Carlcare Trade-In service (Recycle old mobile phone)

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Jide Mbaka

Hey there, we’ve got a little question to help you save some money!

So, what do you do when your phone is old/damaged and due for replacement? Do you trash it? Sell it out to get a new one? Or just dash it to someone who needs it?

Fine. Well, are you aware you can easily turn your old itel, Infinix, TECNO, or even feature phones into a new smartphone doing no sort of repair or renovation? That's where the Carlcare Trade-In Service comes in.

With it, you can swap your ancient phone(s) for a new one and save some cash for yourself. Bury that idea telling you to trash your old phone; even if it’s damaged and no one is ready to buy it from you, you can make some cash off it and help save our dear earth.

Well, that makes no sense if you’re gaining nothing from it. Really?

The Advantages of Mobile Phone Recycling

One reason we want you to trade in your old phone is to reduce electronic waste and improve recycling, which makes sense.

  • Reduce e-waste: millions of billions of gadgets are sold out every year, which means we also stop using the old ones. However, dropping your old phone somewhere is harmful to the environment.
  • Conserves resources: come to think about it, your smartphone contains various precious resources like rare earth metals that can be reused instead of zmining and burning tons of energzy to produce new ones. Also, as manufacturers don't have to go into an entire process, recycling can help reduce the cost of gadgets.
  • It’s eco-friendly: phone recycling helps us prevent harmful chemicals from our dear environment. Trashing your phone goes into the landfill, and phone components like lead, cadmium, and zinc can contaminate the groundwater, making it harmful for human usage.
  • It saves money: besides being eco-friendly and resource-conservative, phone recycling help save money.
  • When the production cost is reduced, you get to buy things at a more affordable price. And, that aside. When you trade in your old phone at Carlcare and add some money, we’ll give you a new phone or offer equivalent cash. Isn’t that nicer than trashing your phone?

Now here’s your chance to swap your phone for a new one at Carlcare!

Introducing Carlcare Trade-In Service

The Carlcare Trade-In Service, otherwise called "Swap Plan," is here to help you turn your old smartphone into a new one without doing much. Whether the phone is old, damaged, and you're not willing to repair it, OR it's just too old, and you're craving to see what's new in tech, we can help you.

Trading in your old phone for a new one is the best alternative to trashing it (which is hazardous to our dear earth) or looking for someone to buy it from you. Sincerely, you don’t have to force people to buy your old phone when you can easily swap it.

The Carlcare Trade-In Service allows you to swap your old itel, Infinix, TECNO, or even feature phones to a new TECNO, Infinix, or itel smartphone of your choice.

"Featured phone?" Yes! This could be the perfect way to bring your grandpas and grandmas from the '80s to this 21st century.

You can even trade-in your damaged phones to a new one, in as much it’s functional. I mean “turning on.” All you’ve got is to ensure the phone you’re trading in is ‘cheaper’ than the one you want to receive. For instance, swapping an old TECNO Phantom 9 for Phantom X is reasonable than swapping an Infinix Zero X for itel P37 Pro. Do you get it? The same applies to any old phone you want to trade in at Carlcare.

Nonetheless, you can bring two (or more phones) to swap into one phone of your choice if their value, after evaluation, is lower than the one you want to buy.

But “what if I just want to convert my phone into money and not purchase a new one? Can you do that?” Absolutely YES! We can buy off your phone and give you cash after evaluating it. Does that sound better?

What phone can I trade-in, and what can I receive?

You can swap in any phone from these brands, in as much as they meet the stated requirement.

  • Itel
  • Infinix
  • Feature phones (only TECNO and itel)

And you can obtain any phone of your choice from our partnered brands:

  • Infinix
  • Itel
  • Or get cash in return.

So, where, and how can I swap my phone at Carlcare?

Once you’re ready, you can visit any of the Carlcare centers below to trade in your old phone for a shiny, new one. Our experts are on sit to evaluate your phone and give you the best quotation for your device’s worth. If you agree with their evaluation, you can then pay the required amount to get your new smartphone of choice.

Here are the designated service centers:




Shop Name






Gods Favour Forever Comm


No5,otigba,computer village,ikeja lagos




Signal Systems Tech Ltd


17 Ola Ayeni St, Computer Village 101233, Ikeja






22, Awolowo Way, off Otigba Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos

Before coming, though, you’ll need a few things to authenticate and complete the swap transaction:

  1. Original Receipt of Purchase (for the device you want to swap)
  2. Valid means of Identification – could be a Driver’s License, NIMC Card/Slip, or Permanent Voter’s card.

Well, if you can’t supply the "Original Receipt of Purchase," we'll accept another VALID means of recognition. That's just to authenticate your ownership of the device.

About Carlcare

Carlcare is the official after-sales service brand for TECNO, Infinix, and itel users globally. We offer top-notch mobile repair and customer support service to ease your life when something’s wrong with your device.

With our service centers spread across every state in Nigeria, getting the official touch when your phone is faulty is just too easy. Whether it’s a cracked screen, wearied-out battery, software, or any other hardware problem, our competent technicians are ready to help, using only genuine TECNO, Infinix, and itel spare parts when needed.

Not just that, our value-added services are one of a kind. You can get a screen protection package for your phone, extend your warranty service, or partner with us to grow your business.

And, of course, the Carlcare Trade-in Service is brought into prominence to help you upgrade your phone without stress. If you've got an old phone, and you are willing to upgrade but don't know what you're supposed to do, swapping it is the best choice.

Visit any of the designated service centers today to trade in your old phone for a new one.