phone
  • A pop-up will come with two options Not Now and Turn On; click on Turn On.
  • You will be navigated to a new page. Click on Back up now, and wait for the whole process to finish.

Once you do this, your files will be automatically saved to Google Drive and will store until you need to recover them. Please note that a Gmail account is required to be signed in. Keep your password safe.

Back up your phone using SD card

Every android phone has been designed to be able back up and restore Android apps and data. One sure means to do it is using an SD card. You find the settings inside your phone using the steps bellows:

  • Go to Settings on your phone menu
  • Scroll down to click on System.
  • Click on Backup and Restore(However, you must insert an SD Card for this process)
  • There are two options Personal Data and Application; back it up one after the other, and the whole thing is done.

Back up your phone using a PC

You can back up your Android phone to a PC by connecting both devices using a USB cord. This is safer, and it is advisable to do it when you feel you have enough files. Below is the step on how to back up your android phone using a PC:

  • Connect your phone to a PC using a USB cord
  • The options will pop up: File TransferUSB tetheringMIDIPTP, and No data transfer. Click on File Transfer.
  • A large dialogue box will pop up showing Internal shared storage; double click to open it.
  • Highlight all the files, then press the right click to click on Copy.
  • Then open a folder on your system. After creating the folder, open it and right-click again to tap on Paste.

Once you do this, all the files on your mobile device will be copied, but remember it is a manual back. Only what you copy to the system will be saved.

Back up your phone using a MacBook 

The latest android smartphones have been programmed to work efficiently on MacBook through the advanced Android version. All you need to do is download the Android File Transfer app and then follow the steps listed below:

  • Connect your android device to the MacBook using a USB cord.
  • The Android File Transfer app will appear on the MacBook, showing your files on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the folders you want to copy, press ctrltogether, or right-click to tap on Copy.
  • Open a MacBook folder, press ctrlv together, and wait for the process to finish.

Please note that this is another manual backup process, and what you copy out will be saved to the Mac.

Back up your Android using the Android backup app

Aside from the steps mentioned above, there are some Android Backup Apps you can download on your phone and store your files. However, this should be the last option if the abovementioned steps are not working out. Go to Play Store and download any of these apps:

  • Autosync
  • Buggy Backup Pro
  • Backup Your Mobile 
  • G Cloud Backup
  • Google Photos
  • Migrate
  • Solid Explorer
  • Titanium Backup
  • Manual Backup
  • Cloud Saving Apps

You can research how to use any of these apps on the internet. However, Google Back Up remains the first option as it is easier to use. Follows the manuals that teach you how to back up your Android phone through any of these apps, and your phone will be properly backed up.

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How To Backup And Restore Android Apps And Data

When backing up your files on your mobile phone, not all methods can back up your apps, such as games or other apps. To how to backup and restore Android apps and data, use the following step:

Moving data back from Google Drive

Once you have backed up your phone through Google Drive, through Google Backup, you will need to move it back after formatting your phone. Follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Google Account, which you used to back up your files.
  • Go to Settings on your phone menu
  • Scroll down to tap on System
  • Click on Backup
  • Tap on Automatic Restore, and select the files you do not want on your phone. 

Moving data from PC to phone

After you must have used the Restore Factory Settings to clear your phone, you can copy your files back from your PC using the steps below:

  • Connect a USB cable to your phone and the PC
  • From the options, click on File Transfer
  • Copy the folder where you saved your phone files from the system 
  • Open your android device on your PC and paste the files there.

Please note that this method may not work for mobile phone apps. You can also do the same on MacBook to restore data.


From the following discussed, the above method will enlighten you on how to back up your android phone without any issue. However, if any of these methods is unclear to you, kindly walk into any Carlcare office, and our professionals will assist you.