Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

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A smartphone with a damaged screen can be difficult to operate, and if you don’t know how to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen, you might lose your crucial documents. 

While there are various ways to retrieve data from a device with a faulty screen, one easy method to achieve this is by using your computer.

Recover Data from Android Phone with Broken Screen

How to Recover Data From Broken Screen

If you have a cracked screen that’s still visible and the touch screen is working, quickly transfer all your data on the smartphone to a computer before the crack spreads and damages the screen completely.

Here’s how to retrieve your data from the device:

  • Unlock the smartphone with your pattern, fingerprint, or PIN
  • Connect the handset to the computer with your USB cable
  • Select the preferred transfer mode
  • With your computer, access your data on the phone and recover them

Method 1. Recover data from the broken screen without a touchscreen

You might be able to see everything on your phone’s display with a broken screen, but the touchscreen isn’t working. Yes, we know this can be frustrating.

Fortunately, it’s still possible to retrieve your data, but you’ll need a USB mouse and a USB hub (it must have an HDMI port).

  • Unlock the smartphone with your pattern, fingerprint, or PIN
  • Connect the USB cable to the phone and the other end to your USB hub
  • Also, connect the USB mouse to the USB hub
  • You can now see your phone’s screen; using your mouse to navigate, input your password or PIN to unlock the smartphone
  • Connect the USB hub to the computer with your USB cable
  • Then, a message will appear asking you to select File Transfer (or something along that line); select the option with your mouse

Having completed these steps, you can back up your phone’s data on the PC.    

Method 2. Recover data from a phone with no screen

If your handset sustained physical damage and its display took a major hit, how do you retrieve your data when the device has no display? How do you even know the Android is working?

You can tell the phone is still functional when you hear the notification sounds. You’d need another Android smartphone (preferably of the same model or operating system) for this procedure.

To recover your data with a broken phone screen, follow the tips below:    

  • Charge the smartphone so it doesn’t go off
  • Get the second phone and connect it to the PC with a USB cable
  • Pick File Transfer Mode in the pop-up that appears
  • Note the particular part of the screen you press on this device
  • Disconnect it
  • Connect the handset without a display to your computer using the USB cable
  • You’ll hear a notification sound after the connection
  • Select File Transfer Mode in the pop-up that appears (in the exact spot you memorized earlier)
  • You should hear a notification sound if the connection is set

Once connected, you can check all the files and documents on your damaged phone and save them on the PC.

If all these techniques on how to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen failed, consider getting professional help.

How to Find Repair Shops Near Me

You can easily locate phone repair centers nearby for screen repair:

  • Launch Chrome browser and go to the Carlcare official website
  • To check the website’s menu, tap the three horizontal lines at the top right
  • Scroll down and press Service Center under Location
  • On the next webpage that appears, give details about yourself like your state and city in the appropriate sections of the page
  • Press Search to find professionals for TECNO repair or Infinix repair
  • In the search results, pick a Carlcare service center to find information on your phone screen repair near my inquiry

Accessing Phone Screen Repair

This is another key aspect of this post on how to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen.

Here are some ways to find cell phone repair near me and get quality replacement parts for a broken screen:

  • Locate a nearby Carlcare phone repair shop
  • Book a screen replacement service

How to Find a Nearby Carlcare Phone Repair Shop

You can get Infinix service center, TECNO service center, and itel service center on Carlcare’s official website:

  • Open your browser app
  • Go to the official website of Carlcare
  • On the next page, you’ll see three columns titled Country, State, and City
  • Enter your details under those sections


On the next page, you’ll see a list of the addresses of Carlcare Service Centers, where you can access professional phone repair near me. Also, these cell phone repair stores offer you Infinix customer care, TECNO customer care, and itel customer care.

Book a Screen Replacement Service

Another way to access phone repair stores near me is to book a reservation with Calrcare either using the website or the mobile app. You can also do Infinix warranty check, TECNO warranty check, and itel warranty check via these two channels.

How to book broken screen replacement/repair service using a browser

  • Head to Carlcare’s official website
  • Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on Book for Phone Repair
  • In the five sections on the next page, type your details in the appropriate columns
  • Type "broken or cracked screen" when you’re asked about the issues with your mobile phone
  • Press the Submit button

A new page will show up displaying the cost of the screen repair and replacement.

How to book screen replacement/repair service using the Carlcare app

  • Tap the Carlcare app icon on your smartphone‘s app drawer)
  • Select Repair Phone and on the next page, supply your details in the five columns
  • As for the problem with your Android, enter broken or cracked screen
  • Press Submit

Apart from this, you can also do many other activities on the app, including checking the Infinix customer care number, itel customer care number, and TECNO mobile customer care.

Wrapping up

It can be difficult to use a smartphone with a damaged screen, and if you don’t know how to retrieve data from the phone, you might lose your crucial documents. Fortunately, the tips given above on how to recover data from an Android phone with a broken screen are easy to apply.