Best Ad Blockers For 2023

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Ads are part of the life wire of businesses as they need to be out there for potential clients to see their products and then subscribe to their platforms and eventually purchase their products. As an android user, these ads can just pop up on your screen, unneeded and it can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to get a task done. This begs to ask the question, “why are these ads popping up on my phone?

Why Do Ads Pop Up On My Android Smartphone?

It is worthy of note that google permits apps to show ads so far as they comply with the google play policy and the ads are displayed within the app that serves the ads.

This means that there are apps that are downloaded from google playstore that display ads while in operation.

Also, because of the presence of some of the apps on your phone, some ads get to pop up on your home screen. And this is primarily because of an algorithm built around what has been observed about your interests. If you notice, there are some apps that would require that you grant them permission to some of your system apps like your camera, contacts, messages, and browsers. This is because they use bots to monitor how you use some of these apps and then google allows ads to pop up based on what you frequently search for on your phone.

Honestly, as an android user, it is very much understandable that the display of these ads can be very upsetting because they pose huge distractions that hinder you from performing tasks on your android device.

The next possible question you could ask is, “since you understand how upsetting it is, how then can I block these ads?”

And this is our response, “you need an ad blocker!"

What is an Adblocker?

An ad blocker is simply a third-party app that helps you prevent ads from popping up on your screen just so that you can have lesser distractions when working on your android device.

However, the purpose of this article is to suggest to you the best ad blockers you can employ on your android phone.

Best Ad blockers for 2023

If you want to protect yourself from bloated advertising, many pop-ups, videos, and other format images that display when surfing on your Android device, an ad blocker software is a need.

Fortunately, there are several helpful tools available to help avoid that and they are as follows :

 1. Total Adblock 

 This is said to be the finest ad blocker for Android smartphones according to surveys, and it works well with android devices. It includes a 7-day free trial even though it is a paid ad blocker.

It is designed to disable pop-up windows and silence all alerts from your browser and applications. Additionally, this program prevents banners, video advertisements, and third-party trackers, safeguarding the personal information of users.

Although Total Adblock cannot be downloaded via the Google Play Store (since it does not allow system-wide ad filters), you may download an app file from Total Adblock's website and manually install it on your Android device.

 2. Surfshark CleanWeb 

This is an inexpensive VPN-enabled ad blocker for Android. It provides a 7-day free trial or a 30-day money-back guarantee while being priced as little as $2.30 per month (for starters). If you're already a Surfshark member, you can enjoy the CleanWeb service for free.

CleanWeb is a VPN service with an ad blocker function provided by this company. It is highly effective and may stop many kinds of adware, phishing attempts, and other things.

With the VPN, you'll have complete control over your devices since your traffic will be encrypted and your true IP address will be hidden. You will be shielded from malware by the CleanWeb function, which will automatically identify and block harmful websites.

It most surely doesn't fall short in terms of advantages. Because the invasive adverts that use a lot of data and take up a lot of space won't be loaded for you any more, you'll be able to save your mobile data. If you want to stream, it also disables YouTube advertising in the browser and the app. Additionally, a VPN will make it simple for you to access some geo-restricted YouTube (or other streaming platform) libraries.

 3. Atlas VPN

This VPN provides ad blocking capabilities for Android at an affordable price. It's a good ad blocker for preventing malicious advertising, third-party tracking, video advertisements, and other things. It's incredibly simple to use and ideal for novices to use the built-in SafeBrowse function.

You need to sign up for a VPN provider in order to use the SafeBrowse function. On Android devices, whether a tablet or a phone, it will automatically block harmful websites and advertisements in addition to serving as a VPN.

Trackers that have been discovered will be stopped immediately, and you will be given a list of them. There is two-factor authentication for further protection; every time you enter into your Atlas VPN account, you will be prompted to validate your identity.

Major streaming services like YouTube are also unblocked by the VPN service, and the ad blocker will stop any video adverts on the app as well as in the browser.

Regarding the cost, you may choose between the 30-day money-back guarantee plan and the premium monthly subscription for as little as $2.05 per month.

 4. Avast 

One of the very few safe services, Avast, offers an Android device user a free browser with an integrated ad blocker. It has the ability to block trackers, pop-up advertising, browser alerts, banner ads, video ads, and pop-ups of all types.

The safe browser offers three ad-blocking modes: Basic (blocks trackers, pop-ups, banner advertisements, and video ads), Balanced (also blocks social media ads), and Strict Blocking (additionally blocks browser notifications and fingerprinting).

The avast browser also has a feature, the encrypted media vault which allows downloadable files to be encrypted and yet accessible.

The browser is also available for download from the Google Play store and is incredibly simple to set up and use.


To protect yourself from bloated advertising, many pop-ups, videos, and other format images that display when surfing on your Android device, an ad blocker software is what you need. This guide must have helped to do justice to informing you on the best ad blockers for 2023.

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