9 Ways to Fix TECNO WiFi Not Working

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Jide Mbaka

As a smartphone user, there's barely anything more frustrating like having network problem. There are many reasons Wi-Fi won't connect with your TECNO phone, all of which you can effortlessly nail to software or hardware issues. In whichever way caused the problem in your phone, this article will enlighten you on nine different ways to fix WiFi not working on TECNO phone.

 tecno wifi not working

1. Disable airplane mode

You already know this. Until Android 11, turning on airplane mode on Android automatically cuts off all wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So before trying more technical fixes below, kindly check if airplane mode is off. In case you want to keep Airplane mode on for some reasons, simply enable Wi-Fi alone. You can do all this directly from your quick-settings panel. Just swipe down from the top of your screen twice and enable Wi-Fi.

2. Restart your phone

One thing we usually recommend for fixing issues on Android is restarting the phone. Perhaps the system is idle, overloaded, or software glitches are hanging around the corner, all of which you can fix easily by restarting your phone. The same goes for your Wi-Fi not working. Simply restart your phone by long-pressing the Power button, then tap Restart. You can also restart some TECNO phones by long-pressing the Power button for about 10 seconds.

3. Reconnect the Wi-Fi

If restarting your phone doesn't do the trick, it's time to reconnect the WI-FI. Here, we recommend you "forget" the Wi-Fi connection first, then reconnect it. Here's how to do that.

  • Open your device's Settings and tap Network and Internet.
  • Tap Wi-Fi, then select Saved Network.
  • Find your Wi-Fi name on the list and open it.
  • Click on Forget to remove it from known networks.
  • Now go back to the Wi-Fi menu and reconnect to the Wi-Fi by entering the password.

4. Check the wireless router

If you're trying to connect to a Wi-Fi router, it's time to check if your phone is causing the problem or it's just the Wi-Fi Router not cooperating. Here, try to unplug the router from the power source for a while and restart it. After restarting it, try reconnecting it with your phone.

If your TECNO phone wifi is still not working, you may need to reset the Wi-Fi router at this point. Depending on the type of router you have, you can find the reset button on the hardware. Press the reset button for about 30 seconds or refer to the router's manual on how to reset it. After resetting it, do note that the Wi-Fi SSID and password would also reset to the default. You can now try connecting to the router with the default password.

And resetting your wireless router, also ensure you're connecting to the right router with the correct password. Here, we recommend you double-check the Wi-Fi name and password before reconnecting to it.

5. Check whether Wi-Fi is connected with too many devices

Depending on the capacity of the Wi-Fi router, you may have problems connecting your phone when it has reached the maximum number of devices it can take. Take the Mobile Hotspot on Android, for instance, it can only take up to eight devices at a time. Meaning you can't join the Wi-Fi if you're the ninth person. If you're the owner of the router, you may ask someone to disconnect or wait until they do so.

6. Try another device

After ruling out the router as the cause of the problem, you should also check your device. A straightforward way of doing that is trying another device. Since you're trying to connect your phone to the Wi-Fi, you can try your computer or your friend's phone instead. If it works, try some more fixes below to troubleshoot your phone.  

7. Update the phone system

Another thing that can cause your phone not to connect to the Wi-Fi is if you're running outdated software. Sometimes, we think updating our phone is a waste of data or time, especially if they don't come with additional features after the update. A system update isn't just about "new features" or "new UI". It's also used by manufacturers to fix system bugs, and update security patches. So, if you're having issues connecting to your Wi-Fi, update your phone might do the trick. Simply go to Settings » System » System Update » Online update to check and install the latest updates.

8. Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth settings

As resetting your phone isn't necessary to fix this kind of issue, resetting your Wi-Fi, mobile, and Bluetooth settings can make significant changes. This can fix your Wi-Fi network if the settings have been altered after a software update/upgrade or after making some changes mistakenly in your device's settings. Follow the following instructions to reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth settings on your TECNO phone.

  • Open your device Settings, scroll to the bottom and select
  • Tap Reset options.
  • Carefully click on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.
  • Now tap Reset Settings to confirm the action.

9. Find Carlcare service centre

If all the above fixes seem not to work for you, the last thing to try is to visit a repair centre, rather than giving up on the issue. Perhaps there're hardware changes in your phone that need a professional touch. Since you use a TECNO phone, Carlcare, the official service provider for TECNO, Infinix, and itel devices is the right plug for you. You can check your TECNO phone's warranty before you go to the service center. We can help you fix any issue you have with your phone. Kindly take a reservation form below to visit the nearest Carlcare service centre to you.