Winner Announcement for Pakistan Service Day Week 03

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Muhammad Akmal

This month, in order to give back to your long-term support for Carlcare, we bring back the Service Day activity in Pakistan! The Service Day will be on from 9th May till 31st May 2022. Here are the winners of this activity!

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Week 03

Oder Number Call Code Customer Name Phone Number Prize
PK122052471944 PKJS2022052400363 umer +92-3098449250 Brand phone
PK122052873043 PKJS2022052800106 Aqib +92-3060064580 TWS
PK122053073384 PKJS2022053000036 hamza +92-3319224455 TWS
PK122052873039 PKJS2022052800119 Faibee +92-3024202033 TWS
PK122052672713 PKJS2022052600665 imran +92-3004171213 TWS
PK122052471878 PKJS2022052400144 umair +92-3188142829 TWS
PK122052873057 PKJS2022052800113 Mr Zaid ullah 3165311275 Power Bank
PK122052772812 PKJS2022052700149 Ali Raza +92-3027068177 Power Bank
PK122052772902 PKJS2022052700303 Saqib +92-3161795255 Power Bank
PK122052873191 PKJS2022052800689 ZAKA ULLAH +92-3004303268 Power Bank
PK122052572228 PKJS2022052500264 wajhat +92-3034870648 Power Bank
PK122052873044 PKJS2022052800111 Sufyan +92-3451066000 Power Bank
PK122052772941 PKJS2022052700417 Mr Faisal abbasi 3215515537 Power Bank
PK122052672691 PKJS2022052600519 Shahbaz mobile +92-3322764831 Power Bank
PK122052472075 PKJS2022052400850 Ali +92-3125175256 USB
PK122052371622 PKJS2022052300343 sakrani +92-3113081604 USB
PK122052772967 PKJS2022052700534 M.Adnan +92-3036606797 USB
PK122052572271 PKJS2022052500263 Maaz +92-3105907505 USB
PK122052371624 PKJS2022052300388 sakrani 3113081604 USB
PK122052271462 PKJS2022052200100 Khalil ur Rehman +92-3133914880 USB
PK122052873124 PKJS2022052800342 fazal 4120357709475 +92-3093024050 USB
PK122053173659 PKJS2022053100011 Mr usman khalid 3465451597 USB
PK122052873198 PKJS2022052800721 SABRI MOBILE +92-3069719654 USB
PK122052371758 PKJS2022052300894 AAFIMANI MOBILE +92-3076840199 USB
PK122052171195 PKJS2022052100515 CITY MOBILE +92-3457212022 USB
PK122053073436 PKJS2022053000257 Mr Khurum 3128599965 USB
PK122052672698 PKJS2022052600568 ABDULLAH +92-3179592180 USB
PK122052371529 PKJS2022052300040 Mubeen +92-3234617997 USB
PK122052171291 PKJS2022052100378 ADEEL AHAMD +92-3156221012 USB
PK122052371557 PKJS2022052300073 M RAEES 3067387782 USB
PK122052371635 PKJS2022052300421 ABDUL +92-3339229119 USB
PK122052171363 PKJS2022052100678 Mr abdul wahab 3425929376 USB
PK122053073598 PKJS2022053000948 apple mobile +92-3006374088 USB
PK122053073355 PKJS2022053000002 Mr asif 3474859030 USB
PK122052471858 PKJS2022052400161 al fareed mobile +92-3347323535 USB
PK122052873086 PKJS2022052800194 Mr Adil 3430630650 USB
PK122052772966 PKJS2022052700536 Shahzaib +92-3070747056 USB
PK122052672695 PKJS2022052600555 Al waris mobile +92-3155941898 USB
PK122052171190 PKJS2022052100087 Sami +92-3115610715 USB
PK122052171284 PKJS2022052100364 Mr faizan 3335618342 USB
PK122052873040 PKJS2022052800155 Ghulam sajjad +92-3222415555 USB
PK122052973305 PKJS2022052900133 kahif memon 4130657547139 +92-3003075940 USB
PK122052873154 PKJS2022052800453 akhteyar 4520875921931 +92-3025268280 USB
PK122052472059 PKJS2022052400750 sheroz +92-3332803014 USB
PK122052371783 PKJS2022052300953 Shahbaz 4130249504795 +92-3113355764 USB
PK122053073367 PKJS2022053000018 Hafiz Abdul Rehman +92-3338953077 USB
