Cracked Phone Screen Repair Services in Kenya

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Phone screens are fragile, and getting cracked parts repaired is not always easy as it seems. Though you can find a random technician that helps with broken screens, it takes thorough search and expert guides to get high-quality repairs in Kenya.

So can a cracked screen be repaired when in dire search of one? Finding answers to your quest has become much easier with this detailed article.

Cracked Phone Screen Repair Services in Kenya - Professional Repair Service

Where Can I Get My Phone Screen Replaced in Kenya?

Phone repair outlets are in multiples in Kenya. Yet, one of the leading centers where you can get quality repair is Carlcare. Carlcare offers various repair services, including cracked screen repair and replacement of damaged hardware on mobile devices. With professional technicians on desks, you can leverage their services to create the best screen as long as your Smartphone is in its prime lifetime.

While you may find it uneasy to locate a reliable one-stop repair shop in Nairobi, Carlcare stores extend across Kenya for easy access. You can easily find a walk-in store nearby via the Carlcare app to book reservations or visit their service page for quick directions from the comfort of your home.

Even so, you can enjoy a quick screen repair process from the nearest Carlcare service center by:

  • Providing your device model - TECNO, Infinix, or itel in the provided box on the service page.
  • Fill in the details of your cracked screen that needs repair.
  • Choose the service center near your location and select your arrival time.
  • Input your details, and then proceed to the store to get your device repaired.

You can, however, visit their service page to know more about how the repair services work.


What Is the Average Cost for Screen Replacement in Kenya?

Phone repairs can differ in price, but you don't have to break the bank if you want to know "How much does it cost to fix a cracked screen in Kenya?". While service fees often depend on the extent or level of damage incurred, repairing a cracked screen is not always expensive.

If you have a minor crack on the screen that does not extend to other hardware attached to the screen, repairs can be a walk in the park. But in cases where there is a damaged touchpad - the part attached to the screen, you may have to outstretch your pocket as technicians will have to delve further while replacing the entire screen and the hardware attached.

The cost of screen repairs also depends on the type of brand or phone model. While Carlcare avails Infinix, TECNO, and itel users of repairs at affordable prices, cracked screen repairs may cost higher at third-parties repair centers in Kenya - owing to the model or quality of your phone screens, which may include;

  • Liquid Crystal Display Screen is found in less expensive smartphones which are easier to repair and replace when damaged.
  • AMOLED screens with layers of TLTs enhance image quality in today’s smartphones which are often expensive and require careful methods to replace.
  • OLED screens present in recent flagship smartphones are often more costly than the random screen found in previous Smartphones.

While these screens can be costly depending on the model of your device, they cannot be too expensive beyond what you can afford. Even so, when you have a quality repair worth the cost at a minimal price, does the cost matter anyway?

Can a Broken Touch Screen Be Fixed?

Of course, you can get a replacement for broken screens that need fixes. If you have a broken screen from a hard fall or water damage, you can handily fix it at a repair center. Although, the tendency to quickly find the type that fits your device may be slim. Or even rare. You can visit a repair center specializing in the expertise to quicken the chance of getting it done. And at times, get a type that is not different from the original.

If your device is an Infinix, TECNO, or itel model, Carlcare remains the best place to get a replacement for your device’s broken screen. In addition to having it fixed instantly, you will have the best shot for cracked screen repair by professional technicians that understand the basics of phone hardware. While also limiting the chances of mishandling that could cost your device extra damage by inexperienced technicians.

You can also get a replacement for your broken screen at little or no fee covered by your device's warranty. If your device is within the warranty range when damaged, you can leverage the coverage to replace the broken screen at your manufacturer's store or affiliated centers. In addition, phones made by TECNO, Infinix, and itel offer a warranty which you can check online with your IMEI to know how much your phone repair can cost.

Hence, broken screens are not the end for your devices. You can always replace your cracked/broken phone if you aren’t ready to dispose of your device in the bin.


Cracked screen repairs can be demanding or expensive, but helps reduce the influx of e-waste in the ecosystem by enabling you to continue using your phone without disposing of it. Besides, replacing a damaged phone screen allows you to use your device longer and become acquainted with the data/files before changing the gadget willingly.

However, screen repair isn't a random process to jump on if you aren't familiar with how it works. Phone screens are essential components, and you should treat them solely as such.

While you can perform quick DIY fixes for repair, it may cost you more harm than good if you are inexperienced with Smartphones. Having your device handled by reliable repair services, such as Carlcare, will save you stress, time, and money.