The Ultimate Guide to TECNO Spark Go Screen Repair Costs

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Carl Paige

The TECNO SPARK Go 2023 isn't just one of the most affordable smartphones in Kenya; it packs some valuable features that make it an outstanding entry-level device. One of those features is its 6.6” HD+ screen that lets you enjoy crisp and clear content on the go. But what do you do when that screen gets broken, and you can’t enjoy crisp content anymore? Here’s how to get it fixed in no time!

The Ultimate Guide to TECNO Spark Go Screen Repair Costs

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a TECNO Spark Go Screen in Kenya?

Coming with a clear and crisp 6.6” HD+ IPS LCD, the TECNO SPARK Go 2023 is one of the smartphones you can fix its screen without breaking the bank. On average, its screen repair costs between KES 2500 to KES 3000. The replacement price may vary depending on where you’re fixing the screen and who’s handling the repair.

Some third-party repair shops may offer cheap screen replacement at the expense of quality service and spare parts. So, visiting TECNO's official after-sales service center is technically your best bet for quality screen replacement service and overall value for your money. Of course, high-quality spare parts aren't cheap, and the cost of workmanship varies depending on the technician’s expertise, tool set, and many more. But it’ll be worth it.

You can get a hold of the current screen repair costs for your TECNO SPARK Go 2023 through the Carlcare website. Simply visit the Spare Parts Price page  and input your phone’s details as follows:

  1. Select “Mobile” in the product list.
  2. Choose “TECNO” as your brand name
  3. Select “BF7, BF7n, or BF7h” from the model list, depending on the one you have.
  4. Finally, choose “Screen” or “Pre-processing component” in the "Category" section to get the estimated screen replacement price.

That’s how to get your TECNO device's official screen repair costs. Meanwhile, keep in mind that it's only a reference price; the actual cost may be slightly different based on various circumstances, such as the current economic condition and the severity of the damage.

If other (internal or external) components of the device got damaged alongside the screen, the repair could incur extra charges. The technician should calculate and inform you about these before the repair service.

Should You Replace or Repair Your Broken TECNO Spark Go Screen?

Deciding whether to repair or replace a broken phone might not be a walk in the park. We even suggest you get a new phone if the screen repair costs a fortune, when the phone is old, or when it’s overly damaged. However, the TECNO SPARK Go 2023 is still fresh, and its screen replacement price is fairly affordable. Unless your unit is severely damaged to an extent it might not be worth repairing, fixing it remains the most practical and economical option.

Repairing your broken TECNO SPARK Go 2023 screen will also save you from the stress of setting up a new device. And, of course, it might be the only viable option to salvage your data from a broken phone.

If you're worried that replacing your phone's LCD might be expensive, fixing only the cracked glass with an LCD repair machine from a third-party repair shop might be a cost-effective option. But that has its downsides, too, as it doesn’t guarantee 100% screen accuracy. Some parts of the touch screen might not work, and you might notice bubbles, strange colors, and other defects after the repair process.

That said, going for a full-screen replacement from a reliable repair provider is more practical and cost-effective. But how do you find one?

How to Find a Reliable Screen Repair Service for TECNO Spark Go 2023

With hundreds of mobile repair technicians spanning the street of Kenya, finding a reliable one for your TECNO SPARK Go 2023 can be overwhelming. And for someone who can’t afford to fall victim to counterfeit screen replacement parts, seeking the near-best option is almost inevitable.

However, you don’t have to look too far to find a reliable technician for your TECNO device since the brand has an official after-sales service provider. You can always trust Carlcare when it comes to getting quality repair and customer services for any issues you might have with your TECNO, Infinix, itel, Oraimo, and Syinix devices. As the official repair partner for these brands, Carlcare offers top-notch, professional, and affordable repair services across Kenya and 50+ countries.

One reason most people doubt unauthorized repair shops is the credibility of their spare parts. And since it's not what you can access before the repair service, it’s almost impossible to tell if you’re in safe hands. But the good news is that you can rest assured you’re getting genuine screen replacement parts and quality service when you visit an authorized repair center for your device.

Carlcare, for instance, gets all her replacement parts directly from the same factory where TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices are manufactured, putting you on the same hardware your phone came with. You also get up to 90 days warranty after the screen replacement.

That aside, we also make the overall repair process easier with our online repair reservation platform. With it, you don’t have to queue for several hours before getting to the repair desk. Your chance of getting disappointed with the unavailability of the required spare parts is also slim. That's because our experts will start preparing as soon as they get your reservation other, and inform you if the required parts are available. That saves you significant waiting time, and you should get your phone repaired in less time.

If you’re looking for how to fix your TECNO SPARK Go 2023 broken screen, start by booking an online repair reservation with a Carlcare service center near you now.