PK122053073506 PKJS2022053000580 Shaharyar +92-3045952117 USB
PK122052672578 PKJS2022052600550 Abbas +92-3091144559 USB
PK122052772824 PKJS2022052700163 Zulfiqar +92-3219443522 USB
PK122053073440 PKJS2022053000262 Shahid Ali +92-3068613278 USB
PK122053173805 PKJS2022053100450 Saddam +92-3097277307 USB
PK122052171210 PKJS2022052100145 Mr Fayaz +92-3445520032 USB
PK122053173860 PKJS2022053100777 s mobile +92-3007311171 USB
PK122053173764 PKJS2022053100252 wasif +92-3124176565 USB
PK122053073571 PKJS2022053000838 HAMZA 3610424831139 +92-3206623092 USB
PK122053073545 PKJS2022053000693 atif +92-3214225229 USB
PK122052672674 PKJS2022052600525 NADIR 3310060171421 +92-3154100000 USB
PK122052572414 PKJS2022052500745 bilal +92-3224638711 USB
PK122052572410 PKJS2022052500709 ARSLAN +92-3006303730 USB
PK122052572272 PKJS2022052500212 AL REHMAN MOBILE JAMPUR +92-3176600300 USB
PK122052572241 PKJS2022052500638 Arsal +92-3158202317 USB
PK122052371786 PKJS2022052300965 Mashallah mobile +92-3006780758 USB
PK122052171169 PKJS2022052100228 Majid Ali +92-3223608387 USB
PK122052471987 PKJS2022052400561 asghar +92-3152900176 USB
PK122052471984 PKJS2022052400461 asghar +92-3122900176 USB
PK122052672555 PKJS2022052600122 mrs iQbal +92-3014400345 USB
PK122052371760 PKJS2022052300878 Muhammad azam +92-3003031869 USB
PK122053073534 PKJS2022053000637 Mr umar farooq 3205831524 USB
PK122052572359 PKJS2022052500495 MUSHTAQ +92-3028001118 USB
PK122052672692 PKJS2022052600535 ARSALAN +92-3005692021 USB
PK122052672501 PKJS2022052600552 Zeeshan Ali +92-3224597932 USB
PK122052873013 PKJS2022052800020 Haider Ali +92-3187487212 USB
PK122052371675 PKJS2022052300552 SHAH +92-3179672096 USB
PK122052873200 PKJS2022052800727 MR ASIF +92-3216340253 USB
PK122052873189 PKJS2022052800676 KASHIF +92-3017574383 USB
PK122052873026 PKJS2022052800678 Hussnain Shah +92-3136485010 USB
PK122052772867 PKJS2022052700174 Al farooq mobile +92-3327167171 USB
PK122052772809 PKJS2022052700072 M Ali +92-3059988097 USB
PK122052572213 PKJS2022052500090 AL SADIQ MOBILE +92-3062785639 USB
PK122052572444 PKJS2022052500856 ALI +92-3186751949 USB
PK122052772825 PKJS2022052700155 Sameer +92-3240849772 USB
PK122053173828 PKJS2022053100571 FAROOQ +92-3076549523 USB
PK122052572173 PKJS2022052500006 JAVED MOBILE +92-3042273386 USB
PK122053173725 PKJS2022053100165 Hamza +92-3490145696 USB
PK122052572431 PKJS2022052500813 AL FAREED MOBILE +92-3023548213 USB
PK122052371712 PKJS2022052300717 GHULAM FAREED +92-3067559113 USB
PK122052171292 PKJS2022052100404 Nafees +92-3004403521 USB
PK122052672506 PKJS2022052600060 Usman +92-3021484019 USB
PK122052672474 PKJS2022052600083 Awais +92-3145212200 USB
PK122052572197 PKJS2022052600183 shakir +92-3085298456 USB
PK122052371730 PKJS2022052300834 BISMILLAH 3310286104954 +92-3040442316 USB
PK122052371725 PKJS2022052300799 MUNEET HUSSAIN 3310010864713 +92-3079497400 USB
PK122052171348 PKJS2022052100620 Mr tariq 3415412221 USB
PK122052471860 PKJS2022052400116 huzaifa mobile +92-3094636725 USB
PK122052171261 PKJS2022052100290 Mr asad ullah khan 3319272380 USB
PK122052873195 PKJS2022052800705 mr sadiq +92-3006393232 USB
PK122052472002 PKJS2022052400468 suleman +92-3044734124 USB
PK122052371591 PKJS2022052300220 imran khan +92-3008586191 USB
PK122052271445 PKJS2022052200061 Junaid +92-3453540850 USB
PK122052772836 PKJS2022052700251 Tariq jamil +92-3221428250 USB
