How to Fix Network Not Registered on Android

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How to fix a network not registered on Android is a solution to fixing a mobile network SIM inserted in your phone but not displaying. Knowing how to fix a network not registered on Android will solve the problem of the fluctuating network, especially when it is on for a moment and off later on. We have explained this in detail in the procedures. Read till the end.

How to Fix Network Not Registered on Android

Common Network Issues on Android Devices

Like every mobile device, android devices also experience network issues from the provider or errors from the user. This situation can be solved with a few quick solutions and does not need a technical repairer's intervention. If you have a problem with a device not being registered on the network, you have committed some of the errors listed below:

  • Slow Network
  • Wrong placement of SIM
  • IP address problem
  • Physical connectivity problem
  • Overheating of CPU
  • Incorrect input of SIM card on IC

If your phone has been experiencing some network problems and you are wondering if the phone is faulty, any of these could be happening. Another issue could be that your phone is not registered on a network Verizon.

Fixing Network Issues on Android

If you are experiencing poor network coverage and you have checked that another SIM of your network is functioning, here are quick fixes to try:

Remove your sim card and insert it again

There are times whereby it is the case that your SIM is not fixed correctly. Many are often guilty of this and will assume that the SIM card is the problem. You must ensure that the SIM's surface part is rightly placed where the connection is necessary. 

If it is rightly placed and still not connecting, we suggest you remove it and add a bit of saliva before putting it in. This kind of solution is popular among android users.

Restart your phone

If you have done the first step and there is still a problem. Another means how to fix a network not registered on Android is to restart your android device. Usually, restarting your phone means everything previous activities go back to normal and network settings is restored. 

There are instances whereby restarting your phone may not fix the network. You should switch the phone off for a few minutes. After some time, you can switch on your android device to see if the network is back.

Manually select your network

Every android device works with a double SIM card. There are situations whereby the network on your phone is working correctly but needs to be set manually for your purpose. Below are the steps on how to manually select your network:

  • Click on Settings on the phone menu
  • Tap on Network & Internet
  • Scroll to click on SIM cards, and you will see your registered network with a toggle that signifies whether the network is on or off.
  • You will also see three options below. They are Mobile dataAllow calls, and SMS messages. Tap on them each to select each SIM for its purpose.

Check the airplane mode

Android devices are built differently. There are times whereby people mistakenly press airplane mode unknowingly, and this happens when the phone is inside the pocket. In this case, you should check airplane mode to see if it is on. Once you discover it is on, switch it off immediately. Below is how to check airplane mode:

  • Click on Settings on the phone menu
  • Tap on Network & Internet
  • Look down to check the Airplane mode and tap on it to switch it off.

Switching on airplane mode means you do not want a working network. Therefore, always ensure that it is off.

Check if the phone and your network are compatible

There are cases whereby some android devices are not registered on a network. For instance, if your phone is not registered on a network TECNO, the SIM card will not display. Therefore, check if your phone and a network are compatible before buying either of the two. 

If you have done every possible thing, and the network is not coming up, likely, your phone is not registered on a network so you can only make emergency calls. Every network has settings that need to be worked on before they can function on the phone. For instance, if an android device is not registered on the network Airtel, you may need to visit a reliable phone center for configuration.

Update your phone system

Many android users need to check whether their phone system is upgraded. Upgrading your android system is a reliable method on how to fix networks not registered on Android. If your operating system is due for an upgrade, the moment you click on Settings in your phone menu, it will show an option of Update now. Click on it, but sometimes the phone will notify you.

Reset your network

Another means to fix the network on your android is to reset your network. For instance, if your network is not registered on network Airtel SIM Infinix, you might need to call customer care. The same thing applies to SIM not registered on the network itel. However, you can reset your phone using this step:

  • Click on Settings on your phone menu
  • Scroll down to click on System
  • Tap on Reset options
  • Tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth and wait for the process to finish

However, try the last option if the problem persists, and you still need to get it solved. It offers a better solution to the network issue.

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