How to fix apps keep crashing on android

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Jide Mbaka

There are times when you have experienced that apps keep crashing on android. It can happen due to a handful of reasons. Firstly, you have not updated your applications from the Google play store. Secondly, you have too much information stored in your phone, that the apps are not getting proper space to run and lastly you don't have a decent internet connection

Due to these reasons, the app keeps stopping android, and you are searching for a solution to mitigate the issue. Carlcare will list out some quick fixes that will help you overcome the problem once and for all

 apps keep crashing android

Cleaning app cache and data

The presence of unneeded data can make your apps keep crashing on android.  To avoid this issue, there is a straightforward solution. Head over to the settings of your phone and tap on the option known as an application manager. Choose the applications that you notice crash frequently and wipe out the cache and data from the application

Delete and install the application

During the time of installation, you may have downloaded the application improperly. Hence, you should uninstall the app that keeps stopping on Android and reinstall it again. To do this, head over to settings and tap on application manager.  Select the apps that crash and uninstall them. Wait for some time and reallocate your phone from the Google play store

Restart the phone

When you switch off your phone, your android device automatically closes all the applications that may always be running in the background.  Thus creating the needed space for your crashed application to run correctly. To do this,  press your power button and restart your android device

Update the application

Android apps keep stopping perhaps because you have stopped automatic application update on your device. Go to the Google play store and update the apps that might be crashing regularly. This should solve your issue

Force stop the app

To implement this step, you just need to go to settings and find the apps that keep crashing on android under the app list. Find the app that you wish to solve the crashing issue, and then press on the option that says "Force stop.”  

Now, come out from settings and try to open the application from the phone screen. This should solve your issue

Free up space

To free space from your android device, you need to make two decisions. Either you can delete your unnecessary information from your phone permanently, or else you need to move the word to your SD card.

Suppose you are not comfortable moving the information. In that case, you can choose to move the application that crashes to your SD card.   Follow the mentioned below

  • Step 1: Go to the settings page
  • Step 2: Select the option known as application manager and then choose the application that you want to transfer
  • Step 3: Tap and select the option known as a move to the application, and you are all set

Wipe cache partition

Improper usage of cache partition may be why apps keep closing on Android. Cache partition is done to your application's main file and cache. To organize the cache partition. You need to follow the following steps

  • Switch off your phone
  • To enter the recovery mode, you need to press your power button and hold the volume up and down key simultaneously.
  • Now you will see an option known as wipe cache portion
  • As soon as you select that option, you will be asked that whether you want to reboot your device
  • Select reboot your device now using Volume up +Volume down keys. 

Update Google services

Updating Google play services will hardly just take a minute of your time.  Follow these steps for this fix

Step 1: Hove over to your settings page

Step 2: Tap on the option known as apps and notifications

Step 3: As you tap it, you will come across another option known to see all apps

Step 4: You will be available to see all the apps that are available on your phone. Just scroll down and find Google play services

Step 5: Update Google play services and your application should stop crashing

Factory reset

If all the solutions presented above did not work, you are left with one option known as factory reset. Note: This will clear all the information from your phone and your phone will start as a fresh device

Hardware Repair

If all of the solutions above did not work, then it's possible that you are having hardware problems. This is the step where you seek our help. Carlcare has professionals that treat your hardware issues seamlessly.  

Fixing hardware issues requires immense knowledge of phone parts, so it's recommended that you  go to the official after-sales customer care center that has professional training on android phones. If you use Infinix, TECNO or itel, just get connected to us through our application or website, and we will direct you to your nearest Carlcare service center for your hardware problems.