Common TECNO SPARK 6 Problems and Solutions Tips

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Two years after its announcement, the TECNO SPARK 6 is still a rock-solid device to date. And that's not surprising since it was the enormous leap the TECNO SPARK series needed, featuring a faster processor, massive storage option, big battery and fast charging speed, and a beautiful design to make it stand out.

However, like any other smartphone, SPARK 6 also has its issues. Luckily, this guide focuses on those common TECNO SPARK 6 problems and solution tips. So, if you’re facing any problem with your smartphone, you'll find a fix here.

But first, let’s brush over the TECNO SPARK 6 full specifications and features to know what to expect.

Part 1. TECNO SPARK 6 Full Specifications and Features

Here are the key specifications of the device:


  • 8 inches HD+ IPS LCD
  • 480 nits of brightness


  • MediaTek Helio G70
  • Mali G52 GPU
  • HiOS 7.0 based on Android 10


  • 64/128GB Storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • Dedicated SD card slot


  • 16MP Quad Rear Camera with Quad-LED Flash
  • 8MP Selfie camera with Dual-LED Flash
  • 1440p@30fps video recording


  • 5000mAh
  • 18W Fast Charge

Other Features

  • Fingerprint (rear-mounted)
  • Face Unlock
  • Dual 4G LTE
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity Sensor

Now, let's talk about the prime stuff.

Part 2. Common TECNO SPARK 6 Problems and Solution tips

Below are the seven most reported issues from the SPARK 6 users and how to fix them:

1. TECNO SPARK 6 Charging problem

More often than not, SPARK 6 users have lamented about the charging problems on their devices. But most times, charging issues occur with a poor charger, cable, or faulty charging port. Sometimes, it could be the user's charging habit, too. Whatever makes your SPARK 6 charge really slowly, here's the solution.

  • Use the device's original charger or another recommended 18W charger. Using a fake charger or one below 18W may slow the charging speed.
  • Try another USB cable with your original charger. And if that still didn’t work, try another charger.
  • Switching to another power outlet can help if your device isn't charging at all.
  • Check your charging port for foreign particles and clean it.
  • If nothing works, book a reservation online with us for assistance.  

2. TECNO SPARK 6 Speaker problems

Does your SPARK 6 speaker sound muffled, too low, or won't work? There could be a lot of reasons your phone speaker is not making a sound. Try the tips below to get over it.

  • Manually turn up the device’s volume with the hardware volume keys.
  • Ensure your phone isn’t in Do Not Disturb mode. Some DND settings may mute media playback and other sounds and notifications. Go to Settings > Notifications > Do Not Disturb to double-check.
  • Restart your phone to fix temporary hardware and software glitches.
  • Ensure the phone is not connected to another audio source. The speaker won't work when connected to a Bluetooth earbud, wired headphones, and others.
  • If you see a headphone icon in your status bar when you didn't connect any wired headphones, that means the device's headphone jack is dirty. Here’s How to Remove Headphone Icon on Android.
  • Your phone’s speaker may sound muffled when the speaker grille is clogged up. Try cleaning it with a soft toothbrush or firing a few shots of compressed air into it.
  • In case of water assertion, place the phone with the speaker facing down and leave it to dry overnight. You can also try blowing out the liquid with a Speaker Cleaner app on the Play Store.
  • If nothing works, visit the service center.

3. TECNO SPARK 6 fingerprint not working

The fingerprint sensor makes it easier to get into your phone without typing a long password or tracing a wired pattern. However, it becomes frustrating when it won't work or work sluggishly. If your TECNO SAPRK 6 fingerprint is malfunctioning, try the fixes below.

  • Your fingerprint sensor and finger need to be clean before it works.
  • Restart your phone to rule out occasion system issues.
  • If still not working, go to Settings > Security > Fingerprint to recalibrate the sensor. Simply remove the existing fingerprint entry and add it again.
  • If the sensor can't detect your finger at all, that means it's faulty. Visit the service center for help.

4. TECNO SPARK 6 Overheating

It’s abnormal for your smartphone to get excessively hot during regular use. Sure, your phone can heat while playing graphic-intensive games, using the camera, charging, or when the environmental temperature is high. However, the tips below could help reduce the temperature.

  • If your phone heats up abnormally while charging, try using another recommended charger.
  • Take breaks during steamy games.
  • Removing your phone cover could help reduce the temperature while playing games, using the camera, or running a memory-tasking app.
  • Buggy or malware-ridden apps can make your phone overheat or run sluggishly. If you notice the change after updating/installing an app, uninstall it to see if it fixes the issue.
  • Restart your phone to cool down the system
  • Avoid using the phone under direct sunlight or when the temperature is too high.
  • A bad battery may cause your phone to heat up excessively. Check if you need to replace it soon.

5. TECNO SPARK 6 Apps keep crashing

Apps malfunctioning happens occasionally in any smartphone, and it should be relatable since making mistakes while coding is inevitable, with the variety of software and hardware compatibility.

Well, if apps are constantly crashing on your SPARK 6, here’s how to resolve it.

  • As usual, restart your device first.
  • Make sure your phone software is up to date.
  • Visit the Play Store to update the affected app.
  • Clear your phone memory and all apps from the recent panel.
  • Erase the affected app’s cache:
    • Long-press the app icon in your drawer.
    • Tap App info
    • Click Storage.
    • Tap Clear cache.
    • Restart the app to check if it still misbehaves.
  • Ensure you have enough free storage on your phone.
  • Update Android System WebView, Google Play Services, Chrome, and other vital system apps from the Play Store.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the affected app.
  • Sometimes when the issue is general, you only have to wait for the developer to issue an update to fix the issue.

6. TECNO SPARK 6 battery draining fast

What makes your phone battery drain faster? Why is the battery not as strong as it used to be? Well, it could be many things ranging from usage habits to degraded batteries.

Try the solutions below to extend your SPARK 6 battery life.

  • Reduce the screen brightness when high brightness is not needed. Turning on Adaptive Brightness could help.
  • Go to Settings > Display > Screen timeout to set your screen-on duration to the least you can tolerate.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile data connection when not in use.
  • Uninstall the apps you’re not using.
  • Keep your phone software and apps updated.
  • Find battery-hogging apps on your phone and uninstall/disable them.

7. TECNO SPARK 6 screen malfunctioning

One of the most mind-boggling TECNO SAPRK 6 problems and solution is when the phone screen starts malfunctioning. Most often, a broken phone screen indicates it needs replacement. However, a bit of troubleshooting might resolve the issue sometimes. Before seeking expert assistance, try these first.

  • Use a clean towel to wipe off the screen.
  • Long-pressing the Power button for 10 seconds will force the phone to restart if your screen is not responding.
  • Extremely high or low temperatures may affect the functionality of your phone screen. So, make sure you're in a comfortable setting.
  • Poorly-made screen protectors may also cause your phone screen to malfunction. In such a case, we recommend taking off the screen protector.
  • Look for physical damage such as bubbles, discoloration, burns, cracks, and so forth. They could be the primary factor in your screen's dysfunction. Has your phone lately landed on a hard surface? You may need to seek professional help.

Part 3. Easy ways to fix Tecno Spark 6 Screen Replacement

In 2022, it might be tough to find out how and where to fix your TECNO SPARK 6 screen, especially from unauthorized repair shops. However, taking your TECNO SPARK 6 to the authorized service provider is the fastest and surest option to replace the screen.

To fix your broken phone without stress, visit the nearest Carlcare service center or cut through the chase by booking an online repair appointment with Carlcare.

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