PK122052572254 PKJS2022052500162 IDEAL +92-3005845733 USB
PK122053173697 PKJS2022053100050 Mr sohail akhtar 3115127675 USB
PK122052873125 PKJS2022052800346 Mr Ghulam Murtaza 3177859192 USB
PK122052471896 PKJS2022052400097 doger mobile +92-3346300712 USB
PK122052471879 PKJS2022052400057 Mr usman ali +92-3479898159 USB
PK122052672766 PKJS2022052700455 Aqib +92-3411843440 USB
PK122052672620 PKJS2022052600319 Abdullah +92-3321775799 USB
PK122052171309 PKJS2022052100435 saima ali +92-3038181245 USB
PK122053173662 PKJS2022053100250 Awais +92-3135134599 USB
PK122052672491 PKJS2022052600045 Azeem +92-3224667514 USB
PK122052371572 PKJS2022052300221 M Umer 3062573099 USB
PK122052171289 PKJS2022052100377 Ahmad Mobiles +92-3249948485 USB
PK122053073400 PKJS2022053000184 Gulam Fareed +92-3142461410 USB
PK122053073407 PKJS2022053000109 hamza +92-3365205077 USB
PK122052572399 PKJS2022052500627 Ali Hassan +92-3064040893 USB
PK122052572177 PKJS2022052500010 NEW ASLAM MOBILE +92-3040691898 USB
PK122052572170 PKJS2022052500002 Asif mobile +92-3082402742 USB
PK122052873097 PKJS2022052800248 Mr Noman 3145171307 USB
PK122052772808 PKJS2022052700067 Asad Hussain +92-3172021615 USB
PK122052471916 PKJS2022052400267 Noman +92-3102414006 USB
PK122052171310 PKJS2022052100446 mr. mohsin +92-3070510620 USB
PK122052471838 PKJS2022052400004 Mr waleed 3174703200 USB
PK122052371683 PKJS2022052300578 IDEAL 3005845733 USB
PK122052873164 PKJS2022052800645 mr. hussnain +92-3071349003 USB
PK122052672685 PKJS2022052600500 Mobile planet +92-3326655625 USB
PK122053073408 PKJS2022053000133 mr. waseem +92-3442396645 USB
PK122052572415 PKJS2022052500754 BASHARAT ALI +92-3005088727 USB
PK122052772827 PKJS2022052700157 Bin Tahir +92-3248469562 USB
PK122052772939 PKJS2022052700404 GHULAM YASEEN +92-3326657265 USB
PK122052572328 PKJS2022052500400 Asad Ali +92-3445273773 USB
PK122052171359 PKJS2022052100706 NAZAR ALI 3310077368143 +92-3237634049 USB
PK122052572405 PKJS2022052500680 M Faheem bashir +92-3156369037 USB
PK122052472009 PKJS2022052400521 Mr ramish 3009748310 USB
PK122052171314 PKJS2022052100449 Zakir +92-3438183529 USB
PK122053073510 PKJS2022053100065 Faisal Mobile +92-3006610439 USB
PK122052471873 PKJS2022052400179 amir +92-3004251428 USB
PK122052471874 PKJS2022052400091 Bilal +92-3224604745 USB
PK122052471867 PKJS2022052400134 Ahmed +92-3006540863 USB
PK122052572243 PKJS2022052500130 Waseem +92-3425391069 USB
PK122052371605 PKJS2022052300320 mr. naeem +92-3035741685 USB
PK122053173883 PKJS2022053100891 al shakoor mobile +92-3311285657 USB
PK122052772980 PKJS2022052700576 TAHIR MEHMOOD 3320214242957 +92-3227167777 USB
PK122052471848 PKJS2022052400018 Muqeem +92-3465696117 USB
PK122052672565 PKJS2022052600137 Mansoor Mobile TMG +92-3018008884 USB
PK122052471905 PKJS2022052400109 DALAIR +92-3029275656 USB
PK122053173744 PKJS2022053100223 Waqas +92-3429653082 USB
PK122052572221 PKJS2022052500113 m awais +92-3354363042 USB
PK122053073494 PKJS2022053000476 KAMRAN HASSAN +92-3475236082 USB
PK122052672493 PKJS2022052600049 IFTIKHAR +92-3644815474 USB
PK122052572347 PKJS2022052500461 mr. bilal +92-3183736640 USB
PK122052471939 PKJS2022052400235 mr. saeed +92-3056612776 USB
PK122053073459 PKJS2022053000434 Advance mobile +92-3007286197 USB
PK122052572354 PKJS2022052500469 gulfan +92-3253636810 USB

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